Who makes the best aluminium sliding patio doors?

With over fifty sliding door brands in the UK, who makes the best aluminium sliding patio doors? Cero, Schuco, Vitrocsa and Reynaers are at the top end of the market. But there are also many other excellent sliding doors in aluminium. We’ve put together a guide explaining why some brands are the best as well as others to consider.

The benefits of sliding doors explained

Despite the functional benefits of bifolding doors and how they open up an entire wall, sliding doors provide a different aesthetic proposition.

No other door on the market offers glass as large as a sliding patio door. Therefore if enjoying views though the doors, reduced visible aluminium mullions and getting the most light and feeling of space are what you want, sliding doors deliver an alternative proposition.


Today’s generation of the best aluminium sliding patio doors is better than ever. Secure, weather resistant, insulated and smooth sliding. Available from two panels up to six with most products. The facility for panels to stack open together, open corner designs and even doors sliding into a wall disappearing from sight. Sliding doors create large glass walls in the home and make a great design statement.

Even better design and engineering also ensures sliding doors come with even thinner frame profiles, a flush and seamless threshold and at substantial sizes with many top-end products.

how to choose patio sliding doors for the home

How to choose the best aluminium sliding patio doors for you

There’s no worst or bad product when it comes to sliding doors. What makes a bad product is bad manufacturing and installation – the latter being even more important for reliability and user experience.

Designers of sliding doors spend time and substantial sums bringing a door to market. Any previous design flaws are largely designed out and from customer feedback. These large doors need care and attention in manufacturing. The installation has to be precise given how these doors move across a larger opening than bifolds. There’s no bad product on the market but it’s also down to understanding who makes your new sliding doors and the experience of the installer.

Virtually all sliding doors today come with aluminium profiles, the powder coated finish, hardware and glass all meeting specific quality, material and industry standards. Where sliding doors differ is in their design, engineering, the fine details, how they look and feel.

Some doors use generic sliding door rollers, locks and other parts. Other upper-level doors use even better mechanisms and hardware and the quality is evident.

It’s also important to like the look of your doors and this too should be a deciding factor when choosing the best aluminium sliding patio doors.

As standard you can expect multi-point locking, professionally applied paint finishes, safety glass and typically a 10 to 25 year warranty depending on the brand.

How to identify a high-quality sliding door

Moving a large sliding door and discovering a surprisingly quiet or smooth slide action is one of the best indicators of product quality. Another excellent indicator is large and heavy sliding doors feeling light and even being able to move them with just one hand.

Then it comes down to how the doors engage in their frame when close. How positive the locking mechanism feels and an all round feel of solidity and quality. Anyone can tell you their doors are the best, but the feel of the product and it’s handles as well as how you move it is probably the best indicator to a novice.

Understanding who makes your sliding doors

The reputation of the manufacturer is also important. Cortizo and its various other brand names, Reynaers, Schuco, Aluk, Smart Systems. These are just some of the brands made by numerous and unrelated factories. Therefore quality will vary from each of these. This doesn’t imply you’ll get a bad door. You’re investing large sums of money in your glazing – so why not check out who makes your doors?

Perhaps you’d prefer to buy a product only made by the company that also installs it. The benefit of this is consistent quality.

Or there are benefits to buying doors only available through a dealer network. The manufacturer supplying to its dealers trains them, monitors their quality and provides ongoing support. This is another great route to buying the best aluminium sliding patio doors.

However, to help navigate the sheer range of products and help you choose, sliding doors fall into several categories and groups. These are:

  • The manufacturer and installer offering one or more systems.
  • More exclusive sliding doors made only by one company
  • The exclusive manufacturer or designer of doors with a dealer network of installers.
  • The manufacturer that takes a widely available system and re-brands them as their own with or without enhancements.
  • The local door installers that buy in their doors from the producers.

Where all sliding doors are similar

All aluminium sliding doors sold in the UK today share four common characteristics.

  • The aluminium extrusions produced to recognised British and European Standards for conformity and type.
  • Approved applicators apply the powder paint finish to recognised British and European Standards.
  • Gaskets, seals and components also meet recognised industry standards.
  • Sliding doors are tested to established security and weather tests and standards.

Beyond the paint and materials, doors are designed and engineered differently, hence the various price points. Sliding doors will vary in their technical characteristics, quality of the running gear, components, handles and locking systems. Some doors enable you to customise them to meet your needs. Others are standard doors with only colour choices available.

Why slim sliding doors are not always better

It’s tempting to think the slim sliding doors are better. They’re not. Trends come and go and right now doors with the thinnest sightlines and glazing with the steel-look are the two most popular designs right now.

Slimline sliding doors are not ‘better’ than their thicker framed counterparts. In fact you get more features and functionality with standard doors as well as more useable handles compared to the flush recessed types needing the fingertips to move which isn’t comfortable for many.

Some of these slim doors are slim by moving the lock to the floor. It’s not the most comfortable experience kneeling down to unlock your doors. So whilst slim sliding doors are great, there are compromises. What slimline sliders deliver is alternative aesthetics even if these are subjective.

What many installers also don’t tell you is even the slimmest sliding doors need a surround frame for the track, frame head, locks and essential components. So the minimal sightlines you see often mean doors in new extensions where the frame is inset into the structure creating that invisible frame and minimal look – something not possible when replacing an old set of patio doors new slimline doors.

The bonded nature of slimline most slimline sliding doors also mean slim sliding doors are usually more expensive to buy, more complex to install adding to the cost. Moreover, in years to come, more difficult to service and replace the glass if needed.

See these larger sliding doors – you’ll find them contemporary, well-built, robust and timeless. With many slimline sliding doors marketing a 20mm mullion, the alternative standard doors are mostly 5mm, 10mm or even 15mm thicker at the mullion – not huge difference. This sightline difference only applies at the middle mullions on two or three panel doors. You’ll be surprised to find the surrounding frame on thicker doors the same as the slimline models. The advice here is don’t be fooled by the images mostly showing frameless and minimalist sliding doors.

The Sliding Door Interlock explained further.

As you do your research on finding the best aluminium sliding patio doors for you, you may come across the interlock. This is the term used for the 20mm or larger mullion mentioned above. When sliding doors meet when closed, the back of the inside door meets the front of the outside panel, creating a vertical mullion. This is the interlock.

Sliding doors have slimmed down substantially compared to previous generations, now providing you with interlocks from around 19mm up to 110mm or more.

It’s the interlock you’ll see heavily marketed with slimline doors. The compromise with these thin interlocks is that they need to go very deep, providing structural integrity to the door. And many people don’t like how the interlock is 20mm on the face but up to 180mm deep!

From the front, it looks great but so does the thicker interlocks spaced farther apart on a wider set of doors.

Ten of the best aluminium sliding patio doors

There are some sliding doors in the upper tier of this product category renowned for the quality, build, fine details and overall experience using them. Here are some of the best with a brief explanation of why. You can also find more information throughout our website.

When it comes to a prestigious sliding door there are, of course, many high-end products. Importantly some of the best come from just one manufacturer not many as is the case with a lot of systems.

solarlux cero sliding doors in a new extension
The Cero sliding door by Solarlux is aesthetically and technically one of the best sliding patio doors

Solarlux Cero

Made in Germany, superbly made and with an incredible sliding action is the Cero sliding door. Any Solarlux product, be it a bifolding door (one of the best and slimmest) a glass extension or a sliding door like Cero gives you a high-end product in your home. They come at a price, but it’s only when you see these doors you appreciate just what goes into them. If there is an overall best sliding door, Cero is one of them.

best aluminium sliding patio doors design in a new kitchen

Vitrocsa minimal sliding doors

Designed and made in Switzerland and available through specialist installers only, Vitrocsa are probably the inventors of the super slim and minimalist sliding door. It’s Vitrocsa that created the concept of the glass being the primary structural element of the door with the aluminium profiles secondary to it.

As a result, their technically excellent doors combine true innovation, a seamless look and remain the original minimalist sliding door. Whilst similar looking products exist, none of these have the components or the complexity. It’s ultra-high end with a price to match.

Panoramah! Sliding doors

For one of the most dramatic in size, few doors beat the capability of Panoramah. Like Cero, these advanced aluminium doors come at some of the most extreme sizes. While many homes won’t need doors 6m high, what they demonstrate is what’s possible with glass and aluminium. It’s one of the standout products for those projects winning architecture awards.

sunflex a brand making the best sliding doors
SUNFLEX sliding patio doors designed as a frameless open corner.

Sunflex sliding doors

Sunflex use an established system and re-engineer it into something quite special. Expertly made, exclusive and attractive, Sunflex sliding doors give you the same thin lines without going to the more complex and costly structurally bonded sliding door type.

The SVG20 provides the same 20mm mullion sightline as a Cortizo product. But unlike Cortizo, the depth of the profiles are substantially smaller without the deep projection into the room of the Cortizo.

Even better with these doors is how three panels stack flush fully open, pocket and corner sliding door options and a very attractive steel-look version too.

aluminium or pvcu
Reynaers Hi-Finity sliding doors

Reynaers Hi-Finity Sliding Doors

The slimline, Reynaers grand slider, delivers impressive technical specifications and comes from a brand with a similar brand reputation as Schuco.

The slide action on a Reynaers patio door is exemplary. Even better is the range of luxurious door handles available with Reynaers products giving a visually appealing door that’s built to last.

sunvista some of the best sliding patio doors
You’ll find Sunvista doors significantly better in several areas than the Cortizo product

Sunvista Sliding Doors

Another exclusive and UK made door is the slimline door from Sunvista. It’s thinner and better across several areas than the popular Cortizo sliding door. It’s got a better method of installation, neater threshold that’s also covered and doesn’t gather dirt. The panels stack better too.

It also comes in an open corner design something you don’t get with Cortizo. Sunvista sliding doors are at the better end of the market. If you’re considering Cortizo-based products such as Infiniglide, Origin’s OS20, Sieger doors and similar products all having a 20mm mullion, Sunvista should be seen alongside these.

Maxlight doors

Made in London and using their own system, Maxlight doors offer all sorts of design options as well as the signature slim lines. It’s a great product from a very capable fabricator and another quality if more expensive sliding door.

contemporary sliding patio doors overlooking a river
The expertly-crafted Dutemann Glide-S

Dutemann Glide-S

The Europeans have some spectacular sliding door systems and here’s one made by an excellent manufacturing company. The Dutemann Glide-S isn’t a minimalist sliding door. What you do get is contemporary looks, wonderful sliding action, and a patio door of incredible quality. As you do your research, many of the established sliding door specialist installers choose Dutemann as their prestige slider or as part of their wider range. Its signature feature is going over 6m wide with just two panels.

explaining why schuco make the best sliding patio doors
With high-end design and exemplary engineering is a broad range of Schuco sliding doors

Schuco sliding doors

Just like the Schuco folding sliding model, their sliding doors range delivers high-end engineering and some excellent specifications.

Schuco sliding doors come in several models including a slimline, panorama and the ASE60 as one of the newest.

ID Systems Edge 2.0

Another high quality sliding door providing the sought after 20mm sightline but without the complexity of structurally bonded products. The Edge 2.0 offers certified security, excellent weather performance and all the different configurations, flush thresholds and contemporary lines.

ID Systems are a high-end installer of prestige glazing systems and all manner of sliding doors including slide and turn doors, moveable doors that go round corners and many other products.

Other excellent sliding door brands

While Origin sliding doors aren’t designed for extreme sizes or the thinnest sightlines, this brand remains an excellent example of more mid-range doors in the OS44 and OS77 inline sliding doors. More recently is the slimmer model with a 29mm mullion.

Available around the UK, Origin doors promise a high-quality sliding door. There’s also the OS20 Artisan using the Cortizo System. Cortizo is widely used by many of the names you’ll come across for the popular 20mm mullion sightline.

Cortizo is a good example of a Spanish company and we’ve reviewed their minimal framed sliding doors in the UK under a number of brands. As mentioned earlier, many brands provide the same Cortizo system, so check out the manufacturer carefully.

Everglade Windows is another with their aïr 500 inline and aïr 600 lift and slide doors. There is also Arkay windows with their (again Cortizo) Infiniglide 3 and Infiniglide 6. Infiniglide 3 is the Cortizo Systems.  Infiniglide 6 is the Orama product from the Greek Systems Company, Exalco.

Everglade Windows, Express Bifolding Doors, Dutemann, Dekko Windows, Sunflex, Arkay Windows, Duration Windows, and many others are examples of great aluminium manufacturers that use standard systems with minor or significant enhancements sold under different brand names.

Therefore, when it comes to brands or rebrands, our advice is, be satisfied with the product, the price and the company providing it. It does not matter if the door is marketed under other names.

In many cases, it does not matter who makes your doors or where they have come from. There is a benefit in buying doors from manufacturers that have taken the time and significant investment to bring out their brand of door. These doors are installed by a quality network of Accredited Installers getting a tremendous amount of training and support from their manufacturer.

What questions to ask about sliding doors

If who makes and who is behind your new sliding doors matters then it’s worth asking the right questions, helping with your research and buying decision.

Ask who makes the sliding doors

As explained earlier, the quality of the manufacturer matters a lot. Therefore ask who makes the sliding doors. If a company says ‘we do’, where are their manufacturing facilities?

Ask what system is used

In your buying decisions, you may want to do your research. Ask your supplier where the extrusions come from, what is the name of the system and who extrudes the profiles.

Understanding the system behind the door tells you a lot about its pedigree and quality. Anyone saying it’s their system yet it’s a small operation is probably not telling you the truth. Mentioning Cortizo sliding doors again is relevant as this is probably the most rebranded product amongst slim sliding doors and frequently declared as a unique system. Get in touch if you’d like our help with this.

To produce your own sliding door system requires vast sums of money in design, tooling and aluminium die production. Products need testing with technical/installation manuals creating and printing. Bringing out a new sliding door is a long and expensive process reserved for the aluminium systems companies with Group or Parent Company backing.

Ask questions about the guarantee

If you’re being told your doors come with a ten or twenty year guarantee ask specifically what it doesn’t cover. Often glass only has a five year warranty as do certain items of hardware. Do not assume the entire product is covered.

Ask about any potential maintenance or servicing

Not even the best aluminium sliding patio doors are fit and forget products. It’s likely they may need routine adjustment over time. Therefore ask about living with the doors. Does the track need cleaning and how? Do the locks need any lubrication and how is this done? What happens if the doors don’t slide smoothly or don’t seem right? Is this under warranty?

Should your builder fit sliding doors?

It’s natural you may want to explore ways of saving money. One of these is getting your builder to fit your sliding doors. It’s also possible your builder can source slidign doors for you, another way to save money.

First of all be aware when builders fit sliding doors, even if they do it well, you won’t get the same warranty compared with the retail supply and install route. This is similar to looking at buying aluminium windows or doors. Your sliding doors guarantee can also depend on who fits them.

With the slimline bonded sliding doors experience is everything ensuring the right result. Our advice is unless your builder is trained and fits these doors routinely, use a professional installation company also supplying the doors.

the best aluminium sliding patio doors by solarlux in a large house
Solarlux GmbH

Sliding Door design, security and weather performance.

Virtually all sliding door manufacturers and installers demonstrate safety and weather performance of their doors through published test reports. Ask to see these to establish the security and performance credentials of sliding doors.

Some doors come with UK Certification such as the well-known SBD or Secured by Design. Others such as the European systems come with similar security and performance specifications.

Guarantees on aluminium sliding patio doors.

The guarantees on sliding doors vary depending on the system and the manufacturer. Typically you can expect to get ten years on the entire installation, although so manufacturers will only offer five years on the glass.

Origin remains a leader in product warranty with a 20-year guarantee on either the entire product or elements of it. Everglade Windows in another, providing a 25-year guarantee with their air sliding doors when purchased through an authorised retailer. Dutemann also provides a long warranty on their doors.

The fact that some doors do not have the guarantee offered on Origin and Air doors does not make them inferior. The companies that are the sole manufacturers of their product have more control over their processes. Every door is consistent in quality. The availability of their doors through a dealer network mentioned earlier also means they have trained their dealers to fit them correctly. A more extended warranty is therefore provided.

architectural glazing
A Solarlux Cero Sliding Door

Maximum and minimum sizes of sliding doors

A sliding door enables bigger door leaves than any hinged or folding door. You benefit from bigger glass panels and more light. With most quality systems you can expect each sliding panel to accommodate 3 metres on the width and the height easily. For most houses, the extra height will not matter, but you have peace of mind that the engineering behind your sliding doors creates impressive spans.

Other sliding door systems are standardised at 1200mm modules on the width and 2500mm on the height. These are again great doors and should not be perceived as inferior because they are not possible as tall.

Inline vs lift and slide patio sliding doors.

The two main methods with which sliding doors operate is the inline or lift and slide method. We offer an explanation of inline vs lift and slide to help you understand how these doors operate. As a general rule, the new minimalist sliding doors are inline.  Other patio doors available either inline as well as lift and slide.  Go try both sets of doors out and you will see how they work and the benefits of each type of sliding door.

solarlux cero sliding doors in a new extension

Some of the popular sliding door brands

Inline sliding doors, lift and slide doors and the latest slimline doors with structurally bonded glass, supreme strength and sliding door panels nearly 30 square metres each. You can even get an automatic opening and closing sliding door.

We also have to mention the Smart Systems Visoglide sliding door. The biggest systems company in the UK designs these affordable, tried and tested and really great sliding doors. You get a choice of 35mm or 83mm sightlines, inline or lift and slide operation and a reliable and easy to live with slider. They’re not at the top end of the market, but for many years Visoglide sliding doors are the first choice of many installers, builders and trade counters. Well made and fitted, they work great.

Sunparadise Systems provides a unique product proposition with their sliding doors and especially the Thermoslide 80. This excellent sliding door has a European design and has the ability to not only have panels move around a corner but also hide behind a wall or other panel. Do check these doors out – they’re quite different from conventional sliding doors on the market. At the same time they come with a quality build, high-end components and an ideal contemporary door solution.

Sunparadise also offers a better solution for those looking at slide and turn doors.

The air range of sliding doors are featured on this website and available though a quality dealer network in the South of England. A 25 year warranty and made by Everglade Windows, one of the longest established aluminium manufacturers in the UK.

IQ Glass based in Amersham with their Sieger brands is another standout architectural glazing business offering cutting edge sliding doors in a variety of styles, capabilities and technical performance.

It’s also worth mentioning the sliding door products from Express Bifolds. While these are marketed under different brand names they are made with systems such as Smart Systems, Schuco, Reynaers, Metra and the Alumil system also available as the Dutemann Glide-S

This website considers the following Sliding Door Brands to be the market leaders for design, build, quality and service levels.  Prices vary as a  result.

Mid-Range Sliding DoorsHigh-End Sliding Doors
Infinium and Lumina by AluK.Schuco Panorama and ASS70, ASE60 Systems
Smart Systems Visoglide RangeSunparadise Systems Monoslide 80
Origin OS-29 slim mullion sliding door
Origin OS-44 standard sliding door
Origin OS-77 classic sliding door
Sunvista sliding doors
Technal Sliding DoorsSolarlux Cero Sliding Doors
Senior Architectural SystemsVisione by Fusion Glazing Systems
Comar 7P.i sliding doorsCentor Sliding Doors
Express Sliding Doors based on Smart SystemsPanoramah! Sliding Doors
Raum Sliding Doors based on Reynaers SystemsReynaers Hi-Finity Sliding Doors
Optio Sliding Doors by AluK SystemsMaxlight sliding doors
Architectural Vision Systems (Cortizo)Vitrocsa Sliding Doors
Stellar Sliding DoorsAir sliding doors by Everglade Windows.
 Cortizo Cor-Vision and Cor-Vision PlusDutemann Glide-S
 Sieger sliding doors (Cortizo)Sunflex Sliding Doors
 Express Bifolds using Reyaners and Metra System

The above systems include both standard sliding doors and the latest slimline, panoramic and minimalist sliding doors.

If you’re in the market for sliding doors, there’s an alternative option in the slide and turn design of patio doors.

aluminium patio doors
SUNFLEX SVG30 slimline sliding doors.


We have created this article about the best aluminium sliding patio doors to help you understand the many facets of the door industry.  It also helps to understand the products available and what to consider.

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