New Lumi Seamless doors and windows from Apeer

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Nick Dardalis

Apeer is an established company well known for its modern and contemporary range of composite doors. Already offering their excellent Traditional, Contemporary and Modo collections of door products they have now introduced a brand new seamless glass window and door system called Lumi.

What is the Lumi Door and Window system from Apeer?

we would recommend lumi windows and doors as a credible alternative to quality pvcu, aluminium and hybrid windows.
We would recommend Lumi windows and doors as a credible alternative to quality PVCu, aluminium and hybrid windows.

Lumi is a new suite of windows, doors, bifolding doors and entrance glazing that uses the very best in ceramic glass technology and the latest in glass fibre window frames to provide windows with two different dimensions internally and externally.

Externally, the windows create a true frameless window system that has no visible framing and is all glass. They have a flat uninterrupted profile on the outside that creates a window that appears to be made completely of glass.

Internally, a choice of wood effect appearances is available giving an authentic looking wood finish to the inside of the window.

Lumi from Apeer is a maintenance free window system.

The cleaning of powder coated window frames is often overlooked when carrying out routine maintenance on doors and windows. Whilst powder coated aluminium windows have for a long time offered durable and long lasting coatings, often homeowners will not give the same level of care to the routine cleaning and maintenance of powder coated frames so essential in keeping the finish looking consistent for years to come.

Particularly in coastal or exposed location, lack of routine cleaning can cause typical powder coated windows to fade and lose colour.

Therefore the frameless construction and appearance externally of Lumi windows does actually create a completely maintenance free window as all you have on the outside is glass.

How are Lumi Windows made?

Structural glazing has been used for many years already in curtain walling to do away with the visible sight lines of the aluminium profiles which typically are 50mm on each mullion and transom.

Lumi offers the same structural glass bonding but this time to a glass fibre internal window profile. Glass fibre windows offer excellent thermal performance, strength and durability.

The internal profiles are then covered in a Renolit foil. Renolit foils are already widely used in quality PVCu windows enabling basic window frames to be significantly enhanced and protected.

Available in a range of decorative wood effect foils, Renolit foils are industrially and permanently bonded to the profiles and are an excellent choice in our experience of Renolit for coating the inside of the new Lumi Windows. 8 different internal colours are available.

Lumi Windows use the latest in triple glazing technology.

A 50mm triple glazed unit forms the glazing element of Apeer’s Lumi windows. Consisting of 6mm Kitemarked low iron extra clear toughened glass on the outside and two 4mm toughened glass pieces on the inside, these high specification triple glass units also offer excellent insulation and thermal performance.

Externally the glass is “lipped” over the window frames concealing the glass-fibre window frames. A further ceramic fused colour border on the outside is available in 8 different external colours.

What about bifolding doors?

The bifolding door offers a slightly different construction from the windows in that the glass thickness is increased to a 62mm triple glazed unit that is structurally bonded to a twin seal

thermally broken aluminium frame rather than a glass fibre frame.

Structural and operational considerations are the reason aluminium has been chosen as the internal frame part here. However, they remain as attractive as the windows, are very energy efficient and are fitted with class-leading Schuco hardware having multi-point locking and shoot bolts.

What we think

The door and window market has continued to innovate over recent years with many reincarnations of windows that are slimmer, more energy efficient, frameless and more contemporary in their design.

However, many of the latest doors and windows that have been introduced still utilise a visible external frame. The new Lump system from Apeer moves away from visible external frames to create a window “made of glass” externally with all the advantages of highly insulated glass fibre or aluminium frames internally.

A range of external colour options is available such as light blue, black, white, cream, light grey, Chartwell green, anthracite grey and slate blue.

Internal finish choices are in white, cream, black, anthracite grey, AnTeak, Siena, Winchester and Swamp Oak.

We see this window offering a solution for those considering any of the following types of windows.

  • Customers that simply don’t want visible frames
  • Those considering aluminium/wood composite windows such as Velfac or Internorm products
  • Those who seek what is clearly a very contemporary looking window
  • Those in the standard PVCu or aluminium window market again seeking a new style and design of window.

If you would like further information on these exceptionally well designed and engineered windows, please contact us.