Origin homeowner survey confirms popularity of aluminium

The Origin Homeowner survey has been published.  Origin Global, one of the best known providers of bifolding doors, windows and residential front doors commissioned research of 2,000 homeowners. The results published by Origin looked at the different stages of home buying. At the same time, they reveal changes in trends and aspirations.

How Aluminium doors and windows play a part in homeownership.

What stands about in this latest survey, is Origin’s talent for identifying their target market. When we received the press release for this study, we decided to look at it from an aluminium perspective. Instead of replicating and publishing Origin’s survey, we have identified how Origin’s survey relates to the continued growth and popularity of aluminium windows and doors.

origin homeowner survey
A typical home extension featuring aluminium windows, bifolding doors and lantern roof.

Aluminium windows and doors shape homeowner trends.

The Origin survey also identified five distinct stages that determine how we improve our homes depending on whether we are single, have no children or retired.

Origin says:

  • The homeowner profiles: the Penthouse Pretenders, Multi-Space Renovators, Dynasty Dwellers, Zoneowners and Full Spec Finders, each have different priorities for the layout, style and function of his or her homes.
  • Penthouse Pretenders.Penthouse Pretenders are young couples without children. Their ideal home has a private garden, a large modern bathroom and a requirement for natural light.

Relevant aluminium products we know meet these requirements are lantern roofs, aluminium windows and the largel shaped windows we often see over sliding and bifolding doors.

  • Multi-space Renovators.A playroom, a homework area for children and potential for renovation feature in the factors that couples with kids under five years old, also known as ‘Multi-Space Renovators’, consider to be the most significant about their homes.

Relevant aluminium products and designs for these types of homeowners include internal bifolding doors to divide the space, coloured aluminium doors and windows and large doors and windows to provide light for those that work from home.

  • Dynasty Dwellers.‘Dynasty Dwellers’, families with multiple generations living under one roof, said that having a separate living area for children and having a granny annexe are key aspects of what they like about their home.

Relevant aluminium products include new windows, sliding and folding doors or a large glazed extension.

  • ZoneownersFor ‘Zoneowners’, families with teenage children, separate work space was a must, while having more than one bathroom was also considered important.

Relevant aluminium products include new windows, sliding and folding doors or a large glazed extension.

  • Full Spec Finders.

Having a separate dining room, double glazing and a downstairs loo are among the important things to ‘Full Spec Finders’, retired couples whose children have flown the nest. This homeowner group know what they want from their homes, with experience of home buying on their side having lived in at least eight properties.

These are one of the most desirable target customers for any home improvement company. Typical products include new bifolding or sliding doors, the replacement of their old PVCu windows and doors with aluminium as well as a new front door.

What aluminium products does the Origin homeowner survey identify?

Modern aluminium windows and doors today are capable of meeting virtually every homeowner requirement. The large glass panels, slim sight lines and colour choices available in aluminium enable virtually any house to be improved to meet current trends. If the Origin homeowner survey results are representative of the wider door and window industry, they fall in line with what makes aluminium products desirable today.

Aluminium windows and doors also provide solutions for new and old houses. You can now buy aluminium windows with profiled or flat frames. There are even slimline windows for steel replacements and even flush casement aluminium windows.

Aluminium entrance doors are now a serious competitor for the composite door. An aluminium door provides both the traditional and contemporary designs found in timber and composite doors.

Bifolding doors remain a hugely popular product to replace old sliding doors or as part of a new extension.

Sliding doors are seeing new interest from homeowners. Modern sliding doors are slim, offer tilt and slide facility and multi-sliding panels. Sliding doors can also offer the open corner arrangement found in bifolding doors.

Older houses ripe for renovation with aluminium.

The Origin homeowner survey also identifies that 29% of those surveyed lived in properties built before the 1950’s. Origin’s research we identify as falling in line with many of the house renovations done over the years. This includes replacing the old windows, changing the front door or extending the side and rear of the property.

We say that Origin’s survey confirms the perception of aluminium as the modern material for house renovations. The people surveyed cited the most popular style of the interior as ‘modern’ followed by ‘English country’ and ‘minimalist’.

Whether by colour, style or aesthetic, aluminium doors and windows today achieve this style.

Ben Brocklesby, Director at Origin, said:

With the cost of moving so high, we have seen that families now choose to improve their current homes, rather than move. Many years ago, a home would be for life, but that changed and people started moving as their needs changed – whether it be as a result of new job or starting a family. However today, we are seeing a resurgence of people choosing to renovate and improve their current property, so it fits with their needs without incurring moving costs.

Here are the other main conclusions of the Origin Homeowner Survey.

  • The average age to purchase the first home is 26. During their lifetime of ownership, seven properties will be lived in with £26,295 spent on redecoration.
  • The typical age to move out of the family home is 21. Origin’s research reveals the future homebuyer will live in two rental properties before purchasing their first home.
  • The homeowner will reside 66 miles from the family home and will live in two cities during their lifetime.
  • It will take 20 years and nine months to pay off the mortgage. The total cost will be £134,864.82.
  • Associated fees with buying a home and moving during the lifetime of a homeowner amount to £14,138.
  • Typically, it takes four months and three weeks to get settled into a new home – while over half of adults described moving home as the most stressful thing they have ever done.
  • Homeowners will look to downsize their property in their mid-fifties.
  • The average price of a UK property is £249,127 with a typical £542.41 monthly mortgage payment.
  • 39% of those surveyed have paid off their mortgage with 27% aged over 55.

Source: The research for the Origin homeowner survey was conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Origin surveying 2,000 UK homeowners. Carried out online March 2017.

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