aïr 600LS Lift and Slide Doors

Contemporary and highly-engineered Air 600LS  luxury lift and slide doors in premium quality aluminium. Everglade Windows exclusively make the suite of luxury Aïr lift and slide doors as well as a range of other sliding and folding doors.  The air range offers premium quality aluminium systems from a prominent and award-winning Company.

Air 600LS premium lift and slide doors.

The contemporary sliding door and quality patio door is a highly desirable product. Air sliding and lift and slide doors offer effortless and straightforward two-finger operation with even the largest and heaviest doors.

These distinctive, premium and unique range of sliding doors also provide more features, specifications and better performance than standard patio doors.

Air sliding and lift and slide doors suit both large and small openings with aspects and attributes unavailable with other brands. Firstly is a 25-year guarantee – the longest warranty in the sliding aluminium door and home improvement sector.

Air 600 LS aluminium sliding patio doors.

air sliding doors in new build home.
aïr folding and sliding doors offer solutions for luxury and high performance doors.

The Air 600LS is a cutting edge and high specification door with lift and slide opening action. It is available as two, three, four or six-panel sliding doors. Also available with the Air aluminium sliding door is an open corner arrangement for a barrier-free two-sided patio door construction.

The design of Air 600LS sliding doors as well as the overall construction offers optimum reliability while also providing superior aesthetics in profile design, handles and general appearance.

Expertly built and hand-finished, close attention to detail is in place at every stage of the production process. Possessing long cycle and product testing, Aïr 600LS lift and slide doors deliver years of faultless performance and endurance.

A cutting edge and very advanced lift and slide mechanism moves the door away from the frame in the locked position and enables the door panels to slide with only a two finger operation.

Features of aïr 600LS lift and slide doors.

Aïr lift and slide doors feature many industry innovations to create a highly desirable sliding door. The double-track feature on two and four-panel doors and a triple track for three and six-panel doors. These flexible track options enable aïr 600LS sliding doors to offer many different sliding door opening options for maximum flexibility and user convenience.

The availability of a low threshold further increases the design choices as well as making air doors suitable for internal applications as a room divider.

A cornerless sliding door solution.

Aïr doors can be designed to create a stunning open corner arrangement. In the closed position, doors are locked securely at the corner just like any other door. As each door opens, the corner post moves away with the doors, creating a visually appealing open corner extension with no visible corner post too.

Luxury designer door furniture.

bifolding door handle.
Aïr doors feature the very best in quality door furniture, made from the finest materials.

aïr doors come available with either Standard or Luxury handle ranges in a choice of standard or exclusive colours.

Both options offer top-of-the-line door furniture from premium metals, as well as a long-lasting surface finish.

The Luxury Range of door furniture features some of the most advanced handles in the door industry, made with exceptional care and attention to detail.

Exceptional weather and water resistance.

As well as high security, Aïr doors also offer industry-leading weather performance. They meet 600pa classification for water tightness and 1200 pa for wind resistance.

High-security sliding doors, independently tested.

Aïr 600LS doors come with independent testing and certification to the latest security standards, also Burglar Proof to PAS 24. Air doors feature premium multi-point locking systems with robust handles, secure door cylinders and internal glazing beads.

Air sliding doors create large span sliding door solutions.

The engineering and technology behind Air sliding doors mean the most intricate designs can be accommodated such as large span sliding doors with a minimal number of panels.

  • Two-panel doors can be made up to widths of 4.5 metres
  • Three-panel doors at widths of up to 6.7 metres
  • Four-panel doors at widths of up to 8.9 metres
  • Six-panel doors at widths of up to 13.3 metres.

Advanced colouring processes for durability with individuality.

Aïr sliding doors use the latest technology in polyester powder coating and finishing to create a highly individual sliding door. With over 150 RAL colours available, aïr 600LS sliding doors have as standard, a colouring process that exceeds what is available in many standard sliding doors. Aïr doors come as standard with a thicker, ‘marine’ grade colour application process for extra durability to the paint finish.

An exclusive ‘aïrcoat’ finish is also available. This provides the latest in cutting-edge paint having dirt and scratch-resistant properties. Aïrcoat offers a more tactile finish with a textured feel.

Finally, dual colours are also available giving a different finish inside and out.

Everglade Windows, one of the UK’s largest and most experience aluminium manufacturers makes and supplies air doors.