Specifications of Origin Bifolding Doors

Origin Bifolding doors come packed with features and a high specification. They comprise top quality aluminium extrusions, the latest in manufacturing construction techniques, high-quality powder coated finish, high thermal values and maximum security.

The manufacture of quality bifolding doors involves conforming to industry British Standards.  But in order to meet the latest standards for security, manufacturing, paint quality and more, great design is also important.

Origin products come via a network of quality home improvement showrooms and businesses, all benefitting from being Origin dealers.

Specifications of Origin Bifolding Doors

Aluminium Materials

The aluminium profile used to manufacture Origin Bifolding Doors is extruded aluminium is alloy grade 6063.T6.  It is extruded to British Standards BS EN755-9:2001.

Insulation of the aluminium profiles is achieved via a thermal break between the internal and external aluminium constructed from high quality polyamide strips.

Polyester Powder Coated Finish

All aluminium profiles are Polyester Powder Coated meeting the relevant British Standard BS 6496, 1984.  The full RAL suite of colours is available, presently comprising nearly 200 possible colours.  Varying shades are available such as satin, gloss, matt, metallics or textured.

Wood Effect Finish.

The wood effect available on the aluminium profiles uses a sophisticated technology called Sublimation – a form of die-transfer technology.  This involves several base coats on the aluminium profile.  Following this it is wrapped and vacuum sealed in special bags containing the textured wood effect finish.

The profiles are then placed in a sublimation oven at over 200 degrees centigrade and the wood effect coating sublimates onto the aluminium profile.

This wood effect finish is authentic in its appearance and texture and is very durable.

Construction of  Origin Bifolding Doors

Origin Sliding Folding doors are manufactured using the latest manufacturing methods and procedures.  Door leaves have a mitred construction enhanced with mechanically crimped and bonded corners.  Special aluminium extruded corner cleats and pressed chevrons are used to ensure the corner is accurate, strong and precise.

The outer frame of the bifolding doors is designed for direct fixing or if required fitting to sub frame. It features an automatic toe and heal device integral to each bifolding door leaf.

Bifolding Door Hardware

Origin doors feature a unique and highly secure eight point multi-point locking system.  It meets the ‘Secured by Design’ Police preferred standards.

The door lock itself includes chamfered 20mm linear bolts and 25mm security hooks which have an exceptional throw of 25mm.  Each door comes with solid zinc adjustable security hinges. In the sliding operation, doors run along the track on the unique free glide solid zinc and stainless steel carriage assembly on acetal wheels with pressed needle roller bearings.  These bearing are on a 6mm hardened stainless steel shaft running on a track of 10mm aluminium bell design.

Door Glass

The glazing of bifolding doors should be carried out to the recommendations of the current British Standard BS 6262 for thickness and type.

Origin doors can be glazed with 24mm, 28mm or 32mm double glazed units (weight restrictions apply) which this door system will accept.  The glass is held in place with high security door beads using internal shuffle bead glazing arrangement.  Doors are designed for glazing on site. For additional security the external gasket is captive and the internal gasket a wedge.  This means that the beads cannot be removed without removal of the internal wedge gasket first – a valuable security feature.

Minimum and Maximum Sizes of Origin Bifolding Doors

Max. door width = 1200mm

Max. door set height = 3025mm

Min. door width = 463mm

Testing of Origin Doors

Origin bifolding doors are tested in accordance with BS 6375: Part 1 2004 prEN 10077-2 ISO 15099.  Weather Performance is in accordance  BS 6375: Part 1 20041.   the Origin Easifold test door achieved the following classification with a rebated threshold.

Exposure category 1200 special

Air Permeability 600 Pa

Water tightness 100 Pa

Wind resistance 1200 Pa

Origin Doors with Low Thresholds.

All testing and weathering is based upon Origin doors with a standard rebated threshold.  Doors with low thresholds are non-weathered and it is recommended that low threshold bifolding doors are only used internally.

Origin offers the OB-72 and OB-49 bifolding door models fully compared and with more information.