More residential properties enhanced with Senior PURe windows

The Senior Architectural PURe® range of windows and doors is one of the latest and most thermally efficient window systems. In the range are windows, doors, sliding doors and folding doors.

Senior Architectural is better known for being widely specified in commercial contracting. Many of these commercial contracts are for the construction or refurbishment of new homes.

New dwellings feature latest generation Senior PURe® Windows.

new rental properties with aluminium windows.
Senior PURe® windows have been specified in a 1.8m contract for new windows in Manchester.

The average residential customer will not always benefit from systems such as Senior PURe. As good as these systems are, it is rare to see these sold by window and door companies serving the residential market. However, buyers or tenants of new dwellings do benefit from windows that offer impressive aesthetics, security, performance and U-Values.

Senior PURe® windows have been specified in a substantial contract of 302 rental properties in Manchester. Constructed by John Sisk and Sons, windows fabricated and installed by Elite Aluminium Systems will be part of this new residential development.

Senior Architectural remains a highly specified system for new dwellings.

the new senior aluminium window features polyurethane foam as a thermal break
The new Senior Aluminium window features polyurethane foam as a thermal break

The provision of Senior’s patented PURe® windows is part of a new supplier agreement between John Sisk & Son and Senior Architectural. Senior PURe windows offer a modern, cost-effective and thermally efficient window.

The aluminium extrusions will be coated in-house at the sophisticated powder coating plant Seniors have at their Doncaster facility. A 25-year powder coating warranty will be provided as well.

The PURE® aluminium system is the first in the UK to feature an expanded polyurethane foam thermal barrier. Polyurethane foam is widely used in cladding and other construction products because of its high thermal properties.

In the Senior PURe® windows, U Values as down to 0.71W/m2 K are possible and 0.93W/m2 for doors.

If you would like more information about Senior PURe® windows and doors please contact us.

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