The latest aluminium entrance doors for the home

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For aluminium entrance doors, there is a huge amount of choice today. Some of the leading brands of doors come from some established and new names, offering a big choice of traditional and contemporary entrance doors in aluminium. Even composite doors such as Solidor and Virtu-al offer the homeowner doors in other materials but also designed to look very much like aluminium.  Colours, textures and designs, using the latest technology provide great choice.

aluminium entrance doors showing an aluminium with pvcu product by alumina
Entrance doors by Liniar using the Alumina product, expertly-crafted from both aluminium and PVCu.

Buying aluminium entrance doors.

When it comes to buying aluminium entrance doors, we give some tips and advice.   It is important to also give balance.  Aluminium doors offer a big choice of colours, slimmer frames and bigger door sizes. However, composite doors and timber doors also have many features worth considering.

First of all, any good door whether aluminium, PVCu or timber will have some security certification.  Certifications such as PAS 24, Document Q or Secured by Design are typical.  This does not mean a door without certification is easy to break into.  It means that it has not been submitted for testing.  Another important question to ask your installer when buying aluminium entrance doors is whether their ‘standard’ product comes with the same specifications as the doors with the certification.

It is often the case that these standard products don’t come with the upgrade cylinder, laminated glass or upgraded door lock used to achieve the certification.  If you see a Secured by Design logo or other security certification, do not assume you get this as standard.  Certain products such as the Liniar Turner Oak door shown above from the Alumina range of doors come as standard with the high security components.

Features of aluminium entrance doors.

When deciding between an aluminium, composite or timber front door, we list just some of the reasons to consider aluminium.

First of all, is bigger door sizes. You will find aluminium doors come in larger widths and taller heights than PVCu or composite doors.  As a result, you won’t need the sidelights or top glazed panels needed with other products.  Another benefit is smaller sizes too. Aluminium doors can go as low as 400mm wide with some systems.  While obviously, these doors are too narrow for practical use, the smaller sizes give aluminium an advantage over composite doors where the slabs don’t come small enough for cottage doors.

Another benefit is the colour choice.  You may already be aware that aluminium doors come powder coated.  With over 200 colours to choose from, virtually any shade is available with an aluminium door.  However, aluminium doors also come in wood-effect colours.  Origin Doors, Smart Systems and others offer woodgrain aluminium doors with a sublimated finish.  Liniar offers doors with a foiled finished just like PVCu and in a bigger range of wood colours and shades.  Both products are excellent but the foiled aluminium door such as the Alumina by Liniar offers a gorgeous appearance and hard to tell it’s actually aluminium.

Even better is the choice of door designs.  With aluminium doors, you get the decorative traditional or contemporary designs of other doors.  As well as this, aluminium doors come with a selection of mullions and transoms, giving you more design freedom.

Choosing the right supplier for your front doors.

Another consideration if you are struggling to find your ideal aluminium front door is to shop around. There are a substantial number of brands available, but many installers only sell one or two. This is where we can help. Get in touch for details of entrance doors suppliers at a variety of price points, designs and specifications.

As well as this, bear in mind with a vast number of door styles available.  Installers often choose doors relevant to the styles typical of UK Regions. For instance, many properties in London have similar looking period doors, therefore homeowners looking to change these look for a similar style.  This style of door might not be popular in other regions, therefore, installers won’t offer it as it doesn’t sell. Get in touch and we can help.

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This article was updated in May 2019