Schüco AD UP Design Edition

This Schüco AD UP Design Edition is a designer front door, ingeniously crafted for a modern appeal with its completely flush design. Suitable for luxury homes or as a main entrance door to apartments, the Design Edition replaces old doors with cutting edge design and can integrate well into a newly built opening. Schüco AD UP Design Edition comes with all the reliability, security, thermal performance, and sealing of the general Schüco AD UP range with a designer look and feel.

Schüco AD UP Design Edition – Overview

schüco ad up design edition black front door with green led lights in a contemporary show home.

Highly engineered and designed to make create a statement-piece entrance door, Schüco AD UP Design Edition comes with a specification that outperforms regular aluminium residential doors, enriching homes and buildings with individual dwellings. With a 90mm frame depth, this door model is readily adaptable for most installation requirements. Design options include single and double doors, opening in or out, and with options for side panels and/or top glazed panels. The prominent feature of this model compared with standard aluminium residential doors is its flush appearance inside and out and solid, thick and thermally efficient solid panel.

Schüco AD UP 75 Doors – Features and Benefits

Every aspect of the Schüco AD UP Design Edition exemplifies a high-end entrance door capable of satisfying any building’s style, performance, and functionality demands.

Flush integrated door handle

The flush integrated handle comes as standard with the benefit of no visible hardware outside and a uniform appearance. Internal is a choice of handle in a variety of styles and designs and enhanced by LED lighting in a choice of colours. With the integrated door handle, doors can go as wide as 1250mm wide and up to 2500mm high

Three flush threshold options

Schüco AD UP Design Edition works in dwellings and apartment buildings and offers a door threshold in three options. The benefit is a solution to meet most design requirements. For front doors in dwellings is a standard aluminium threshold with a small step-over and full weather protection. Two low threshold options cover doors that don’t need the full weather protection, such as those in lobbies or protected by a canopy. Alternatively, the full barrier free option, offers weather protection with a flush floor design. For commercial applications, doors meet accessibility and other requirements stipulated in Approved Document M of Building Regulations.

Visible or Concealed Door Hardware

Three hinge options are available with Schüco AD UP Design Edition, each contributing its unique advantage to the product. The barrel hinge design allows for ample door adjustment, provides various colour options, and requires no maintenance, adding a traditional touch to the door. The surface-mounted hinge option, a specially engineered component, enables the door to withstand demanding conditions like those in schools, transport hubs, and heavily-used public buildings. Alternatively, a concealed hinge design is ideal for residential properties seeking a flat, seamless appearance where the door meets the frame.

Outstanding Thermal Performance and U-Values

U-Values are low, comfortably meeting and exceeding Building Regulations, with the frame itself offering a superior 1.4Wm2K value. The benefit is a door having an impressive 90mm thick door thickness, with superb insulation adding interior comfort to hallways or where the door opens directly into the living space.

Enhanced RC2 Security

When provided with the correct hardware, Schüco AD UP doors meet the RC2 security standard meeting a good level of burglar resistance for homes and buildings, with the benefit of having been tested to the latest security standards and requirements.

Schüco AD UP Design Edition Doors – More information and where to buy

The Schüco AD UP in the Design Edition model provides a top-of-the-line, beautifully built and engineered front door in a solid design with a flush look and feel inside and out. An optimal choice for enhancing homes with one of the best front doors available and serving commercial buildings leading to individual flats and apartments, whilst capable of catering to numerous daily users.