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Walk on glass rooflights

Walk on glass rooflights offer all the advantages of aluminium rooflights, but with enhanced design and glass strong enough to walk or stand on.

Information about internal and external walk on glass rooflights

Types and sizes of walk-on glass rooflights vary, however typically these comprise products designed for interior or exterior use. All products come with insulated aluminium frames, durable powder coated finishes and excellent engineering and design. The slimline nature of these products makes them ideal in all manner of properties and complements exterior slimline aluminium windows and doors.

Crucially, it is the glass offering the strength, safety, weight bearing capability and pressure from standing or walking on glass.

Glass thicknesses range from 30mm up to nearly 50mm thicknesses or more, depending on the rooflight brand, size, as well as the location. Generally speaking, the glass comes as toughened or laminated on the outside and usually laminated inner pane too. Double glazed units comprise glass specifications such as 10mm thick glass externally and 19mm glass on the inside. These glass specifications also vary depending on the system, brand and intended use.

Glass options also allow for clear, obscure or tinted options and a contemporary decorative border, also giving a picture frame effect. Above all safety comes first. Walk on glass rooflights used inside or outside even offer coatings such as anti-slip treatments that can also be decorative.

Uses for walk on glass rooflights

Ideal in modern houses, but also suitable when renovating older homes, walk on glass rooflights provide all manner of solutions.

  • Areas above cellars and basements needing pedestrian access while also providing light below.
  • Glass floors and staircases.
  • Roof terraces
  • Internal corridors
  • Any area benefitting from more natural daylight above and below the rooms.

Another advantage is the individual or modular construction. Products come as separate units with sizes as small as around 400mm and made-to-order sizes. In most cases, the maximum sizes of walk on rooflights are determined by the glass sheet sizes. Most products go up to a maximum of 3m wide each side. Therefore these large sizes obviously come with weight, handling and increased glass thickness considerations.

Design and Performance of walk on glass

You can expect extended glass unit warrangies of more than ten years and some products come with a hole product warranty in excess of thirty years.

Insulation and performance of these advanced glass products are excellent as well as the general specifications. Subject to the product selected, most rooflights provide these typical specifications.

  • Certification and quality assurance, including BSI or Kitemark with some products
  • Up to 99% UV Protection
  • Incredibly low U-Values down to 0.99 or less
  • Black or other colour borders around the glass
walk on glass roofights

More information for homeowners and the trade.

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