Sunparadise Winter Gardens

Sunparadise Winter gardens are bespoke enclosure systems for patio areas, terraces, roof spaces and as stand-alone structures in a garden. Designed for modern living, these all-glass structures extend the living space with added functionality to residential property as a lean-to, faceted or glass-box design. Create new living spaces with differing insulation levels, weather and sun protection, each with a unique design and look.

sunparadise winter gardens

The Sunparadise Winter Gardens Range

Five products provide thermally insulated or non-thermal glass extensions depending on whether the use is all year-round or just for the summer. The winter garden range offers fixed glazing or opening elements, bringing controllable comfort within the glass structure.

The products also offer different levels of thermal insulation and weather protection and come suitable for any size or type of patio area, garden, terrace or outside space.

Choosing a Sunparadise Winter Gardens product

Choosing from the different glazed extension products means thinking about the intended use of the new structure as well as the functionality required from it.

First of all, comes the intended use. Winter gardens provide sealed, comfortable additional living spaces for everyday use. Sunparadise Summer Gardens are ideal for temporary use and outdoor covered spaces during the spring and summer.

There is also the type of roof required, whether flat or shaped with additional opening lights for ventilation. Sunparadise winter garden products come with these options. There are also options for tilting windows, roof windows, ventilation or a fixed panel arrangement where the structure is likely to be cooled and ventilated by air conditioning.

Glazing is one of the most important factors around any new glazed extension. A summer garden structure or other glazed covered area works well with single glass where insulation or acoustics are not essential. Winter Garden products with sealed units provide better insulation, comfort, maintenance and sun control.

Some options are double or triple glazing, solar control or tinted glass, enhanced security, self-cleaning and even mirror glass.

Finally comes the choice of the glazing at the front and sides of the structure. Here, there are options for fixed glazing, single or double doors, slide and stacking doors, folding glass walls and fixed or opening windows.

Sunparadise Winter Gardens come with a range of roof systems, windows and doors, integrating together and creating a durable, attractive and long-lasting conservatory structure.

Hawaii 80 Thermally insulated roof

The Hawaii 80 is a thermally insulated roof designed for simple or complex configurations, creating bespoke conservatories and lean-to extensions.

sunparadise winter gardens

Slim aluminium profiles use a polyamide thermal break, adding foam filling to the profile chambers for superior thermal performance and a comfortable conservatory interior.

A modular construction, large roof spans, and the option of a connected or free-standing construction make this product ideal for new living and dining spaces with high performance, weather resistance and longevity.

Komet 55 insulated motorised roof window

Designed for installation into new conservatories and lantern roofs, Komet 55 provides opening window solutions for ventilation.

Opening vents come manually or electrically operated with flexible dimensions up to 1.1×1.4m.

komet 55

The design of these windows for roofs also means they keep the conservatory roof cleaner thanks to stepped insulated units, avoiding dirty rainwater from collecting at the window edges.

Bifolding Doors

The thermally insulated bifolding door range from Sunparadise provides all the advantages of folding sliding panels, opening up the structure wall when required and providing weather protection with excellent views when closed.

sunparadise thermo 60 4

The benefit of Sunparadise folding doors is their ability to stack neatly together and have flexible configurations, even including an opening vent within a folding panel. Access doors provide easy access to the garden without folding all the panels back. Low threshold options create a smooth transition to the outside, also available with excellent weather performance.

Sliding Doors

The Sunparadise sliding doors range provides inline or lift-and-slide doors with contemporary sightlines and large glass panels, letting light into the winter garden while providing excellent views to the outside.

sunparadise sliding doors

Multiple tracks let the doors slide in different directions, stacking neatly to one or two sides. The advantage of sliding doors is the minimal space they take up with opened, making them especially suitable for smaller patio areas and outside spaces.

Slide and Turn Doors

Slide and stack doors provide the best functionality, especially with the way these doors move out of the way into a dedicated stacking area or even out of sight behind a wall.

Even better is their ability to slide around corners, curves or angles.

corner patio door5

The slide and stack design also come with a flush threshold, weather protection and virtually any number of panels.

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