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Frequently asked questions about slimline sliding doors

Slimline sliding doors are the latest generation of thin sliding doors with minimal sight lines, a frameless appearance and high-tech design. If you have seen or heard about the latest generation of minimalist sliding doors, we have put together answers to some of the most common questions asked about slimline sliding doors.

What are slimline sliding doors?

Slimline sliding doors are high-end aluminium doors.  They are ideal for where homeowners are looking for an entirely different type of sliding door to the standard aluminium inline or lift-and-slide patio doors on the market.  Slimline sliding doors are intended to create a floor-to-ceiling minimalist door with the bare minimum of visible aluminium. You can expect a visible sight line between the glass panels starting at just 20mm.

The best conventional aluminium sliding patio doors can accommodate glass panels of about nine square metres.  Slimline sliding doors can easily accept glass panels of above twelve square metres with the high-end systems.

The stand-out feature of slimline sliding doors is their aesthetic appeal.

Why are slimline sliding doors different to regular aluminium patio doors?

The sophisticated sliding door systems on the market do not work like traditional windows and doors.  In a conventional door, the aluminium frame performs the most important function.  In these types of doors, it is the glass.  The glass is self-supporting and the primary component.  In a standard door, glass is placed in the frame and simply beaded secure with beads and gaskets.  In a slimline sliding door it is structurally bonded to the frame, like high rise facade glazing.

Finally, because most systems are embedded in the walls, an extra layer of protection exists.  This concealed method of fixing also creates something regular sliding doors cannot achieve.  That is huge panes of glass. Products such as the Panoramah! sliding door can be made as one sliding door panel of up to 27 square metres.

How much do slimline sliding doors cost?

These doors are more expensive than conventional sliding doors. You can expect to pay approximately £10000 for a two panel sliding door set, double the price of a standard door. We have seen quotations for corner door assemblies having two, five-metre wide sliding doors at 2.5 metres high, meeting in the corner at more than £30000 supplied and fitted.

As expensive as these doors are, it’s important to understand why they cost more.  Configuring, making, transporting, fitting, glass handling and after-sales all add to the price.  What you get for this price is one of the most beautiful sliding doors on the market with top-end engineering. This is architectural glazing, not double glazing.

Are slimline sliding doors secure?

Yes. All components used in these doors are the best of their kind, giving superior locking and security.  The glass is also safety glass either toughened or laminated.

Why do many slimline sliding doors have a full height handle?

Any large door must be designed to resist wind loading and deflection.  They must also provide structural integrity. While many systems market the very thin interlock, this profile needs to be thin but strong and provide protection for the door. The best way to achieve this is to have it minimalist when viewed from the front but deeper for strength.

You will frequently see these doors with deep sections that are also designed to act as a convenient method of pulling the doors open and closed. This is the full height handle that is also the interlock section.

How are slimline sliding doors fitted?

There are several methods of installing these doors depending on their design. You can choose two panel doors right up to choosing systems with virtually no limit on the number of sliding panels possible. Open corner sliding doors are available that can even disappear into a wall.

One of the most popular methods is recessing the outer frame into the wall creating the frameless sliding wall that makes these doors so popular.

Can slimline sliding doors have a low threshold?

A conventional sliding door has a higher track than a bifold meaning you don’t always achieve the low threshold.  Slimline sliding doors can achieve a completely flush floor level between inside and out.

How important is the glass on slimline sliding doors?

With so much glass in a sliding door, you will need to consider your glass specification.  As standard, you can expect toughened or laminated glass with warm edge spacer bars, argon or krypton gas, low-emissivity coatings and a quality construction.

There are options to upgrade the glass to units with integral blinds, solar control glass, reflective glass or acoustic glazing.

Where can I buy slimline sliding doors?

Contact us and we can help.  The providers of these doors are highly specialised companies with extensive training in making, fitting and handling these advanced doors.  Ensure you work with an installer that has the training, equipment, track record and after-sales service.

The installation of these doors is more complicated than regular doors and windows, it is also hugely important in how happy you will be with your new doors.

Are slimline sliding doors weather resistant?

Installers of quality sliding doors will happily demonstrate the air, wind and water resistance of their products, as well as thermal test reports.  With so much glass used in these products, low U-Values come as standard.  Ask to see test reports for the product.

What colours are available with sliding doors?

Like all aluminium products, you can choose from over 150 RAL colours, different colours inside and out as well as metallic finishes.

Because the providers of slimline sliding doors are more specialised companies, other finishes are also available.  One of these is anodised colours that are by far, the best choice for these types of doors.

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