Üni_Slide panoramic sliding door from Fenster Fabrications

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Fenster Fabrications are a Devon-based aluminium manufacturer of windows and doors.  Their latest product is the Üni_Slide panoramic sliding door.


uni_slide panoramic sliding door

What is the Üni_Slide Panoramic Sliding Door?

Fenster Fabrications has introduced Üni_Slide in response to the renewed interest in aluminium sliding doors, and more importantly. Slimline sliding doors.  Panoramic doors, minimalist doors, slimlime doors and other descriptions all apply to a sliding patio door with very narrow sight lines.

Fenster say that their door is suitable to either commercial or residential applications and comes with some great features and specifications.  In line with many quality doors of a similar nature, it enables the creation of a sliding glass wall with a virtually unlimited number of sliding panels.

Features of Üni_Slide Panoramic Sliding Door.

  • Üni_Slide promises sight lines starting at just 20mm.
  • Slim interlocks.
  • Excellent U-Values.
  • Sliding panels of 2.2m wide and up to 3m in height.
  • Extensive colour choices.

Üni_Slide by Fenster Fabrications joins the growing range of slimline sliding doors.

Fenster says that their Üni_Slide door is a departure from the conventional sliding patio door, to meet the needs of the more discerning homeowner.  The slim interlock has been addressed, but just like other doors of this design and including the forthcoming new Origin Inline Sliding door, the interlock is thin on the face but deep in length to create structural integrity within the door.

The Üni_Slide door does indeed offer homeowners the thin sight lines of a slimline and minimal sliding door while promising to be very well made and reliable. Fenster Fabrications also say that their Üni_Slide door will be priced less than similar ‘high-end’ doors on the market of a similar aesthetic and design.

With Üni_Slide, you can expect quality locking, weather resistance, the full range of RAL colours and other options to personalise your door.  We expect this to start as a two panel door in its basic configuration.

Contact us if you would like more information about Fensters’ new Üni_Slide panoramic door.