Sunparadise Bifolding Doors

Sunparadise bifolding doors offer bespoke bifolding door solutions designed to create expansive glass walls with the desirable functionality of opening up the home to the patio area or garden.

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The Sunparadise range of contemporary bifolding doors

Innovative, modern in styling and infinitely flexible in the designs available. Sunparadise bifolding doors offer differing levels of performance sightlines and functionality. Above all, they come developed and tested to the highest standards. Security, energy efficiency and weather performance are all excellent. They meet or exceed industry security, weather and profile quality specifications.

Sunparadise bifolding doors offer full integration with the entire range of windows. They work alongside slide and tilt systems and residential hinged doors with matching profiles where required. Therefore, all the systems combine together meeting most design needs.

The bifolding door product complements the full range of windows and doors. It’s particularly suitable in sunrooms, Winter Gardens and glazed extensions. A complete home solution with just one brand.

Every door comes with precision craftsmanship. The components are of the best quality, ensuring smooth-running and ease of use. Sunparadise bifolding doors come with flexible design options. For instance, open corners, flush tracks with no loss of weathering are just two. Even better is the option of top or bottom hung bifolding doors to meet individual project requirements.

Three different models offer solutions for residential and commercial property.

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Supertherm 80 Bifolding Doors

The Supertherm 80 Bifolding door is the premium product within the range. A high-end bifolding door product, offering homeowners and the trade contemporary slim lines with excellent thermal performance, security and great aesthetics.

Made to order, every door comes with multiple configuration options. Choose from opening in or out, sliding to the left or right. The product is renowned for its engineering with a smooth and reliable slide and fold action. You can even integrate opening tilt and turn windows or inward opening windows within a door panel. This design provides additional ventilation while keeping the doors closed.

Sunparadise bifolding doors come with high thermal insulation as standard. As well as a thermal break, the doors come with foam inserts, seals, gaskets and isolation profiles. As a result, the thermal performance is excellent and the U-Values remain low.

Design and manufactured for long service life, Sunparadise bifolding doors utilise a marine-grade polyester powder coated finish. Furthermore,. the hardware comes with corrosion-resistant materials to the door fixings and hardware.

Key Features

With endless design possibilities the expertly-crafted Supertherm 80 bifolding doors product comes with several key features as standard. The aesthetics of the Supertherm 80 are square and flat in appearance. The internal glazing bead comes with a square design for for a neat interior finish.

At the door mullions, you get sightlines starting at just 126mm to the glass line at the frame edge. The door mullions are 124mm, marginally wider than products like Schuco, Dutemann and Cortizo bifolds. These impressive sightlines place Sunparadise withing the slimmest bifolding doors on the market.

The system is also designed to create bifolding windows either as standalone units or combined with fixed panels above, below or to the side.

One of the best features is doors up to 6.8m wide. At the same time, these door spans don’t require joints in the frames or cill members. Installations are neater thanks to continuous profiles.

  • Secured by Design accreditation and certified to PAS24 standard.
  • Thermally insulated profiles with added foam core. U-Values as low as 0.8W/m2K are achievable.
  • Maximum panel sizes of 1200mm wide and 2700mm high.
  • Double glazed with 24mm units up to 61m triple glazing for improved insulation and acoustics
  • Open corners including 90° or 135° designs.
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Thermo 60 insulated Bifolding Door.

Also a thermally insulated system, Thermo 60 bifolding doors provide individual doorstep, fixed or corner opening bifolding doors.

Key Features

  • Door mullion sightlines of 124mm
  • U-Values of 1.8Wm2K
  • Door leaf sizes of up to 1000mm wide and 2700mm high
  • Glass units up to 32 mm double or triple glazed.

The European design features also allow the insertion of fixed panels. It’s one of the few systems on the market allowing opening vents within the bifolding door panels too.

Fiesta 42 bifolding door

For internal applications as well as commercial environments, the Sunparadise Fiesta 42 bifolding door provides an economic solution. It’s widely used for internal partitions, enclosures, garage showrooms, retail and commercial projects.

Key Features

  • Flush fitting track meets the needs of commercial installations and DDA requirements
  • Door panel sizes of 1000mm wide and 2700mm high
  • Suitable for single glazed products such as interior doors and partition screens as well as double glazed
  • A commercially orientated system with door closing devices available for traffic doors

More information about Sunparadise Bifolding Doors

The Sunparadise bifolding door is available through a high quality dealer network. Clean lines, flexible openings and all the functionality of a bifolding door. The product quality is excellent and the Sunparadise name is a very sought-after brand.

There are also trade opportunities for interested Home Improvement businesses looking to add a renowned. Swiss-engineered premium bifolding door brand to their product range and becoming a Sunparadise partner.

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