Should you consider triple glazing?

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Nick Dardalis

Triple glazing is now making inroads with customers going into retail showrooms and asking about triple glazed windows more than before.  Some customers are now also asking for triple glazing to products that have not been tested with a triple glazed unit, believing that simply the glass will improve performance. As triple glazing is becoming more well-known will homeowners actually be any better off or make any gains over normal double glazing?

triple glazed windows
Whilst Triple glazing may not suit every property, seek the right advice and make an informed choice.

This year we have seen quite a long and severe winter, rising energy prices and perhaps harsh seasons focus the mind on getting the very best out of new windows and overall home improvements to help with keeping the energy bills as low as possible.  Whilst consumers will make sufficient gains with standard double glazed units, we need to look at what we tell prospective customers enquiring about triple glazing.

Triple Glazing has been common in other countries for a number of years.

Countries such as Canada, Norway and Sweden have enjoyed triple glazing in their homes for a while now and it is regarded as a “common product”.  However, the message coming across from some (usually those that don’t wish to sell it or provide systems that can’t accept triple glazing), is that the benefits over double glazing are negligible. Triple glazed windows typically feature an extra pane of glass in the cavity between the inner and outer panes. The cavities in the sealed units are filled with Argon or Krypton gas and warm edge spacer bars that also assist in the performance of the sealed unit.

Triple glazed sealed units bring greater weight, additional components, additional manufacturing processes all of which are reflected in the cost.

So should you consider triple glazing?

triple glazed window
The construction of the triple glazed unit is important in offering the energy saving and sound insulation benefits

The first thing to consider is your choice of window company. Don’t be fobbed off by “it’s not worth it” or “it’s not yet available”. The simple fact is most modern systems will accept triple glazing and you have the right as a consumer to be given the facts and make an informed choice.  Ultimately the choice of triple glazing in colder countries has to bring some benefits to the windows and the homes.  The extra pane of glass will give you increased insulation, however it will also result in heaving opening sashes and arguably some distortion in your view through the window as you are now looking through three panes of glass instead of two.

Triple glazed windows will give you low U values, greater insulation and greater thermal efficiency when taken into consideration with the window frame and not just the glass.  Triple glazed windows will reduce cold spots, will let more heat in, less heat out.

Ensure you seek advice from a reputable and knowledgeable installer that will be able to accurately inform you on the advantages of triple glazed windows as well as any disadvantages.  You will then be able to make an informed choice.