Frameless Glass Doors

Frameless Glass Curtains, manufacture Clearline frameless glass doors.  If you are not aware of this type of frameless glass door, in this article we introduce the product and some of its unique and dramatically different features from normal aluminium bifolding or sliding doors.

 The anatomy of a bifolding door

frameless glass curtains feature no aluminium or framing between any of the doors
Frameless glass curtains feature no aluminium or framing between any of the doors

On any normal bifolding door you will find several common framing components. Whether constructed from aluminium, PVCu or timber.   These are:

An outer frame. On every product you will find an outer frame at the top, bottom and sides of the door.

The door leaves. Every bifolding door consists of a door leave with three key components – the top rail, bottom rail and stiles on each side.

The glazing bead. This is a the standard way of glazing any door and holding the glass in place. Beads can be internal or external

The mullion. On some bifolding doors with two or four leaves all opening in one direction a floating mullion is also required.

The Threshold or Cill. Depending upon the type of threshold chosen these can be either standard or low ramp/flush thresholds.

The subcill. Again depending upon the installation you will often find a door sat on a cill.

All of the above components will be found in a standard bifolding door.

A bifolding door without the essential framing components.

Clear line frameless glass doors differ from your standard door construction. You will find aluminium framing only on the perimeter of the door and on the top and bottom rails of each individual opening leaf. There are no mullions, no hinges and no visible aluminium where doors meet in the closed position.

This represents a significant reduction in visible aluminium compared to other materials.

Even more space when doors are open.

in the fully open position frameless glass curtains take up substantially less space.
In the fully open position frameless glass curtains take up substantially less space.

The super slim nature of these frameless bifolding doors also means that they take up even less space when the doors are fully opened. With a depth of only 45mm, this means that a typical four pane bifolding door takes up only 180mm. Compared to a typical  4 pane bifolding door with full framing, when open they will take up approximately 300mm.

These bespoke and hand crafted doors are designed to work seamlessly together and create even more of an open look to a property than standard aluminium framed doors.

Even the slimmest doors available have sight lines at the meeting stiles of at least 80mm with most being over 110mm. The Clearline doors from Frameless glass curtains have a sight line where two doors meet of no more than the average adult thumb! The special gaskets between each glass panel are designed to compress together when closed to create a seamless glazed appearance.  But they also keep the door weathertight and maintain its high performance whatever the weather.



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