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Origin French Doors provide all manner of solutions both as stand-alone door sets or French Doors with sidelights.  French doors make ideal patio doors for the home in both existing and new openings.  Our buying guide on Origin French Doors explains all you need to know about the product and how double doors work inside or outside the home.  You can also read our guide about choosing between Bifolding, sliding or French doors.

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Information about Origin French Doors.

First of all, both single and double doors in the Origin system use the same profiles as the renowned Origin bifolding doors. The benefits of having one system in the home are to do with consistency.  The profiles, colour, specifications, appearance and source of the product are the same.

While any bifolding door system is suitable in creating single doors, French Doors or French Doors with sidelights, your supplier may not offer a double door option.  For instance, there are suppliers of Schuco or Reynaers bifolding doors only selling a bifold and selling residential hinged doors from other systems for commercial and other reasons.

Choosing French doors in the home offers a number of practical solutions too.

  • Doors opening in or out.
  • Fully glazed doors or doors with midrails.
  • French doors with side panels, creating impressive glazed screens.
  • Doors and associated glazed panels fitted with opening casement windows.

Importantly, the features making Origin bifolds so desirable, also come to the hinged door version of the product too.

Consistent Sightlines.

As you get the same profiles as the bifold, these matching doors look ideal where French doors sit with Origin bifolds. Therefore doors on the same elevation from one brand look the same even down to the handles, hinges and gaskets.

Using bifolding door profiles in French Doors is easy to do and aesthetically looks better than double doors in an alternative system. Depending on how you configure the doors, you also get the same handles as the bifolds, giving you similar aesthetics inside the home too.

Colour matched seals and gaskets.

One great feature found in Origin bifolding doors is the colour matched gaskets.  Only Origin offers seven different gasket colours to match the aluminium surface finish.  Choose from Grey, Black, Light Grey, White, Light Oak, Bronze and Chestnut Brown gaskets. As a result, these seven gasket colours offer a colour matched solution for all the popular colours of bifolding doors.

For instance, the grey gasket works with the popular light, dark and metallic grey powder coated finish.  There are also white gaskets for the white colour doors and even the woodgrain doors from Origin come with a colour matched gasket option.

20-Year guarantee.

When buying Origin French Doors you get the same 20-year guarantee available across most of the product range.  Again, this long warranty offers a single point guarantee for a residential project comprising Origin aluminium windows, front doors and bifolding doors.

Matching door hardware.

Again, Origin is relatively unique in offering colour matched hardware on bifolding doors. This colour matching also extends to French doors or doors with side panels.

Therefore, where other door brands only offer the option of silver, white or black hinges, an Origin product lets you have matching colour door furniture.  There are also options for contrasting colours or the upgrade to stainless steel hinges or door handles.

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Five advantages of French Doors in the home.

As well as any product benefits in French doors, there are a number of practical benefits in the home too.

Better Security.

With Origin French Doors having an 8-point locking system and other brands coming with four, five or six point locking, a French door offers enhanced security.  While windows come with multi-point locking systems, doors have bigger locks, deeper throw hooks and enhanced security cylinders.

As a result, a French Door and even French doors with side panels offer excellent security despite the bigger glass sizes and bigger opening panels. Origin doors also come with high security hinges and the system itself comes tested to the latest security standards.

Improved light in the home.

With double doors come bigger glass panels and more light. Small rooms or rooms on North facing elevations benefit from having doors instead of windows.  Not only is there more natural light, but you also get the improved functionality, ventilation and access doors provide over windows.

Additional Access.

One great way to utilise Origin French Doors or any other double door is for improved access. Most Origin installers have the skills to take an existing window and enlarge the opening for a set of doors. Not only are you adding extra doors in the house, but also benefit from additional access to the patio or garden. Any home benefits from an extra door to the outside and a room is more desirable with a door in it over a smaller window. When selling a home, extra doors and routes to the garden are appealing for prospective buyers too.

Better U-Values and lower energy bills.

The more glass in a window or door, the better the thermal performance.  As a result, having a door with high specification insulated glass units, helps lower heating bills. You also get the added protection of toughened or laminated glass in a door, more secure than standard glass in windows above 800mm from finished floor level.

Larger sizes than PVCu doors.

A great benefit of buying aluminium doors over PVCu is slimmer sight lines and bigger door sizes.  French doors with side panels especially, provide less visible aluminium and bigger glass panels than comparable PVCu doors.  Furthermore, with Origin doors going up to 1200mm wide and subject to design, up to 3000mm high, you get all the benefits of expansive glazing associated with sliding doors in a more cost-effective product.

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