Reynaers introduce designer hypoallergenic window handles

Reynaers are an exceptional systems company servicing the higher end market and discerning homeowner.

The Reynaers product range includes bifolding doors, sliding doors, entrance doors and windows.

Designer handles for aluminium windows.

the reynaers purity handles bring a contemporary sleek handles to their excellent range of aluminium windows and doors.
The Reynaers Purity handles bring a contemporary sleek handles to their excellent range of aluminium windows and doors.

The consumer focused arm of Reynaers is called Reynaers at Home. They have recently introduced a range of hypoallergenic designer handles.

Called Purity, these architectural handles offer impressive aesthetics, a high tech material, superior coating technology and durability.

Why window handles matter.

With the vast majority or architectural aluminium windows and doors, the handle choices available to end users have always been limited.

Typically window handles will be the type that are produced by hardware companies for use on a great many different systems. Rarely does a systems company take the initiative of providing something tailored to their own system. Generally when a window system is designed, a systems company will look to the general range of handles available to and choose one that works with the system and the locking mechanism.

Schuco are the only real exception to this, aside from Reynaers, who’ve been providing their own range of Schuco branded handles for some time.

Those that serve the domestic window market will often comment that customers are rarely happy with the choice of handles provided.

Windows handles with a design flair.

Reynaers at Home worked with Leo De Carlo in the conception and design of these handles. Leo De Carlo worked for the famous French Designer Philippe Starck in Paris on a variety of interiors projects. Therefore there is design pedigree in these handles.

The Purity range of handles offer an innovative and minimalist design that goes well with the aesthetics and technical knowhow that Reynaers windows are renowned the world over for.

Why do hypoallergenic handles matter?

When a product is labeled hypoallergenic it is marketed as being far less less likely to cause an allergic reaction to the user. Hypoallergenic has been widely used for cosmetics but many metal objects can now be tested to be hypoallergenic.

To determine if a product is hypoallergenic a patch test is carried out on a few hundred subjects. Records are kept of skin and other reactions over a period of days or even weeks. But in the case of the Reynaers Purity Handles it is the coating itself that makes them hypoallergenic.

Reynaers say:

Purity handles are crafted using a recently developed, highly durable alloy called PURA™ and advanced technology makes it possible for it to be protected. The handles are coated using an innovative production process called BIOV™ (Bioecologic Ion Overlay). This is an evolution of the old PVD coating process, which requires no galvanic chrome, doesn’t produce toxic waste and means the designer handles are 100% recyclable.

The surface hardness is more than double that of a standard surface treatment and the corrosion resistance is on a par with that of the highest quality stainless steel. Even more impressive is the fact that the coating is hypoallergenic.

Matching handles for windows and doors.

It is rare for windows and doors to feature matching handles given the differences in their locking systems.

Reynaers are offering their new designer range of window handles in a choice of three colours with five more to special order. All are suited to the range of sliding and folding doors as well as entrance doors. This means that Reynaers are relatively unique in being able to offer matching hardware across an window and door suite.

Reynaers are at the cutting edge of architectural aluminium windows and door with a hugely impressive range of products. It is a natural progression that their windows should feature cutting edge, contemporary handles rather than the stock offerings from hardware suppliers.

Whether the hypoallergenic element to them will be important to the end user remains to be seen. But from a design point of view they are excellent.

Images courtesy of Reynaers at Home.

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