Focus Software from Whiteshill Systems. Probably the best door and window industry software?

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The Windowlink Focus Software Whiteshill Systems offers a simple, easy to use but effective way to swiftly and accurately produce quotations and contracts.

Many trade manufacturers embraced software to produce cutting lists, quotations and materials lists quite a few years ago now, but the retail side of double glazing, the front end still seems to be lagging behind.

For nearly a year now I’ve been working with the Windowlink Focus Software from Whiteshill Systems and if your business is in the retail side of double glazing, software will transform the way you sell and the way you do business.

The first thing to say about Windowlink Focus Software is that there are people from the window industry behind it. There is an understanding of how window people work in this software – it’s not just some IT specialist who has decided to write software for the window industry.

The Focus Range of programs for windows and doors enables the rapid selection of most styles and finishes, presented as stunning full colour pictorial quotations and survey reports, on screen and as printouts. This range of highly intuitive programs provides you and your customers with all you need to design and select windows and doors complete with feature leads, bevels and door panels without reference to multiple catalogues.

Pricing tool – price accurately and quickly from your supplier’s pricelists

Composite door designer – choose the door, choose the colour and glazing, add letterplates and door knockers …. and price it all at the same time!

Quotation/Contract production – use a standard template or have a report tailored to your own style.

Survey and Ordering – confirm the sizes and configuration and produce an email order direct to your supplier.

Profit Analysis – using Focus allows you to see the profit on each job before you get the invoices!

Many of you will still be using your traditional price lists and be thinking, “well I’m selling ok on the back of these, what’s the issue?”

The first thing the Windowlink software will save you is time.  And lots of it.
Processing windows and doors is fast, accurate and intuitive.  Depending on the product, it really can take seconds to produce a quotation.  A few clicks of the mouse and you can amend, copy and change as you wish.

I challenge anyone who currently uses paper price lists and manually draws up contracts for the customer so sign to “race” the software and see how quickly all your paperwork, such as contracts and quotations can be produced.

If you’ve self employed fitters or sales people this software will produce instant commission statements and fitters statements.

If your supplier puts up prices, why make your prices totally inaccurate by putting in a global price increase? Focus can be tailored to suit only the prices increased so that prices remain accurate yet competitive.

If your customer can’t decide between white, woodgrain, georgian bars or aged leads, whatever the requirement, this software will instantly amend your prices accurately without having to recost or apply innacurate percentage increases.

Above all, what this software does is give you instant credibility and professionalism. The customer receives a professional quotation either by email or in printed form. Not only that, you look more professional using it than width and height charts from tatty old price lists that can be decades old. It really can help you secure more business and many  customers upon signing say:

“you were not the cheapest but the professionalism of your quotation made me decide to use you”

Whether you supply pvc only, pvc and aluminium, timber, composite, bifolding doors in aluminium, pvc or wood, aluminium and pvc patio doors, timber windows, bygone sashes, pvc sliders and more.  Whatever your product Windowlink Focus Software from Whiteshill systems will make you wonder how you ever managed without it.

I use this software daily so please do not hesitate to contact the me if you would like more info (and a remote demo) or alternatively please contact Whiteshill Systems directly. Please follow the link on the right hand side.