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Debar Hardware provides DeWall Aluminium Bespoke Aluminium Bifolding Door Systems.  This new generation of bifolding doors is an existing successful European aluminium bifold, designed to offer a customisable bifolding door for any business that wishes to sell it as a standard or modified product.

DeWall bifolding doors come from a leading door expert.

dewall bifolding doors are designed to offer fabricators a unique system that can be customised to individual fabricator requirements.
DeWall bifolding doors are designed to offer fabricators a unique system that can be customised to individual fabricator requirements.

Debar hardware, the Company behind DeWall bifolding doors, is one of the most respected and best known bifolding door-related business in the UK.

Debar is a UK based company that is well known among bifolding door systems companies and industry professionals for designing and manufacturing bifolding door hardware. Look at many of the successful bifolding door brands in the UK and it is quite likely that many will feature equipment and hardware by Debar.

In the range of high quality bifolding door hardware available from Debar are:

  • Bifolding door locks featuring shoot bolt locking.
  • Handles from the Debar Vivo, Vivoshort and Verso handle ranges.
  • Bifolding door hinges and rollers.
  • Bifolding door magnetic catches.

Features of the DeWall aluminium bifolding door.

The DeWall bifolding door offers slim sight lines, superb quality hardware and good specifications in a latest generation bifolding door.

The DeWall bifolding door is designed in line with many quality folding doors with a bottom hung gearing system. It offers smooth running and assured long-term reliability.

The DeWall bifolding door provides high specification and standards that meet or exceed industry requirements. These include:

  • Large bifolding door capability.

For bifolding doors at bigger sizes, DeWall bifolding doors are comparable with some of the best aluminium bifolding doors on the market. Heights of up to 3 metres of panel widths of 1.2metres possible.

With those big sizes come the options of up to 7 panels per door set, with options for opening in or out using the same profiles.

  • Varied section options.

A choice of thresholds is another great feature of the DeWall bifolding door as well as an adjustable jamb option. These all help to create a flexible bifolding door and one with slim sight lines.

The DeWall bifold offers an inline design as both the outer frames and the door sashes are the same frame depth.

  • Wide colour choice.

Typical of a current generation bifolding door, the aluminium DeWall bifolding door by Debar, offers the full range of powder coated finishes as well as dual colour and specialist powder coat availability.

Specifications and performance for the DeWall bifolding door.

  • PAS 24 and Document Q compliant, offering premium security.
  • 30mm thick thermal breaks enable impressive U Values
  • Weather tested by the requirements of BS6375 Part 1 Weather Testing

We understand the DeWall bifolding door to be a trade supply bifold system in aluminium that is customisable by individual fabricator requirements.

Finally, the DeWall bifolding door uses the Cortizo Bifolding Door system.  

Other brands using the same Cortizo and Debar profiles include:

The Unifold Bifold Door from Arkay Windows. 

The StudioGlide bifolding door from Eurocell.

The Alumen bifolding door.

The Ultimate Evolution bifolding door from Sliders UK.

If you would like further information on the DeWall bifolding door, please contact us.

This article was last updated in October 2018