aïr 800 Bifolding Door

Exclusively manufactured by Everglade windows and available through a quality dealer network, the aïr 800 bifolding door comes designed with slim lines, high performance and optimum functionality. A luxury and high-end bifolding door, Aïr doors feature some outstanding features and innovations.

The high-end features of the aïr 800 bifolding door

The aïr brand is very much targeted at the discerning and quality-focused customer looking for a bifolding door that falls outside of the standard or mainstream systems. Sold in showrooms of an approved dealer network, aïr 800 bifolding doors come with the styling and sightlines modern property renovations demand.

Aïr doors are highly individual, bespoke, exclusive and desirable.

Key Features within the aïr 800 folding sliding door

For consumers looking at a luxury bifolding door, the aïr 800 door has many features and innovations. These include

An industry leading 25-year guarantee

Aïr 800 bifolding door comes with a 25-year guarantee that no other product possesses.  The quality, engineering, paint process, hardware and manufacturing excellence of aïr folding doors enables them to have this long warranty.  It is also backed by the manufacturer as well.

One of the slimmest bifolding doors on the market

Aïr bifolding doors are one of the narrowest bifolding doors you can buy.  The important sight line where the doors meet is only 122mm, making them thinner than many of the leading or standard bifolding doors on the market. For the frame, aïr doors offer a 108mm sightline that again is slimmer than many other doors on the market. See where the aïr 800 bifolding door ranks and who makes the slimmest bifolding doors.

Severe weather performance and high security

All aïr bifolding doors come tested to the latest security standards.  Secured by Design is today one of the leading security tests for residential doors and windows. Air doors have independent tests and certification to this standard.

For weather performance, aïr 800 bifolding doors are extensively weather tested.  With a wind load value of 1800 pascals, aïr folding doors can resist wind speeds of up to 120mph. This means extreme testing that creates a highly durable bifolding door but one that offers exceptional weathering and long term reliability.

Bigger sizes with the Air 800 bifolding door

The aïr 800 bifolding door offers large size doors thanks to smart engineering, design and robust hardware. Each door panel can be made up to 1200mm wide and 3metres in height. For large span folding door requirements and the maximum glass area, aïr doors meet this requirement.

Furthermore, the aïr 800 bifolding door creates door sets up to 12m wide in all manner of configurations, including open or fixed corners, matching single or double doors and flush or low threshold options.

Sophisticated powder coating technology that is built to endure.

The paint thickness found on aïr bifolding doors is superior to many folding doors on the market.  It comes with a 60 micron ‘marine grade finish that is durable, long-lasting and of great quality.  A further textured range of ‘aïrcoat’ finishes is also available that is dirt and scratch resistant as well.

aïr 800 aluminium bi-fold doors are available in any RAL colour. You can also specify the doors with aïrcoat, a specialist coating with superior durability and a desirable textured finish, that’s also dirt-resistant.

The finest quality hardware comes with aïr bifolding doors.

Everglade design and make Serenity door handles. You will not find these on other bifolding doors. Two handle ranges are available with aïr 800 bifolding doors – Classic and Luxury.  Both handle options are from the finest quality materials and built to last.

The Luxury range of handles takes bifolding door hardware to the next level.  These feature a design by a world-renowned designer as well as made from PURA alloy and a highly sophisticated coating too.  The Luxury Range of handles with an aïr bifolding door provide an anti-bacterial, sustainable, distinctive and contemporary specification.

air 800 bifolding door

Find out more about the aïr 800 bifolding door

On these hand-finished, luxury aluminium bifolding doors, also comes a host of other innovations and impressive specifications. These include.

  • Anti-finger trap gaskets to prevent trapping of fingers between the doors.
  • Teflon coated gaskets throughout to resist dirt and last longer.
  • U Values of 1.4Wm2K
  • Have duty engineered hinges for superb weight-bearing yet slim in appearance
  • No floating mullion, keeping sight lines compact.
  • Double or Triple Glazing options
  • Hand Engineered and Hand Finished
  • Manufactured exclusively by one of the best known, multi-award winning companies.

The aïr range of products come expertly fabricated and supplied by Everglade Trade, the supply only operation of one of the UK’s longest established and best aluminium manufacturers.

The aïr 800 bifolding door also comes with options for blinds within the glass, solar control or acoustic glass and privacy screens.

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