Coronavirus – Which Windows and Doors Companies are open for Business

With the Coranavirus/Covid-19 in the headlines, what is the door and window industry doing to reassure customers during these uncertain times? Like any industry right now, window and door companies across the supply chain are following official advice and putting measures in place, to protect their customers and their staff.

At the bottom of this article is a current update on the types of work being done right now and why. You can also read more information about what this now extended lockdown means for the window industry.

As of mid-April, a significant number of businesses are now implementing a staged and careful approach to re-open. They’re putting in additional safety measures, re-organising production and warehouse areas and carrying out careful risk assessments.

How the supply chain is currently operating.

To help homeowners and the trade understand better how the supply chain is operating, we’ve separated the three key tiers of the supply chain. Systems companies, manufacturers and installers. In the comments column, where available we’ve linked to their relevant website statements.

The names are just a handful of the many thousands of businesses operating in the fenestration sector and give a snapshot of the industry.

Systems Companies

Towards the top of the supply chain, systems companies supply bar length and accessories. All UK systems companies are substantial operations, employing a lot of staff and with complex operations. Broadly speaking, most have ceased manufacturing and distributions. Some are operating a much-reduced service. Others are supporting manufacturers working in NHS, MOD or other essential contracts. Our table below shows some of the major systems companies and their position.

Aluk Partially OpenHelping customers restart
Aluprof UKOpenStatement from Aluprof HQ
Alutech SystemsNot Known
Comar SystemsOpenRemote services
DeceuninckClosedSome remote services
Epwin GroupPartially OpenSome remote services
Exlabesa SystemsNot Known
Garnalex ClosedServices suspended 1st April
Jack AluminiumNot Known
IKON AluminiumOpen Open from 20th April
Kestrel SystemsPartially OpenScaled back services
Kawneer SystemsOpen
Liniar SystemsPlanned openingPlanned re-open 7th May
Metal TechnologyOpenOpen from 22nd April
Reynaers SystemsOpenUpdated Reynaers statement
Senior ArchitecturalPartially OpenRead the latest update
Schuco SystemsOpenReduced Services
Smart SystemsOpen27th April service update

Major Manufacturers

Major manufacturers are those medium-large trade fabricators or those also installing in the commercial sector. Generally speaking, most are closed although some are also operating a skeleton staff and/or quotation and order processing services. Some of these are also active in the commercial sector whether fabricating or installing and are required to service active construction sites.

There are also companies buying fabricated products from manufacturing bases in Europe. We are advised by these businesses that European factories are open and deliveries coming to the UK. As a result they can provide quotations and process orders.

As of 24th April, most are now planning a staged re-opening while continuing to adhere to official guidelines and carrying out risk assessments.

Acorn AluminiumOpen Restart of Manufacture
Alufold DirectOpenOpen 18th May
Arkay WindowsClosedLatest company information
Everglade WindowsPartially
Remote services & support
Express Bifolding DoorsOpenClear statement on operations
Centor UKNot Known
CDW SystemsOpenAnnouncing 27th April opening
Customade/Real/AtlasOpenCompany statement on reopening
CWG ChoicesOpenAluminium from 27th April
Duration WindowsOpenStatement from Duration
Dekko WindowsClosed
Dutemann UKPartially
Remote services & support
Granada Secondary Partially OpenLimited service information
Howells Patent GlazingOpenServicing customers
Made for TradeOpenOpen from 4th May
Origin Frames LtdOpenApril statement from Origin
Pioneer Trading Co.Open Servicing NHS/essential work
Pyramid AluminiumOpen
Sunflex UKPartially OpenRemote services and support
SunparadiseOpenFactories operational
SolarluxPartially OpenQuotations/orders processed
Swan Doors & WindowsClosedOpening 27th April
Whiteline ManufacturingPartially OpenQuotes & product support

Related Suppliers to the window and door industry.

There are numerous suppliers serving the fenestration sector for hardware, finishing, and other essential components or services. Some of the well-known ones we list in this table.

NameService StatusComments
Aluminium ShapesExtrusions
OpenOpen from 27th April
Debar HardwareComponents
Dual Seal GlassGlassOpenOpen from 20th April
Morley GlassIntegral BlindsOpen Operations Restarted
Hitech BlindsIntegral BlindsClosedServicing clients/remote working
Vertik-al Powder CoatingOpenRe-open 20th April
Superior GroupPowder CoatingOpenOpen from 20th April
CMK TreatmentsPowder CoatingOpen
Metal Coating ServicesPowder CoatingOpen
Reddiplex GroupSeals/GasketsNot Known
Finish ArchitecturalMetal FabricationOpenFully open 20th April
Building ProfilesHardwareClosedClosed until further notice
Mila HardwareHardwareOpenLimited service statement
DuffelsHardwareOpenKey Service- remains open
Parkside AximHardwareOpen
GlazpartHardwareOpenContinue to operate
SE ControlsMechanismsPartially OpenEssential Activities Only
Glass SystemsGlassOpen SoonStatement on LinkedIn
Tripleseal IG GlassOpen
Thermoseal GroupGlass ComponentsOpen
Glass processing sites closed
Clayton GlassGlassOpenSites open
Padiham GlassGlassOpenRestart of Manufacture
Saint GobainGlassOpenGradual opening from 27th April
SupertuffGlassClosedOpen from 4th May
Window WareHardwareOpenPhased reopening

Home improvement showrooms and installers.

For home improvement showrooms, there are many currently servicing enquiries and even taking orders. While their showrooms may be closed and their manufacturers also shut, they’re found ways to keep working and keep trading even at a reduced level. And we’ve helped some of these.

First of all, much of the home improvement work nowadays doesn’t require the traditional salesman visit in the home any more. In fact, this is a declining service with many. Drawings, plans and a more knowledgable customer means most can prepare accurate quotations.

We’ve found savvy aluminium home improvement companies still selling, still taking deposits and even better for them and their customers, booking production slots with their manufacturers. They can do this because most major manufacturers operate online ordering systems. Therefore, when we all return to work, these installers will have booked the production slots in advance. And where jobs require a survey they can do this while working safely, responsibly and to official guidelines.

Others have set up video links to their showrooms. Using Facetime, Skype, Facebook messenger and other video apps, we’ve experience of window companies having one member of staff in a showroom and demonstrating products to the customer at home.

The customer can show them their old door, the wall they want knocked out, and more. That is enough for an expert home improvement company to provide a quotation and keep working. The customer gets a service too.

Additionally, many are now more active on their social media pages, engaging with potential customers and keeping customer service going.

Homeowners, choosing the right business, are therefore well-placed to still plan or book their forthcoming projects if they want to. They won’t get a firm installation date, but they will at least have planned and pre-booked.

While the advice is to avoid non-essential contact, it’s also possible to think and plan future home improvements online. And our research indicates installers are responding and adapting well to the current situation.

There are also those home improvement companies that are doing their bit for the community and helping their brand too. We know of businesses making their storage units and showrooms available to charities and local groups to store food and essentials, vans for deliveries to the needy and elderly.

We are updating this article on a regular basis.

The situation with the diverse supply chain that is windows and doors is not the same for everyone. Following the advice of the Government has meant some systems companies, manufacturers and suppliers have had to change their policy. Not only are they trying to do their best for their customers, staff and the public, but they’re also trying to service a complex customer base.

Some have fully closed with all operations suspended. Most have their staff working from home. Others are continuing to operate albeit with a much-reduced service and complying with official advice.

Importantly, many businesses are directly or indirectly involved in the construction sector. Not just for windows but powder coating, metal fabrications and other material used extensively on construction sites. Therefore, while there is a grey area around construction, some commercially orientated installers are continuing to work while following Government guidelines.

We are being contacted by window installers and manufacturers telling us they’re either actively involved in ongoing work, or receiving actual orders. NHS, Government or other essential work. This includes work such as converting existing buildings or building new ones. This is just one area needing new windows and doors. Systems companies need to provide material, manufacturers need to make it and installers are needed to fit it.

But it’s not just windows and doors. Related industries are also working alongside fenestration to get the facilities needed completed fast. Window ventilation and smoke control systems, fire door actuators, remote window controls, aluminium partition systems and even PVCu doors used to make infection control doors and privacy screens in hospitals.

Some domestic installers with no experience in anything other than their local replacement window work remain critical of others in the window supply chain continuing to work. Windows and doors, replacing draughty old windows in a home, may not be essential work. Converting or building a much-needed hospital or other government facilities right now is.

Some companies have made the decision to close altogether. We respect their decision. Others have made a decision to service essential contracts and support their commercial fabricators and doing everything they can to keep safe too.

If you can work from home, you must. You cannot operate a saw, machining centre, welder or fit these windows from home. If the workplace is open then observe the guidelines and let’s keep a steady focus even in these difficult times.

The message remains to Stay at Home, Protect the NHS and Save Lives.

The Aluminium Trade Supply Website is also here to help.

As an online free information resource, we are here to help, advising and informing on aluminium windows and doors, putting you in touch with the right suppliers. Get in touch with us today.

Published on March 19, 2020

Reader Interactions


  1. Mike webster says

    I’ve paid £45000 for anew conservatory and G2S in swindon said it would be done in two to three weeks,they messed around for seven weeks then we’ve had 8 weeks of lockdown The only contact I’ve had is shirty replies to my emails

    • Nick Dardalis says

      Hi Mike, thanks for your comment and sorry you’ve had trouble with your installation. It’s hard to comment on this as so many businesses have reacted differently during this time, either completely shutting down their operations, operating a remote quotation service only and some continuing to work for instance in new build and unoccupied properties. Businesses are now getting back to normal slowly so hopefully they can proceed with your installation.

    • John Hensser says

      Hi Mike, I’m in a similar position. Big deposit paid, they arrived on time took down the old conservatory and started to dig footings, hitting my mains water pipe in the process.
      Left site due to lockdown with a skip in our garden, an open trench, a 2 foot drop outside our back door and zero communication.
      I had the trench diggers number so called him and he said he would speak to G2S about the water pipe. He then told me tat they wanted an e mail which I did. No comment.
      After many failed calls and texts one of their managers contacted me to say all staff are on furlough so can’t speak to me and would reply when lockdown lifted.
      Since then one general letter By e mail, saying that the only staff working are busy monitoring the government advice!!
      I’m not sure what to do, a brief message told me they hoe to start late June early July, who knows.
      I’m left with a bad feeling that G2S don’t care about me or my building and that’s not a good place to be.

      • Nick Dardalis says

        Hi John, thanks for your comment. The reality is there were people that wanted their projects to continue during lockdown for the reasons you mention and the necessity to get properties sealed and to an acceptable stage. There was another number that wanted nobody near their home during lockdown. As we all know there were severe restrictions in place on us all and I can tell you virtually the entire residential window and door industry including their supply chains closed.

        Installers and manufacturers took the decisions based on official guidance and trying to interpret some quite confusing messages about what work could be done. They also had a responsibility as business owners to protect their staff and customers.

        In the early days there was also confusion about tradesmen generally working in people’s homes until industry bodies and the government issues some guidelines, but even they were not clear.

  2. Sheila Smith says

    I work for a window company and I am a cold caller I use a lap top at work but there is very little space in the office there is six of us who work in the same office would it be safe to return to work if I am call back ?

  3. Paul Hanson says

    It seems that companies are opening and going against government advice regarding the coronavirus. Lockdown is now becoming a very grey area and if we are not careful as a country, we will get a second wave of the virus.

    • Roger says

      Am I allowed to go in peoples houses and replace the windows why they’re living in driving the van with my partner sitting next to me how is this possible when you’re supposed to be 2 m away can you please advise me if this is okay to go to work