Design features of Stellar Windows

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The design features of Stellar Windows promise benefits for fabricators and installers. Stellar aluminium products promise products that are easy to glaze, easy to work with and ensure better and faster installation.

features of stellar aluminium

Epwin comments on the features of Stellar Windows

Launched in 2019, Stellar has already won two G19 awards and has a very experienced aluminium team behind it. Stellar aluminium systems from Epwin Group pushes the boundaries of aluminium window and door design. Importantly, the designers behind this altogether new and different looking system have ensured fabricators, installers and end-users benefit.

You can read a full review of Stellar casement windows. The most prominent amongst the many design features of Stellar aluminium windows is how they look. Where other windows still rely on the largely unchanged method of connecting mullions and transoms, Stellar uses a patent-pending reverse butt joint. Unique and distinctively different, this joint allows windows to come together without dummy sashes or reverse rebate adaptors.

Gerald Allen, Epwin Marketing Manager says”

Most aluminium systems use dummy sashes, couplers or reverse adaptors to ensure the windows can be internally glazed. This can detract from the overall appearance of the window and uses more resources to achieve. The patent-pending reverse butt joint from Stellar overcomes this problem and ensures the slim lines are preserved and uses less materials. Furthermore, our intelligently-designed internal cleats ensure a clean joint is achieved offering superb aesthetics too.”

Epwin Group brought together a talented team of aluminium designers and product experts. With so many similar systems on the market, and having seen the window, we can tell you it’s different. The designers of Stellar bring homeowners and the trade different looking windows. At the same time, they address common frustrations with making them. Epwin Group says about Stellar:

The brief was to develop an aluminium window and door system that harnessed the developments witnessed in the PVC-U sector and give the retail and light commercial markets exactly what they needed and had been asking for. Years of experience and extensive market research were combined with an open mind and high ideals to deliver the ground-breaking window and door system. 

Stellar consists of two open-out flush casement window options and a flush residential door. The system will soon be joined by a lift and slide patio door and a bi-fold door that offers the lightweight strength of aluminium combined with the option of PVC-U beading that means it sits more comfortably in UK homes. 

All products come with the option of crimped or mechanically jointed finishes offering strong design flexibility. 

Gerald concludes:

This combination of market-leading factors, together with a wealth of market-first advantages are the reasons Stellar has experienced its first flush of success and is fast becoming the go-to aluminium system.”

What does Stellar mean for installers?

While aluminium windows have seen innovation over the years, the method of making and fitting them has remained largely the same. Some systems have moved towards flush casements, simplified tooling and broadening out the range of profiles. Despite this innovation, many of the well-known systems remain the same and don’t really offer genuinely different features as you find with doors. This commonality amongst aluminium window brands also means increased competition.

Anyone taking a look at the system should notice several design firsts.

  • Matching aluminium windows and doors with the same flush casement
  • No more dummy sashes, bringing window costs down
  • A window that looks like none of the competing systems.
  • New windows outperforming most of these in sightlines and energy efficiency.

Another of the design features of Stellar aluminium is the glazing bead. The internally glazed bead designed with this system is revolutionary and finally reduces the time taken in glazing windows. The extrusions also come pre-gasketed. The bifolding door available within the Stellar collection even comes with PVCu glazing beads making this one of the fastest to glaze bifolds. You also get the desirable foiled surface finish and colours, popular with PVCu windows today. And coming soon is a brand new aluminium lift and slide patio door as well.

2020 promises a lot of new things in the aluminium fenestration sector with Stellar aluminium by Epwin Group presently capturing headlines in the window industry media. Get in touch to find out more about the system.