Schüco ADS 65 HD Gen2

The latest generation of commercial doors, Schüco ADS 65 HD Gen2 is a heavy-duty door for commercial buildings but can also be used in dwellings or as the main entrance or fire-exit door in apartment buildings. The Gen2 model is designed to meet the latest Building Regulations for insulated commercial and heavy-duty door sets and also future-proofing the product against future changes and lower U-Values.

Schüco ADS 65 HD Gen2 – Overview

schüco ads 65 hd gen2 in black in the schüco showroom

The engineering, design and construction of the Schüco ADS 65 HD Gen2 door is centred around creating a highly reliable door set designed to withstand high traffic in commercial buildings. In residential property, this door is suitable when larger glaze door sets are required or for suitable doors set within glazed screens and curtain walling. Available as a single door or double door opening in or out, the doors are also available with side or top glazed panels with the additional option of sitting flush in the frame or overlapping it.

With door sizes of up to 1400mm wide and 3000mm high, Schüco ADS 65 HD Gen2 doors exceed the size limitations other commercial and heavy-duty doors on the market. At the same time, these bigger doors remove the need for additional framing and create more impressive entrances.

Schüco ADS 65 HD Gen2 – Features and Benefits

The optimised design and overall performance of this latest-generation aluminium door exceeds what is available with other comparable doors and overall the door creates far more uses in commercial buildings and more design options.

Excellent Weather protection

Heavy-duty doors are primarily designed for user convenience and building functionality, with weather protection often being a compromise. The ADS 65 Gen2 provides the benefits of both. As well as its flexible design options, the weather protection, air, wind and water and sealing are excellent, making this door suitable for exposed elevations.

Multiple Threshold Options

In addition to standard rebated, ramp and low door thresholds, Schüco ADS 65 HD Gen2 doors also provide the option of a completely level threshold – a feature again rare amongst other heavy-duty door sets. The advantage is a barrier-free design, letting internal and external floor finish run smoothly without any upstand. Accessibility is also substantially improved as a result with effective drainage of any surface water.

Improved energy efficiency in commercial buildings

With standard commercial door systems having higher U-Values, Schüco ADS 65 HD Gen2 doors can achieve U-Values as low as 1.4Wm2K, depending on the glass specification chosen. The benefit is a reliable entrance door for high-traffic buildings whilst not compromising on energy-efficiency in areas such as office receptions and apartment building hallways. Building energy bills are reduced as a result.

Excellent door security

RC3 security is one of the more resistant security standards when compared to the RC1 and RC2 security test because the attack test time is longer and electric saws and power drilling tools are used. As a result, the Schüco AS PD 75.HI Panoramic Sliding Door meets the enhanced security standard with the correct hardware and glass in properties where enhanced protection is required.

Schüco ADS 65 HD Gen2 – More information and where to buy

Schüco ADS 65 HD Gen2 doors provide a long-term solution in new and existing buildings, creating safe, secure and energy-efficient entrance doors. They also meet current accessibility requirements in commercial buildings. With options for styling, large size capability, excellent security and door energy ratings, this door suits buildings where the highest specification entrance door is designed. Built to last, these doors also significantly reduce building maintenance costs with the door tested to over 200000 cycles, with a door that is far less likely to drop or require adjustment due to multiple daily users entering and exiting a building.