Origin Sliding Doors

Origin Frames Ltd, one of the best-known UK manufacturers and supplier of bifolding doors, front doors and windows, also offers three different types of inline Origin sliding doors for the home. The current range now comprises the slimline OS-20 Artisan, the OS-77, OS-44 and slimline OS-29 models.

Therefore, the current range of Origin sliding doors now offers both slimline minimalist doors as well as conventional sliding doors in the familiar sliding style.

Information about Origin Sliding Doors.

Made by Origin in High Wycombe and available through their nationwide dealer network, Origin sliding patio doors work as a replacement for old aluminium, timber or PVCu doors as well as suitable for new extensions.

All door types come with thermally insulated profiles using polyamide thermal breaks, a marine-grade powder-coated finish and quality seals and gaskets.  The doors come with mechanical jointed construction and use high-specification components, rollers, locking systems and other hardware. Overall, Origin sliding doors are some of the best sliding doors on the market,

Origin, as a company, enjoys an excellent reputation for outstanding product quality, reliable deliveries, and a nationwide dealer network. Therefore homeowners and the trade have access to a full range of home improvement products suitable for general window and door replacements as well as new building projects.

Origin sliding doors offer installers the opportunity to provide a sliding door product from the trusted and reputable Origin brand name.  Homeowners especially benefit from a choice of three premium sliding doors, with excellent product quality, a reliable manufacturer guarantee and access to some of the best home improvement companies around the UK, trained and supported by Origin.  Every Origin sliding door comes with the engineering, design, quality and service levels of the other windows and doors.  Also available are the same extensive colour choices and the respected Origin 20-year guarantee.

We give an explanation of each type of Origin sliding door.

Origin OS-20 Artisan door.

os-20 artisan origin sliding doors showing a couple looking out onto a lawn

The ultra-slim Origin OS-20 Artisan sliding doors are the best choice for those looking for a minimal sightline sliding door.  The OS-20 Artisan also comes with the option of fitting within the structure of a new extension, achieving a near-frameless appearance.

First of all, is the thin door mullion of just 20mm wide at the face. Therefore the Origin OS-20 slim sliding door offers an alternative to other types of sliding patio doors on the market.

This door, with its ultra-slim profiles, has a structurally bonded construction. This means that the door is made around the glass in the Origin factory and delivered fully fabricated and glazed. Other features include single, double or triple tracks as well as the facility to hide the other frame in the walls of a new build extension.  Heights of 3 metres high are possible with this minimalist sliding door.

Grey and black are the standard colours with this particular door model with other RAL colours available on longer lead times.

For the hardware, this model uses a flush fitting door lock, unlike the OS-77 and OS-44 having stainless steel pull handles. The rollers sit within a concealed track helping achieve the overall thinner appearance of the sliding door.

All three Origin door models use an inline sliding action where the doors sit on rollers and pull open and shut with the handles. This differs from the slightly more advanced lift and slide method of operation.

Another reason to choose the OS-20 Artisan door is the availability of more door panels than the other models.  With door openings up to 13.2 metres, this door is the right choice for larger than average sliding doors and those wanting a combination of sliding and fixed panels.

Finally, this is the more expensive of the three Origin doors. However, given the more complex manufacturing, the bonded glass arrangement and the design, the price difference is justified and comparable with other similar slimline sliding doors on the market.   The other consideration with this model of Origin door is specialist transport and handling, given the larger sizes and fully glazed construction.

Homeowners and the trade can read a full review of the new Origin sliding door.  Or you can contact us for further information and where to buy.

origin os-29 sliding door

Origin OS-29 Sliding Door, Slimline Model

Within the Origin sliding doors range is the OS-29 model – an even thinner version at the mullion of the dry-glazed OS-77 and OS-44 doors. All other styling and features are the same. Where these have a 77mm mullion and 44mm mullion, respectively, the OS-29 has, as its name suggests, a 29mm mullion. 

Origin claims the OS-29 sliding door is the thinnest dry-glazed door on the market.  Whilst there are substantial sliding doors on the market at varying sightlines, it’s not possible verify this with every model including those from overseas.  However, for UK made sliding patio doors, this is correct.  

Read more in our review of the new Origin OS-29 sliding door.

Origin OS-77 door.

origin sliding doors 0s-29 model closed door with garden views

With patio doors now widely available, the Origin OS-77 is the latest-generation patio door based on the familiar aluminium door design.  It comes with excellent quality components and running gear. This is an excellent sliding door for those seeking classic styling and where the mullion sightline is not important.

Door installers receive this door in kit form suitable for site glazing.  Therefore it does not need the additional labour involved with a factory-glazed door.

The design of the product is square in appearance and modern. Therefore the Origin OS-77 offers a suitable sliding patio door for home improvement projects as well as new extensions.  Available with double or triple tracks and with a choice of two or three-panel configurations, also meeting most property requirements.

The interlock is 77mm, therefore thinner or equal to other similar brands such as Reynaers or Schuco doors.

The components of the OS-77 are of the best quality such as luxury door handles made by Blu and branded Origin.  These outstanding door handles come with premium-grade materials such as Marine Grade 316 stainless steel ideal for even coastal areas and harsh environments. There is a choice of a 500mm offset bar handle or an integrated handle with thumbturn and lock at 300mm long and with a solid backplate.

Origin OS-44 door.

origin sliding doors 0s-44 model in a lounge setting

As well as the Origin OS-77 product is an addition to the overall range of Origin inline sliding doors with a slimmer model.

The OS-44 sliding door offers the same specifications of the OS-77 but with a thinner 44mm door mullion interlock.

Colour choices, hardware, configurations and door sizes remain broadly the same but in a design offering slightly slimmer middle section and increased glass sizes as a result.  This door is a great option to products such as the Visoglide patio door, Aluk Optio BSC94 product.

Just like the OS-77, this thinner mullioned version of the door comes with the same Ciilock roller system.  The roller system on this door uses the very latest technology to sliding doors.  Ciilock roller hardware allows modern doors such as these to slide with a smooth and consistent action. Moreover the light operation is consistent whatever the weight of the panels. These rollers use a self-levelling design, balancing the weight of the doors at all times.  Also with these doors are the same Ultion high-security lock cylinders and Blu handles, branded Origin.

Comparing Origin Sliding Doors
Feature OS-20 Artisan OS-77 OS-44
Sliding Action Inline Inline Inline
20-Year Guarantee
Interlock Sight Line 20mm 77mm 44mm
Construction Structurally Bonded Dry-Glazed Dry-Glazed
Number of Panels 2, 3, 4, 6 & Fixed 2 and 3 2 and 3
Double & Triple Tracks
Maximum Panel Sizes 2200mm wide
3000mm tall
2000mm wide
2300mm tall
2000mm wide
2300mm tall
Maximum Door Opening 13.2 metres 6.6 metres 6.6 metres
Handles Inset Flush, White,
Grey, Black Only
Stainless Steel
Bar Handles
Stainless Steel
Bar Handles
Full RAL Colour Range
Dual Colour  
Multi-point Lock
Double or Triple Glass  


Further information about Origin Inline Sliding Doors.

The choice of which Origin patio door is best depends on the door size, sightlines required and cost. However, now there is a choice for those on a mid-range budget with the OS-29, OS-77 and OS-44 models.  There is also the OS-20 Artisan door for those wanting the more sophisticated thinner door. 

Origin already manufactures a premium range of aluminium products under the Origin Home range and their range of patio sliding doors offer further choice.  Furthermore, homeowners get even more products all under one premium brand and a single point of guarantee.

For the residential market, few brands are as well known as Origin.  The unbeatable lead times, the warranty as well as the renowned after-sales service.  These are just some reasons why Origin is one of the best home improvement brands in the UK. Use the links on this page or our contact forms to find out more.

Our at a glance table combines all three current Origin inline sliding door models to compare their various features.