Frameless entrance doors for homes and commercial buildings

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Nick Dardalis

If you are looking for a contemporary internal door you should pay some attention to frameless glass entrance doors.  Any type of home can benefit from having a glass door fitted that comprises no frame at all.  Also referred to as glass door leaves, glass doors with patch fittings or simply frameless doors, there are several areas in the home where these can provide benefits.

The Advantages of Frameless Entrance Doors

many doors fitted internally  such as these to a conservatory are the same as external doors.
Many doors fitted internally such as these to a conservatory are the same as external doors.

It is worth bearing in mind that many window companies that provide any kind of internal room divider, porch door or connecting door in aluminium or PVCu, simply use products intended for external use. These products are basically identical to those fitted as external doors with the same frames and door leaves.

Some may choose to modify these to work better inside the home such as recessing the patio or french door threshold into the floor. Other products such as hinged or bifolding doors are also used internally and may be adapted with lower thresholds.

Therefore one advantage of these frameless doors is that they are significantly more discreet when compared to these standard doors and screens. There are specialist doors available specifically for internal use but these are generally not offered by typical home improvement firms.

So how can these types of doors offer more than the standard offerings of window companies?


Traditional suburban homes, three bed bay fronted semi detached houses and Victorian/Edwardian homes often feature a porch or canopy where the main door sits behind it. Many people have opted to simply add a standard PVCu or aluminium door to these types of porches to create a sealed, warmer and more functional entrance porch.

Frameless entrance doors are perfect for these types of porches. Not only do they allow far more light into your hallway and entrance porch generally, but they can actually enhance your home.

Where many of these houses feature their original timber doors or other type of high quality wood door, a fully glazed frameless porch keeps your feature door in view and unlike typical PVCu or aluminium porches will not partially or fully conceal it.

But importantly, where many standard and typical porches are quite intrusive and visible, constructing a glass porch does away with any kind of bulky frame altogether.

Glass doors for Hallways.

If your home is one with a larger than usual hallway or one that is quite long frameless doors can bring advantages.

Often a hallway doesn’t have a primary use but installing a frameless entrance door can enable hallways to be divided as required. Perhaps you can separate it into a dedicated area at the front for coats, boots and bags and the rest of the space kept for another use.

Internal glass doors and room dividers.

There are many typical bay front semi detached houses where the dining room sits behind the sitting room. Many homeowners have opted to knock out the dividing wall and create one open plan living dining space.

It is worth considering frameless doors here or in any other large room. They enable you to again divide the rooms when required but with no loss of light compared to timber or panelled internal doors. Better still, because these glass doors are so slim even when shut they will give the illusion that there is nothing there at all.

These types of doors we recommend as internal room dividers whether you want to simply add more functionality to a larger room, connect your home to your conservatory or dining room.

What other options are available with frameless internal glass doors?

You can choose from either Manual or self closing doors. The manual door will simply open and close on its hinges. If you are feeling more ambitious you can opt for hidden closers in the floor, also known as floor springs. These offer control to your doors enabling them to self close and even stay open at 90 degrees if required.

The other big advantage to these doors is you can have a smaller than usual threshold or no threshold at all. These doors can easily be provided with zero threshold simply enabling your floor level to continue under the doors as normal giving you a totally flush floor and door.

These doors unlike other PVCu or aluminium doors are also provided with glass handles, discreet “patch” fittings and create a glass wall effect.

What about shops and commercial buildings?

These types of doors are also ideal in offices and shops. They can be used to create flexible space remaining open and discreet when an open plan feel is required or closing to provide privacy for meetings or staff interviews.

Frameless Glass Curtains Ltd are a specialist manufacturer, supplier and installer of frameless glass bifolding doors that have been installed nationwide in many different types of homes and properties. If you would like more information about these product and how they can work in your home or other property, please contact us.