Origin open corner bifolding doors explained

Origin open corner bifolding doors add the wow factor to a new home extension with a high quality set of folding doors that open in two directions with no visible steel or brickwork corner. Only the Origin OB-72 classically styled model is available with an open corner, not the slimmer OB-49 model. Everything you need to know about Origin corner bifold doors explained in this article.

origin open corner bifolding doors in a new extension

Information about Origin open corner bifolding doors

Correctly designed and executed, Origin corner bifold doors give you all the advantages of a bifold but in a design promising the best possible glazed feature closed and a distinctive look to the home fully open. Offering the same benefits as a standard bifold, including excellent styling, premier product quality and the renowned 20 year guarantee with an Origin product installed by an approved dealer.

As well as this, corner bifold doors expand the visual aspect associated with bifolding doors even more. The visible benefit is a visually improved space thanks to the lack of a corner. Open corner bifold doors look exceptional when viewed from the inside or the outside.

The corner aspect of Origin OB-72 doors involves creating a corner arrangement where the two sets of doors meet. One set of doors has an additional section attached to it, which is the movable corner post. This movable order post also acts as the locking point for the master leaves.

In the closed position, the two sets of doors come with an 8-point, multi-point locking system and shoot bolts. There is no security compromise with a corner bifolding door arrangement. Added to the lock is a high security star-rated cylinder.

To open the Origin corner bifold doors, both sets are unlocked and folded in their respective directions. The corner post moves with the one set of doors to fully open up the corner and create a clean and tidy opening when the doors are open.

Building the opening for Origin corner bifold doors

The installation of a corner bifolding door set involves working with your architect or builder, as well as a professional bifold door supplier early at the design stage. It’s the door opening taking all the weight. No door comes design to take any supporting weight. Using cantilevered steel calculated by a trained structural engineer creates an opening taking the weight of the roof. Using a professional engineer also ensures the overall construction is sound, safe and meets Building Regulations as well.

It’s significant building and structural work with a good builder helping create a suitable opening and the correct installation of a Origin corner bifold doors. Crucially, all weight needs even distribution as well as helping the doors function correctly across the entire opening on both sides. It is crucial that the overall weight of the construction be evenly distributed. Even distribution of the weight is essential so that the doors function correctly and don’t take the load caused by the lack of a steel, brick or other structural corners.

Whether you choose an external or internal corner bifold doors design, the process is broadly the same.

Important considerations for fitting Origin corner bifold doors.

As with any new extension, check for planning permission and other responsibilities. For the physical construction of the cornerless bifold, the following may apply:

  • The installation will usually involve steel sections buried in the house to create strength and stability.
  • Cornerless bifolding doors are non-supporting.
  • Not all properties will accept the construction needed to create an open corner bifolding door arrangement.
  • An open corner bifolding door set adds substantial cost when compared to a standard set of bifolding doors.

Opening options with Origin open corner bifolding doors.

Constructing an open corner bifolding door design does not need to involve an equal set of doors both sides. It is perfectly possible to have a different number of leaves on each side, to suit the size of your extension and how you wish to use the doors.

Typically open corner bifolding doors will open out and be at 90 degrees. An alternative 135-degree angle is also available.

internal corner bifold doors in a penthouse

How to get Internal corner bifold doors with Origin

The OB72 configured in this design also comes as internal corner bifold doors. Most people opt for the external solution, but there’s no problem getting an inside opening bifold if required.

All the other specification and details with internal corner bifold doors remain the same.

Why the traffic door remains important even on Origin corner bifold doors

One essential consideration with any bifold is the traffic door. A traffic door enables entry and exit through the doors without having to fold all the panels back every time.

Traffic doors come highly recommended where the bifold is the only set of doors out to the garden. Even if not, a traffic door provides the everyday convenience of regular patio doors, such as letting out a pet, general ventilation, collecting the washing or general garden access.

How much do Origin corner bifold doors cost?

The actual cost of the Origin bifolding door set itself is not significantly more expensive than two sets of bifolding doors. Typically, the door’s corner design adds around £2000-£2500 to the door cost, but these are very approximate guide prices only. Of course, this price doesn’t include the cost of the building work and any professional services.

origin corner bifold doors in a surrey home

Understanding the benefits of Origin corner bifold doors.

An Origin corner bifold door once completed is a stunning transformation in the home. Just like a standard set of Origin folding doors, the colour, hardware, configuration and personalisation options are endless. Origin doors offer:

  • A 20-year guarantee.
  • Huge choice of colours including wood effect finishes.
  • Premium Hardware
  • British Made bifolding doors.
  • Exceptional lead times to speed up the project.
  • Matching windows, entrance doors, sliding and garage doors.

Origin based in Buckinghamshire, supplies fabricated windows, bifolding and sliding doors and residential doors to the trade.