Does Origin make the best aluminium window?

Origin is now firmly established in the minds of the trade and the homeowner as one of the leading providers of folding doors. The Origin bifolding door over many years has set the benchmark regarding quality, aesthetic appeal and service levels to homeowners and professionals.  So it’s not surprising that when Origin launched a window, they aspired to make the best aluminium window on the market.

In 2015, Origin introduced their aluminium window. It is a natural progression for a company that started in bifolding doors to address the need of the home extension market. The reality is that home extensions also require windows. The Origin aluminium window also addressed the requirement for the bolder design of home extension where a bifolding door frequently has a gable or large fixed window above it.

Two years on from the launch of the Origin aluminium window, we take another look at this quality aluminium window and examine its essential features from the homeowner perspective.

Is the Origin aluminium window the best on the market?

origin windows for a bedroom.
Origin aluminium windows are a quality range of aluminium window with advanced security, thermal performance and unique design.

There are many quality aluminium windows on the market from several different systems. The reality is that many aluminium windows on the market offer their set of features. The expectation today is that any new window is secure, weather resistant and available in a wide choice of colours. These improvements in aluminium windows have been ongoing over the last ten to fifteen years. There are some great aluminium windows available today.

Everyone has a view on what makes a great aluminium window. It could be design, slim lines, specific features and overall performance.

A buyer of new aluminium windows can take comfort that their new windows will meet their required expectations of security, performance and reliability. Origin has in its aluminium window, a many features other windows do not.

Origin Window Design.

The stand-out feature of the Origin aluminium window is its design and simply, how it looks. Origin introduced the first aluminium flush casement window, where the sash neatly sits within the outer frame. The next generation of window brought the flush casement detail to the inside as well.

The Origin aluminium window flush casement arrangement may not be to everyone’s taste but it serves several good purposes

  • A quality aluminium window that looks entirely different from the mainstream.
  • Many PVCu windows offer ‘timber look’ flush casements, Origin is an aluminium alternative. Great for the many homeowners that simply don’t like or don’t want PVCu windows – as good as the modern ones are.
  • A window design that looks great as a highly contemporary window or a traditional one.
  • An aluminium window in not just the expected range of colours but also advanced wood effect finishes.

Ultimately a customer has to like the internal and external appearance of their windows. For homeowners looking to see an aluminium window that is just completely different in appearance to others on the market, Origin does this.

Origin Windows can provide homeowner peace of mind.

Homeowners today are probably unaware that if they are buying windows, bifolding doors and entrance doors for their entire home, these can come from different manufacturers. The reason for this is that many aluminium systems have great doors and windows in one system but not every product meets the specific requirements of the installer.

Local door and window companies, therefore, pick and choose what products they believe will offer the best for their business and their customers. It is not uncommon therefore to have several different brands in one house of windows, doors, entrance doors, sliding or folding doors.

inside view origin window
Inside, the Origin window also has a flush appearance not found on any other aluminium window.

In choosing an Origin window, homeowners benefit from:

  • Doors and windows all made by one company in one factory.
  • The only aluminium window with a 20-year guarantee.
  • Consistent colour quality. Both bifolds, doors and windows are coated by the same company with the same make of powders and wood effect finishes.
  • Windows and doors from one very strong brand and highly successful British and international company.

Other benefits of the Origin Aluminium Window.

Colours. Our research indicates that while every aluminium window is available in the full spectrum of colours, only Origin offers the biggest range of stock colours.

The homeowner advantage of stock colour is a much faster turnaround time on special colour aluminium windows such as black, silver metallic as well as four wood effect.

Origin provides six stock colours in a powder coated finish as well as a dual colour in stock of white inside and anthracite grey outside.

Window Handles. It is also worth mentioning the handle choices available with an Origin aluminium window. While there is only one style of handle, this comes in 10 different finishes including brushed metallics. Impressively, the handles can even be colour matched to the window.

Great for picture windows. The Origin aluminium window also provides a great slimline window that is also superbly strong when used as large gable windows or fixed picture windows. It has a sight line of only 50mm.

The Origin aluminium window. Conclusion.

aluminium windows in suburban home.
On a like-for-like basis, the Origin window arguably has no direct competitor for the residential window market.

The Origin aluminium window looks different, and that is its key design feature. The flush casement may not be for everyone but needs to be seen.

Origin’s strong presence in the market as a respected, specialist door and window company is one of the strengths in choosing a new aluminium window. Origin’s impressive service levels create a window that can be perceived just like a quality car. Any other vehicle will still get you from A to B, but it is what’s behind the product that we think makes it different from other windows.

For homeowners that want the reassurance of who makes their windows, the brand and the long warranty, we believe there isn’t another aluminium window on the market like Origin. What is the best aluminium comes down to many different factors, but for quality, design and manufacturing, Origin windows do have a great name and perception.

The Origin window is accompanied by quality bifolding doors, aluminium entrance door and aluminium garage and front doors.

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