aïr MOD aluminium windows

The new aïr MOD aluminium windows come designed and made as a harmonised collection of five different window versions.

The windows come fabricated to the trade by Everglade Windows in London and are available throughout with different sightlines and functionality. aïr MOD series aluminium windows now form part of the overall air collection of premium aluminium doors.

Information about aïr MOD aluminium windows

An exclusive new aluminium system, aïr MOD aluminium windows come with a product designed to meet virtually any aluminium window requirement. In the aïr MOD series range the styling and profile options include chamfered or ovolo frames, a choice of double or triple glazing, various cill and accessory profiles all within a choice of contemporary, heritage, steel look or tilt and turn designs.

The one key feature around aïr MOD series aluminium windows is their integration. While available in different types of casement designs and styles, aïr MOD series provides installers the variety of multiple windows but the simplicity of everything within one system. As a result, there is no confusion over using different systems to meet the project requirement.

For the trade, selling this new suite of windows brings substantial sales, specification and product benefits.

Where previously different windows come specified and bought in isolation, aïr windows give a complete series of products all using universal profiles, components and ancillaries. To the best of our knowledge, no window system has yet to achieve this.

For installers, a significant benefit of using the aïr system is only having to learn one system for all window requirements. From the salesman to the surveyor and the installer, they only have to learn one system. Even the components from product to product integrate for simplicity.

A latest-generation product, these aluminium windows meet current security standards, provide excellent weather performance and durable powder coated finishes.

Other benefits of aïr MOD aluminium windows

Genuinely different to many other aluminium systems on the market, aïr offers several trade and installer benefits.

  • Internally and externally beaded windows
  • Fully tested to the latest security and weather performance standards.
  • Highly insulated with U-Values down to 1.0Wm2K
  • The high engineering associated with all aïr products
  • Slimline frames and desirable aesthetics.

Also available is a full collection of RAL, special colours and even woodgrain aluminium windows.

aïr mod aluminium windows

The collection of aïr aluminium windows

You can find out more about each of the window types available within the MOD-series range.

MOD Contemporary Windows

aïr MOD Contemporary Aluminium Windows come with quality and design innovation aimed at transforming homes with a captivating, modern flair. These slimline windows enhance any project with aesthetically excellent thin aluminium windows, with appealing contemporary style, luxury and with styling and sightlines to bring more natural light into a room.

With the impressive performance and a perfect accompaniment to aïr bifold or sliding doors, aïr MOD Contemporary windows allow for a comprehensive suite of aluminium glazing to be incorporated throughout any style of home in both new and existing openings.

MOD Flush Casement Windows

The aïr MOD-series flush casement windows provide a groundbreaking design with a modern overall appearance, using a flush casement design. Highly insulated, secure and energy-efficient, these flush aluminium windows have been meticulously engineered to match the exceptional quality and aesthetics synonymous with the comprehensive aïr range, with modern style and high window performance.

The slender frames of the aïr MOD Flush windows allow for an enhanced influx of natural light, cultivating a more open, welcoming interior. Innovative performance features are a hallmark of the aïr MOD-series flush aluminium windows. All windows come as standard with high-security multipoint locking and bear the PAS 24 certification, offering peace of mind. Neat lines and high performance make this ideal for general window replacements or new build projects.

MOD Heritage Windows

aïr MOD Heritage aluminium windows offer the on-trend look of classic metal windows or Art Deco style windows. The windows come with the desirable details of heritage windows such as the step detail to the frames and importantly the finishing touches such as period hardware. This window design brings together classic and contemporary.

aïr MOD heritage windows come in a classic stepped casement or flush casement design, both providing the perfect balance of traditional and contemporary aesthetics and suitable for the replacement of old metal windows and general window replacements. The slender aluminium frames, particularly striking in shades of grey and black, provide the desirable grid-like pattern whilst the slim aluminium frames, sashes and glazing bars let light into any room and with reduced aluminium window frame sightlines.

With all the appeal of industrial, Art-Deco and heritage glazing, aïr MOD heritage windows come with authentic style, with the benefits of 21st-century aluminium, coming with high security, excellent thermal and weather performance. Like all products within the aïr range, MOD Heritage windows are manufactured using high-performance aluminium frames and superior glazing, resulting in a stronger, more secure, energy-efficient, and durable window. The design of these windows even extends to a French casement opening style, where both panes open outward from the centre. These Art Deco-inspired windows come with the Secured by Design accreditation, guaranteeing top-notch security.

MOD Tilt and Turn Windows

aïr MOD Tilt & Turn Aluminium Windows feature innovation, quality and functionality, with all-around aesthetic appeal and ideal for homeowners or building designers seeking larger windows with added features. These tilt & turn aluminium windows are designed to simplify both ventilation and cleaning providing straightforward maintenance. At the same time the slimline aluminium profiles provide a modern style with the end-user in mind.

A safe and convenient tilt-back operation is used for general ventilation. Rotating the multifunctional handle swings the opening vent inwards, allowing the outside pane of glass to be cleaned from inside. An ideal solution for properties with limited outdoor space, such as narrow pathways, where you don’t want open windows to cause obstruction and for higher level windows. As a tilt-and-turn design, these windows also create larger opening window modules than conventional tonal casement windows. Additionally, at these larger sizes they can also create occasional-use doors such as those leading out to flat roofs.

More information about aïr MOD aluminium windows and where to buy

air orange cmykUse our contact form to get in touch and find out more about the new collection of contemporary, traditional and industrial look windows within the air MOD aluminium windows collection. Also available are matching doors, bifolding and sliding doors within the same brand.