Installing Origin Doors and Windows throughout the home

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Nick Dardalis

There is now a full range of Doors and Windows made by Origin Frames available to suit just about any type of home.  Starting with the Bifolding Door, Origin have expanded their range to include Windows, Entrance Doors and now Sliding Doors.  So the “Origin Home” is now a real possibility.

In this article, we explain the four main benefits associated with choosing one supplier for the full range of home fenestration products.

installing origin windows and doors
Other door and window brands are not sub-standard or inferior products. However, Origin doors and windows offer some real benefits, especially when installed together.

Why consider installing Origin Doors and Windows throughout the home?

Origin is not unique in offering a complete suite of doors and windows for the home. Other top brands such as Schuco or Reynaers also provide highly-engineered aluminium doors and windows.

Where Origin differs is that their dealers (who are not tied exclusively to Origin in any way) want to sell the entire Origin Home range. A whole suite of products for the home like Origin’s is different from windows and doors available from other reputable home improvement firms. The reality is that most in the home improvement sector choose to offer one brand of bifolding doors, aluminium windows from another brand, patio doors from another name again and then a different brand of front doors.

For many homeowners, who designs, makes and provides their new windows and doors is important. They want to know the source of their windows and many would prefer the peace of mind of one brand to deal with. Origin products for the home include:

The combined range of Origin Home products gives homeowners four reasons to consider installing Origin Windows and Doors throughout the home.

Reason 1: The Guarantee.

Origin windows and doors come with a longer product guarantee than virtually any other aluminium window and door on the market. Origin products are designed to be reliable and meticulously well-made. So because Origin themselves only makes Origin products, homeowners benefit from a manufacturer-direct guarantee, not just one that is insurance backed or direct from the installer.

If you are wondering how Origin as a systems company can offer a 20 year warranty when many other brands only come with ten, it is because of the direct supply route of one manufacturer. Other premium brands are made by many different factories and other systems companies do not guarantee their products in this way.

Reason 2: Installers you can trust.

Visit any Origin showroom and what you will see is consistency. Origin installers are:

  • Established, professional window companies.
  • Businesses with fine showrooms
  • Local businesses with a successful trading history and good location reputation.
  • Businesses with a lot of door and window knowledge.

The other thing you will find with many Origin dealers is a choice of products from other brands. Product choice is an excellent indicator that your Origin dealer has expertise; not just with Origin products but others as well such as lantern roofs, skylights and orangeries.

Reason 3: Lead Times.

Origin is the most reliable aluminium door and window provider in the UK today. No other business offers the lead times in bifolding doors, entrance doors and aluminium windows. Origin calls it ‘Your Lead Time, Not Ours’.

Why does how quickly your dealer gets their doors important to you as a homeowner? The reason is better project management if you’re building a new extension and less stress for you. Origin can provide windows and doors in 24-48 hours meaning your project has none of the well-known delays in obtaining other doors and windows. Most other door and window providers will typically need from 7-21 days to make and deliver windows and doors. Origin understands who buys their doors and strives to make delivery of their products as fast and reliable as possible.

Origin is credited with a service that helps homeowners complete their projects easier, quicker and smoother.

Reason 4: Product Consistency.

Dealing with one brand and one manufacturing company brings all the benefits of product consistency together. Homeowners considering installing Origin doors and windows throughout enjoy several advantages over other brands.

  • All Origin aluminium is extruded in one factory.
  • One brand means consistent colour throughout the home because the supplier is the same.
  • You benefit from matching bifolds, entrance doors and French Doors.
  • All Origin products are made under one roof.

The Origin Home Range of aluminium windows and doors offers the high security, excellent weather performance and product quality found in many premium brands of windows and doors, with the added benefits of peace of mind and reliability that comes from one consistent name in the home.

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