Selling Origin doors and windows.

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Origin bifolding doors, aluminium windows and Origin Front doors are all sold through a network of Accredited agents who specialise in home improvements, door and window installations. Some also specialise in building work and generation renovation projects. When it comes to Selling Origin doors and windows, Origin work on building strong partnerships with their Dealers.

window companies selling origin doors and windows

The Benefits of selling Origin doors and windows.

Origin as a business was established because of frustrations with trade suppliers. Over the years, Origin has become renowned for pioneering the supply of bifolding doors, aluminium windows and residential front doors. The Your Lead Time Not Ours service pioneered by Origin (and still without competition) can be credited with ending the long lead times associated with coloured aluminium windows and doors.

Origin Services to Bifolding Door Installers.

Origin understands the importance of supporting their dealer network with all the tools needed to sell their range of windows and doors. Door and Window installation companies, interested in selling Origin doors and windows benefit from dealing with one manufacturer and the systems company directly. This has proven to help both installers and homeowners. Where traditionally the systems company does not get too involved in the customer process, Origin like to be actively involved. For the homeowner, it helps to know exactly who makes their doors.

The support services offered by Origin to their network of installers are designed to do away with the traditional frustrations of buying fabricated aluminium products. Examples include waiting for prices, long lead times and after-sales.

Flexible Lead times by Origin.

Origin pioneered the Your Lead Time Not Ours service on standard colour bifolding doors. Origin bifolding doors are available virtually when required, whether this is for 48 hours or longer. Installers benefit from:

  • The positive sales message of being able to provide bifolding doors fast.
  • The improved cashflow through reduced lead times.
  • Origin aluminium windows are available in one week.
  • Special colour orders are available in three weeks.

Origin’s Online Quotation and Ordering System

Origin has helped improve the speed at which aluminium quotations are obtained with their Online Quotation and Ordering Systems. For Origin Installers the online ordering and pricing system has several advantages.

  • Free to use with no software subscriptions or licenses required.
  • Build fast and accurate quotations with a few minutes.
  • Use the software for pricing or ordering of Origin products.
  • No more waiting for aluminium quotations.

Marketing Support by Origin.

Origin helps their retailers sell more by helping create impressive showrooms and giving all the materials and tools required to sell their products.

Substantial investment in door and window handle boards, colour boards, literature, point of sale materials and more, ensures a consistent Origin brand. Best of all Origin do not charge for their literature.

As well as the point of sale materials, Origin all give their installers access to technical information, image libraries, even help with a website. As well as Marketing Support, a full Technical support service is available as well.

The Origin Fitter Fitter Training Days

Origin provides interested installers with complete training days across their entire range of doors and windows. These are the ideal for new members of staff, those that want to keep up to date with changes to products and even to sales staff.

The Origin Fitter Fitter Training days are an ideal opportunity for installers to ensure they install Origin products correctly, reducing call-backs to site and providing a better service to homeowners.

Three training levels are available including a full day at Origin HQ, a factory tour and the opportunity to ask questions.

Becoming an Origin installer has proven to be beneficial to the hundreds of partners already selling Origin bifolding doors, windows and entrance doors all over the UK. If you would like further information about selling Origin doors and windows and partnering with a leading trade manufacturer, contact us.