The Fastest Way to Buy Aluminium Windows

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Nick Dardalis

Buying aluminium windows is about to get easier and a lot quicker. Origin has, for the second time, revolutionised how quickly aluminium windows are made and how fast your windows can be fitted.

Origin are continuing to change the market in their drive to be the very best window & door supplier. Choose to buy aluminium windows from Origin’s nationwide network of Approved Installers, and they will be able to obtain your made-to-order windows faster than any other brand of aluminium window in the UK.

Origin installers can now enjoy the same flexible delivery dates ordering windows from an Origin Dealer that they have experienced for years with the premium Origin bifolding doors; that is, when they need it, not to a set lead time.

buying aluminium windows

Origin’s Your Lead Time Not Ours extends to buying aluminium windows.

Origin pioneered fast lead times on coloured aluminium bifolding doors. Over the years, significant investment in machinery, processes, staff and premises has resulted in some of the leanest manufacturing methods in the fenestration sector. The result is continued faster lead times.

Today, this means Origin bifolding doors are manufactured in 24-48 hours from the time of order as long as they are in a standard stock Origin colour, of which there are quite a few.

What does Origin’s window lead time mean for Origin Dealers?

This manufacturing milestone in how buying aluminium windows are possible with Origin is quite significant taking into account how every home and customer are different. The Your Lead Time Not Ours service has several benefits for homeowners, Origin installers and even the home improvement industry.

  • A customer may favour one installer and product over another.
  • Installers can secure work over their competition. Getting windows faster places the installer as the better-performing business.
  • Faster delivery means a quicker installation, speedier job completion and quicker payment, improving cash flow.

In the summer months, delivery dates for aluminium windows are a nightmare for delivery dates. Schools, colleges and universities take advantage of the summer shutdown to carry out window and door replacements or refurbishment work. Trade manufacturer lead times always get longer between May and September as a result of this. It is the way the window industry has been for over 30 years.

The knock-on effect for installers and home improvement firms, considering they do not make their windows, is their installation lead times have to get longer as well. At this time of year, home improvement companies cannot get your windows and doors as quickly. The reality is as well that installers have no control (apart from a polite or desperate request) to jump the production queue and get their windows for your home quicker.

The Origin manufacturing system means their lead times are unaffected by seasonal fluctuations in demand for aluminium windows. Window installers can now choose Origin windows as their primary or alternative brand at the times of year when their normal lead times will double or treble from other manufacturers.

Finally, this massive leap in manufacturing gives installers the opportunity to perhaps re-shape their own business. We see a chance for window companies to promote to their local customers that they can beat the lead times of their competition at any time, thanks to how quickly they can buy Origin aluminium windows and doors.

What is the benefit of buying aluminium windows quickly?

With so many people extending their homes with a new extension, working to build schedules can be stressful. Knowing exactly when your aluminium windows will arrive is of enormous benefit in keeping to the programme and get the new extension completed on time.

Obviously, it is worth considering that even though buying aluminium windows from Origin is as fast as it can be, your installation may still be affected by your installers’ own installation schedule, glass delivery dates and booking you in for fitting. That said, the process has improved substantially. There are a considerable number of quality window brands on the market, but not available as quickly.

Origin windows come with:

  • A 20-year guarantee.
  • An A++ energy rating subject to thermal insulation chosen.
  • A certified 0.9 U-Value with optional Aerogel.
  • Extensive colour choice
  • Colour matched window handles.
  • The choice of woodgrain aluminium.
  • One brand of windows and doors for your home from a world-class manufacturer.

What do better window lead times mean for Origin?

We think Origin can expect more sales of their bifolding doors as a result. Since Origin slashed lead times on bifolding doors, many other well-known manufacturers did the same to compete with Origin. It is normal today to obtain trade-supply doors in about seven days.

The fabricator network put pressure on the aluminium systems companies as well. For everyone to get better, those at the top tiers of the supply chain had to improve their lead times too. The stockholding on coloured aluminium profiles is better than it has ever been. Substantial investment has followed with in-house paint plants also, relying less on external powder coating firms.

Despite improvements across the entire door and window supply chain for bifolding doors, window lead times are still longer than bifolding doors generally for many valid reasons. If you have ever wondered why your doors arrive before your windows, here’s why.

Understanding why bifolding doors are available faster than windows.

From a manufacturing perspective, making a bifolding door is relatively easy. You are making ‘squares’; the bifolding door outer frame and the door sashes. Nothing too complicated in that at all.

Windows are different. Windows do not follow a set style like a bifold. While there are many common window styles, window designs remain flexible.

Unlike bifolds, windows have mitre joints that are more complex than square joints found on doors. Windows will have mullion and transom joints, cruciform joints, dummy sashes, more care in cutting glazing beads and more handles to fit. Windows also consist of more aluminium sections than a bifold meaning stockholding has to be greater compared to the limited suite of profiles on many bifolds. A window can also include bay poles, corners, arched and gabled heads, joining them to other windows and doors as well.

So for Origin to take the well-known complexities that exist in making a window and how they affect buying aluminium windows is indeed significant. Origin can justifiably take the credit for once again making the fenestration sector take notice and encourage other manufacturers to get better. Origin is less reliant on aluminium systems companies as well.

What does buying aluminium windows from Origin mean for you?

If you are planning a new extension, looking to replace your old windows or are in the middle of a build, take a look at Origin aluminium windows and their many features and specifications.

With the impressive support and delivery promise Origin gives to their dealer network, you benefit from British Made premium quality aluminium windows, doors and bifolding doors from one of the best-known brands in the UK.

When your chosen Origin Dealer orders your windows in one of the popular RAL colours or woodgrain aluminium window shades, they can be delivered in a day, a week or a month’s time. All you need to do is work with your Origin Dealer for an installation date that works for you both.

If you have ever had the phone call ‘our supplier has let us down’, you know how frustrating this can be. Often it is not always the supplier’s fault but down to so many businesses being involved in producing aluminium windows. Origin’s brilliant lead times on their innovative flush casement aluminium windows will take away many of the stresses, delays and long lead times associated with buying aluminium windows.