Timber Patio Doors

Timber Patio Doors are one of the most premium doors you can buy. Not only are they a great investment but are also long-lasting, natural and of very high quality. Most discerning homeowners looking for the best for their home, consider timber patio doors for their elegance, characteristics and overall appeal.

Above all, timber patio doors last longer than modern materials, proven to stand the test of time. We explain the key facts around timber patio doors as well as the different products available.

timber patio doors

Information about Timber Patio Doors.

Just like other patio door materials, timber products come in several different door types.  Every one of these is suitable as an external quality patio door as well as for internal use.

The reality is that timber patio doors cost much more than aluminium and PVCu patio doors – typically double the price or more. Wood products are on a quality to price perception with steel patio doors too.   While it is easy to discount timber patio doors on cost alone, comparing timber to PVCu is not a like-for-like comparison. Just like steel, timber patio doors remain a top-of-the-line material.  Timber is more desirable, aspirational as well as making properties altogether more appealing.

As good as PVCu and aluminium products are there are compelling reasons to consider timber.  Certain house types, as well as properties in conservation areas, benefit from timber windows. Planners and Local Authorities approve timber windows when designed and configured correctly. It is possible to devalue a period property by fitting other materials.

Most good suppliers of timber patio doors offer a choice of products as well.  There are traditional doors, heritage doors and contemporary styles too. This means timber patio doors are not just for period or older houses. They work just as well in a contemporary house or new extension.

There are several benefits of timber patio doors over and above other materials.

Timber patio doors last the longest.

Timber patio doors, as well as windows, typically have a lifespan in excess of 50 years.  By comparison, PVCu is about half and aluminium over 20 years.

Timber also looks good with age. Both aluminium and PVCu need routine cleaning to ensure it looks good over time, but even correctly maintained windows show their age in time.  Therefore, while the cheaper materials are cheaper and easier to maintain, they will not last as long as a quality timber product.  As good as even the luxury other materials are, they do not offer the aesthetic and quality of timber.

Take care of timber patio doors and they reward you with timeless good looks, a more desirable property and will last a very long time.

Timber patio doors are exclusive.

PVCu patio doors and windows are largely mass-produced products with only a few processes carried out by hand.  Aluminium is more of a hand-made product than PVCu as are steel doors.

When you choose timber patio doors you have the choice of using a big company as well as a traditional local joiner. Both suppliers create hand-crafted windows. The larger supplier of timber patio doors offers more peace of mind with dedicated guarantees and accreditations.  On the other hand, a bespoke small joiner provides a unique window. Therefore there is more choice.

High Insulation comes as standard.

Because timber is a solid material, you get a better-insulated product.  Aluminium and PVCu materials rely on multiple chambers or thermal breaks.  The solid engineered timber profiles create a window with better U-Values as well as a unique warm-to-the-touch feel. No plastic or metal window feels as warm as wood.

Timber Patio Doors come with quality guarantees.

Both PVCu and aluminium companies extol the low-maintenance properties of these materials and this is true. However, timber patio doors also come with peace of mind for the homeowner. Depending on the product, the supplier and the use, you enjoy virtually the same guarantee on critical components as other materials.  For instance:

  • 10-year guarantee on installation and the product, just like other materials.
  • 5-10 year guarantee on the glass. Also the same as many other suppliers of aluminium and uPVC.
  • 10 years or more on the paint finish.

Finally, timber patio doors come with an additional guarantee against insect or fungal infection.  With a product from a major supplier, expect over 20 years guarantee.

timber french doors

What wood is used in Timber Patio Doors?

Engineered Timber is widely used for timber patio doors and other products.  The process involves multiple layers of wood with several benefits over solid wood.

First of all engineered timber uses the best parts of the wood, often quality checked to ensure it is defect-free. Many layers are then glued together with lamination and compression.  The result is engineered timber that is very strong.  Engineered timber also has other benefits.

  • Faster production and delivery times.
  • Substantially stronger than a solid timber piece. As a result, it makes windows and doors more secure than solid wood.
  • Acoustic properties and thermal insulation are better than solid wood.
  • Engineered timber has alternating layers.  Consequently, expansion is less and paint/stain adhesion is better.
  • There is little swelling or warping of the door frame with engineered timber.

As well as all these benefits, engineered timber is environmentally friendly. This process produces less waste, replacement trees continue to get planted and reduce carbon emissions.  Furthermore engineered timber beats aluminium and PVCu for durability.  It is substantially stronger than PVCu for security and an altogether more luxury patio door for the home.

Maintaining Timber Patio Doors.

With many people perceiving timber patio doors as a high maintenance product, how much maintenance is needed?

Damage and leave unrepaired the surface on any painted product and expect damage to the frames underneath.  This even applies to aluminium windows.  Therefore all painted windows require protection from damage.  Should damage occur, it requires repair as soon as possible.

With timber patio doors or windows the frequency of any painting depends on the frequency of cleaning and care, type of paint or stain. Typically this is between 5-10 years.  Talk to your installer. Many also offer worthwhile after-care packages.


Timber Bifolding Doors.

sunflex hybrid doors

Timber bifolding doors provide all the functionality of their PVCu and aluminium counterparts in an engineered timber product.  Choose a timber bifolding door and benefit from internal security glazing, safety glass, multi-point locking with ultra-premium door furniture.

Bifolding doors come in a huge choice of colours, with excellent U-Values.  They also provide neat stacking inside and out with a smooth slide and fold action.  Choose well and there is even a choice of a traditional or contemporary appearance.

Timber Sliding Patio Doors.

timber sliding patio doors

Enjoy the same large glass panels as well as inline or the latest lift and slide operation.

Timber sliding doors come in a choice of two, three or four sliding panels. They use the same ultra-strong engineered timer, coupled with quality toughened glass units.

You also get extensive weather sealing all around the doors as well as a well-weathered sliding door threshold.

French Doors.

timber french doors

Timber French doors come in many different styles.  Choose from fully glazed or multi-panel doors.  As well as high security and flexible design, you get the choice of opening in or out doors.

Combine the patio doors with windows and screens to create attractive combination units, ideal for larger sizes. Ideal for the back or side of a house, in a new front porch or as a first-floor door to a balcony or terrace.

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