Dorma Door Closers explained

DORMA Door Closers provide door control and effective door opening and closing solutions to internal and external door sets. The range of door closers is a premium range designed for either swing doors on hinges or doors that are centre hung pivoting action.

dorma door closers fitted to office block doors
Dorma RTS 85 Closers are arguably the best quality concealed overhead door closers for commercial aluminium doors and are now launched with CE Marking.

Why does a door need mechanisms like Dorma door closers?

A door closer is an essential component of any door that is required to have effective controlled opening and closing.  Not only this, door closers also perform other functions such as ensuring doors can be opened by the elderly and the disabled as well as providing fire door solutions and ensuring that doors remain latched shut and not inadvertently left open.  Depending upon the door material, type and application there is a wide variety of reliable, intelligent and high quality door closers available.

Mechanisms such as Dorma door closers can be fitted to commercial doors, internal doors, fire exit doors, automatic doors as well as shop doors or those intended for high traffic and high usage.

Understanding the range of Dorma door closers for interior or exterior doors

dorma door closers fitted to hospital doors

Face Fixed Closers

TS 93 Cam Action Door closer

The TS 93 Cam action door closer is particularly suited to doors up to 1250mm in width.  It is a modular door closer that is compatible with different slide channels to provide solutions for most door closer requirements. The same door closer can be sued for single and double doors and benefits from many different as well as universal fixing positions.  It also features controlled closing adjustment and available in a range of colours.

TS 92 Cam-action door closers with slide channel

A high quality door closer designed for internal door installations that offers high efficiency and adjustable power settings.  Suitable for doors up to 1100mm wide, single or double doors and with low opening forces enabling doors to be opened with ease.   It is a non handed door closer.

TS 91 Cam-action door closer with slide channel

A face mounted door closer suitable for interior door applications for doors up to 950mm wide.  It can be used with either single or double door sets and provides a contemporary design, full adjustment and easy installation.

TS 97 Cam-action door closer with slide channel
This is a competitively priced door closer that is minimal in appearance having uniform closer body and slide arm dimensions.  It can suit door leaves up to 100mm wide for single leaf doors only and is handed for either right hand or left hand doors.

TS 90 Impulse Closer

A high quality yet economy door closer for the entry level closer requirement for doors up to 950mm wide.  Suitable for single doors it has high quality construction, long service life and suitable for interior door applications.  There is adjustable closing force, optional hold open facility and a cushioned limit stay option.

ITS 96 Concealed slide channel door closer with cam-action technology

This concealed door closer is ideal for high value or prestige doors that require door closing with a concealed minimalist closer.  Suitable door door widths of 1400mm/1600mm and no thicker than 40mm, it comes with thinking back check as standard.  It can be used with either single or double doors and ensures doors are effectively controlled with no visible door closer.

TS 83 Face Fixed Closer

A highly reliable door closer used on external doors up to 1100mm wide.  Suitable for either single or double doors and with backchat and optional delayed action.  For extreme applications additional corrosion protection is available and with a wide spring strength range to suit virtually any door application.

TS 73 V Rack-and-pinion door closer.

A rack and pinion face fixed door closer available as one model for all standard internal doors.  A high quality door closer with back check in a compact design and ultra reliable door closer for doors up to 1100mm, whether single or double doors.

TS 72 Rack-and-pinion door closer with scissor arm

A competitively priced door closer ideal for all standard doors up to 1100mm wide that offers quick and easy installation in a compact construction and classic design.  One model is available for all standard doors that is non handed.

TS 71  Face fixed closer.

A rack and pinion door closer with traditional scissor arm, the TS71 is non handed and ideal for standard,  parallel arm and frame installation.  One unit size covers EN3-4 strengths and has optional hold open facility with adjustable closing speed.

TS 68 Rack and Pinion Door Closer

A low cost door closer solution for both double doors or single doors, it has a universal application and suitable for almost all common doors. Benefitting from easy installation with no mounting backplate, one model is non handed and offers and inexpensive highly reliable internal door closer solution.

A traditional Rack-and-pinion door closer with scissor arm with the benefit of an electromagnetic hold open unit working with building fire or alarm systems.  It can hold the doors open or act as a free swing door closer but works to safety systems to close doors in the event of a fire or power failure.

dorma door closers hidden in the floor of a door set

Concealed transom closers and floor springs.

BTS 75 V Universal floor spring
For single or double door applications, the BTS75 floor spring is ideal for doors up to 100mm wide with individually regulated closing force.  Suitable for either narrow or wide door leaves this high quality floor spring has been used for many years in all types of doors and integrates with many different floor coverings.

BTS 80 Floor-Concealed Door Closer

Suitable for open in, out or double action doors, the For use on both single and double action doors the BTS 80 Floor closer from offers a solution where a larger closer could not be used.  It is able to control particularly large and heavy doors whether opening in, out or double action and is incorporated into the floor of any building providing a highly reliable door closer.  It is also suitable for fire and smoke check doors.

BTS 80 F Floor Spring

Suitable for fire and smoke check doors this high quality floor spring benefits from a shallow design and is versatile for many different applications.  It is available with optional hold open facility and once installed is virtually completely hidden from view.

BTS 84 Floor Spring for Double-Action Doors

The BTS 84 is a double-action top quality floor spring that is suitable for aluminium and toughened glass doors requiring effective door control.  Benefitting from all the advantages of the BTS range, it also comes with a comprehensive range of accessories enabling the construction of aluminium doors or complete glass door leaves of different sizes and types.  Designed to complement the hugely successful RTS85 door closer but in a floor spring format and can be chosen to suit  Steel, aluminium, timber and glass doors if needed.

RTS 85 Transom concealed door closer

The door closer by which all others are judged, the RTS 85 concealed overhead closer is suitable for single or double doors and available with back check and adjustable power.  Suitable for all doors where a closer is concealed within the door frame, it is suitable for all types of doors with one closer body available for all types of fixing.

RTS 87 Concealed Transom Closer

The RTS 87 door closer from is suitable for larger door leaves up to 1250mm and 1600mm whether single or double doors.  With an EMR electro-magnetic hold-open with integral smoke detector version available it is CERTIFIRE approved for fire doors and will meet the requirements of Approved Document M and BS8300.  Ideal for barrier-free buildings and offering the maximum in user safety.


A sophisticated Electro-Magnetic Hold Open Closer that is hidden in the door and frame.  The ITS96 EMF provides a facility to hold doors open but will close them safely in the event of a fire or power failure.  Suitable for doors from 1100mm to 1400mm wide it can be fitted to single or double doors.  The ITS 96 can hold doors open at any chosen angle without closing them and until reset can act as a standard door closer.

BTS 80 EMB Floor Spring. 

A concealed floor closer with Electromagnetic Hydraulic Hold Open to hold doors open and close them in the event of a fire or power failure. Benefitting from Easy installation, CERTIFIRE Approval, CE Marking and ideal for all fire and smoke check doors.

BTS 80 FLB Free Swing Floor Spring

A hidden floor spring designed for applications where users can find the opening and closing of a door difficult for whatever reason.  This free swing device can enable the door to be left in any position from fully open to closed by the user.  Suitable for doors up to  1100mm, it is available in  EN4 and 1250mm for EN5 strengths. It benefits from electromagnetic facillity that can close the doors in the event of a fire or power failure.

RTS 80 EMB Electro-Magnetic Transom Closer

An electro magnetic transom closer ideal in buildings such as schools or universities with a large amount of traffic.  The RTS80 closer will hold the doors open under normal use and will allow the door to close on activation of the fire alarm or a power failure.  Ideal for all kinds of heavy duty commercial applications.

How and where to buy Dorma door closers

You can read more about the range of products from DORMA on their website

All the above door closers are available with a huge range of accessories and options to suit the particular installation, building, or intended use.  Dorma door closers come with fabricated commercial aluminium doors or interior doors.

The trade has access to these products via approved trade counters and builders merchants. We can also help with details of stockists and suppliers.