Schüco Barrier Free Doors

Within Schüco’s door collection are Schüco Barrier Free Doors for doors in dwellings, housing developments and commercial buildings. Barrier Free provides a door design where the track or threshold is completely flush whilst still having suitable weather resistance. At the same time, Schüco Barrier Free improves accessibility and function, making the doors easier to move in and out of, with additional comfort features such as remote locking and unlocking.

Schüco Barrier Free Doors – Introduction

schüco barrier free doors with hinged and sliding door in the schüco milton keynes showroom

The concept of Schüco Barrier Free, which we explain further in this article, is especially suitable for users with disabilities, creating a completely flat track for wheelchairs and no step for those with mobility problems.

In addition to the seamless door threshold, how users interact with the doors is also considered with Schüco Barrier Free Doors. Handles and locks are integral to the system with all providing comfort in use, easy identification for the visually impaired and designed to lock or unlock the door easily. Additionally, Schüco Barrier Free doors are available as manually operated or with assisted powered opening and closing.

Schüco BlueCon System

A companion to Schüco Barrier Free doors, the Schüco BlueCon module is a Bluetooth unit designed for all types of entrance doors. With simple button control, the door set is controlled via an app and any smartphone and Apple Watch. This multifunctional unit can activate the door remotely, establishing a connection in seconds whilst never compromising door security. For added door protection, the BlueCon module is concealed within the door and sash frame rebate whilst also protecting it from the weather.

As well as residential applications, Schüco BlueCon can work with Airbnb properties, giving guests access to the property and removing the need for personal key handover or simpler keypad-operated key boxes.

Schüco Barrier Free Doors – Products available

Schüco products with the Barrier Free design are available with the following products:

  • Schüco Door System ADS 50
  • Schüco Door System ADS 75 HD.HI
  • Schüco Door System GFT 50
  • Janisol Door System
  • Jansen Door System Art’15
  • Viss Side hung door