High security air doors with Ultion Cylinder as standard

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Nick Dardalis

Excellent security has always been an essential feature of air bifolding and sliding doors. Security is now even better thanks to the Ultion lock cylinder, provided as standard with the full range of bifolding, inline and lift and slide doors.

elation cylinder fitted in new bifolding doors
The premium air sliding and folding door range comes with the best Ultion cylinders as standard.

aïr bifolding door security

Many people assume that because a door has a multi-point lock, this is sufficient to deter intruders. Multi-point locks do perform a very useful function in securing the lead door along several points. The many locking points also prevent the door from being forced open.

What many people will not realise is that the cylinder plays a critical role in keeping the door secure. Once the door is locked via a key in the cylinder, a secure cylinder provides the right protection to ensure it is not bypassed and exposing the multi-point locking system.

What are Ultion cylinders?

Ultion cylinders are provided by Brisant and have addressed one of the flaws with cheaper cylinders provided with many doors. That is the attempted drilling, snapping, bumping and picking that exposes the cylinder to would-be intruders. The other weak flaw is that cheaper cylinders are easy to bypass when the key is in the door.

The Ultion door cylinder is now provided in many high quality doors such as air. Ultion door cylinders are made differently to conventional door cylinders. They use a stronger construction, in-built security features and ultimate protection from the well-known design flaws of cheaper products.

aïr sliding doors with ultion cylinder for security

Air sliding and folding doors with enhanced security.

While many bifolding doors are secure, few are fitted as standard with the Ultion cylinder – widely regarded as the best there is. The Ultion door cylinder has full approval from leading locksmiths as well as the Police. It also meets all the latest standards for security.

Should anyone attempt a break-in through a set of air sliding or folding doors, the Ultion cylinder has a facility of going into ‘lockdown’ mode, resisting drilling, picking and snapping.

The quality multi-point locking system in conjunction with the Ultion cylinder ensures air doors are one of the most secure on the market.

The ethos of air sliding and folding doors is superior engineering, high performance and the highest quality components. The Ultion cylinder now as standard with air doors gives an extra boost to the already impressive security.

ultion cylinder guarantee
£1000 is offered by the Ultion manufacturers in the even of a break in.

Features of Ultion Locks

  • Ultion Locks are approved by locksmiths, designed and tested with the Master Locksmith Association.
  • Ultion locks are police approved meeting the police security initiative, Secured by Design.
  • Ultion locks are approved by British Standards holding a maximum star rating and a Kitemark.

Air bifolding and sliding doors are sold through a quality dealer Network and manufactured exclusively by Everglade Windows. If you would like to know more about air doors, contact us.