Schüco Entrance doors

Schüco entrance doors using the AD UP (Aluminium Doors Universal Platform) are top-of-the-line glass or designer decorative doors providing cutting-edge performance and design, meeting the diverse needs of higher-end residential and commercial applications. These doors seamlessly integrate innovative technology, functionality, and aesthetics, making them a top choice for homeowners, architects and businesses.

Schüco Entrance Doors – Introduction

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The Schüco AD UP Door Series comprises elegant, functional and innovative aluminium doors all benefits from high-end engineering, first-class design and the best possible build quality, fit and finish. Schüco entrance doors in the AD UP range are the best example of quality, aesthetic appeal and luxury. Visually appealing, these doors come as fully glazed doors or using sophisticated door infills, giving a top-of-the-line appearance throughout and a flush overall finish.

Schüco entrance doors comprise all the essentials of ultra-premium doors. These start with superb material quality, quality aluminium profiles, advanced insulation, and excellent coatings, textures, and colours. The thermal insulation within the doors uses a multi-chamber profile system that delivers exceptional thermal insulation, providing increased energy efficiency and reduced heating costs for homes and commercial property.

For security, Schüco entrance doors use state-of-the-art locking mechanisms within the reinforced frames, in manual or automatic locking options. All Schüco AD UP doors offer unparalleled security and protection against forced entry. Schüco is committed to providing the highest level of security for its customers. As such, Schüco AD UP doors come with multipoint locking systems, robust hinges, and optional security upgrades, making them suitable for residential and commercial spaces where security is paramount.

With substantial design options and significant scope for customisation, Schüco entrance doors suit premier homes and those end-user clients, architects or developers looking for designer doors from one of the leading aluminium system companies.

Schüco entrance doors product range

The Schüco entrance doors collection comprises high-end designer front doors and glass residential doors, either as single or double doors or integrated with fixed side or top framing. Every product is energy efficient, with excellent sealing and top-end security features and specifications. All doors also provide the option for integration into smart home technology and flush door thresholds as part of the Schüco barrier-free concept.

Schüco AD UP 75

Schüco AD UP 75 doors are a high-performance and energy-efficient solution for commercial and residential buildings. These doors are designed with advanced insulation technology that helps to minimize energy loss and reduce heating and cooling costs. The 75mm frame depth makes them suitable for new openings or as a replacement for existing doors. Several profile chambers within the thick aluminium profiles create stability and provide a structure for the thermal insulation comprising polyamide thermal breaks and other insulation materials.

Schüco AD UP 75 BL Residential

Part of the Schüco entrance doors collection for residential properties, Schüco AD UP 75 BL Residential are designer front doors using advanced aluminium frames and a premium thermally insulated solid panel in a choice of styles and designs. Suitable for high-end homes where front doors need to make a design statement, Schüco AD UP 75 BL Residential offers thermally efficient doors with maximum security and weather sealing, designed with concealed fixings and hardware and options for the decorative panel to sit on one or both side, depending on the styling required.

Schüco AD UP Design Edition

The contemporary front door solution with Schüco entrance doors, the AD UP Design Edition, uses an integrated flush pull handle design with LED illumination within the door panel, creating a more seamless door without a visible and prominent door handle. Similar to Schuco’s other designer front doors, AD UP Design Edition provides an even more modern style and has the benefit of coming in an outward opening design and inward opening. The overall appearance of the door set is flush and seamless.

Schüco ADS 65 HD Gen2

The latest generation of Schüco’s doors for commercial entrances and exits, the ADS 65 HD Gen2 is a reliable aluminium door system designed for demanding door installations with significant daily traffic. For schools, hospitals, leisure buildings and any other property serving the public, ADS 65 HD Gen2 offers excellent security, weather protection, insulation and reliability. Aluminium doors come as fully glazed or doors with solid panels, and can integrate within curtain walling or shopfront systems.

Schüco Barrier Free

Within the entire Schüco entrance doors collection is the Barrier Free concept. This is Schüco’s description for all types of residential or commercial doors with a completely flush and weather-resistant threshold and meeting all required standards for accessibility, security and insulation. Barrier Free Doors are available as hinged, sliding and folding systems.