Räum Aluminium Product Range – a detailed look

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Räum is the new brand manufactured and supplied by Dekko Windows.

Dekko are a respected trade supplier and have introduced this new high-end aluminium product range to their network of trade partners. Here we review the aluminium products that are available.

The Räum Aluminium Products are available?

We recently revealed what product names Räum would be using and now we have more information about these products.

windows active today revealed that dekko window systems are behind the new räum brand
Dekko Window Systems are behind the new Räum Brand

Dekko have taken existing Reynaers systems such as the Hi-Finity Sliding doors, Concept Patio 130, Concept Folding 68 and Concept Folding 77 System.

What is unclear at this stage is if any of the profiles have been customised to make them unique to the Räum brand as technical information has not yet been released.

Whether they have or not, we regard the choice to use Reynaers as an excellent system all round and it matters little whether this has been rebranded or not.  The products are all exceptional.

Räum Glieten 68

Offers a range of open in or open out slim frame bifolding doors with the following specifications. Available in a choice of up to seven opening leaves,

The outer frame is a 68mm front to back extrusion giving a slimline appearance. It features a choice of polyamide thermal breaks.

Doors can be made up to 2500mm high, can be glazed with glass from 12mm thickness right up to 55mm thickness.

The 68mm system is also available with higher insulation properties with extra insulation foams being available to improve the performance.

Four threshold options available:

There is a choice of four possible threshold options to suit most types of bifolding door installations. These range from the high performance (severe weather rated) threshold down to the ultra flush low/ramp type threshold.

the räum range of doors is offered with four threshold options.
The Räum Range of doors is offered with four threshold options.

Only the Low threshold, double weather seal threshold and high performance thresholds meet testing for air, wind, water and burglar resistance.

Low Threshold The low threshold option is again suitable for recessing into the floor if required and offers a visible height from 9mm up to 30mm

Double Weatherseal Threshold. This offers an upstand arrangement to the threshold with double weatheseals and a visible dimension of 23–44mm depending upon where it is set.

High Performance Threshold. For severe weather applications, the High Performance Threshold offers a deeper section with upstand and visible frame height of 23mm to 74mm.

Flush Threshold This is intended for ultra low applications or for room dividers and can be set directly onto the floor. The threshold is very similar in appearance to the ramp type found on commercial aluminium doors and can offer up to 15mm height.

The flush threshold does not have any performance figures for air tightness, water tightness, wind loadings and burglar resistance in accordance with the recognised EN standards which would indicate this is for internal or specific installations only.

Other specifications.

The doors are internally beaded featuring square beads and are dry glazed with suitable wedge and captive gaskets.

Subject to which aluminium profiles are specified with the doors, U Values of 1.8Wm2K are possible.

Räum Glieten 77

The Räum Gleiten 77 offers similar specifications as the 68mm system but offers a frame dimension of 77mm front to back as the game suggests.

In addition you will benefit from the ability to create much larger sliding and folding doors than with the 68mm system. Leaves can be manufactured at 1200x3000mm high which offers a large span bifolding door not available with many other products on the market.

Doors can also be made heavier at up to 120kg per leaf, compared to 90kg with the Glieten 68.

Other specifications include:

  • U Values further reduce to 1.66Wm2K or 1.64Wm2K
  • Two types of doors are on offer giving visible sight lines of either 122mm or 144mm
  • 8 panel bifolding doors are possible
  • Glazing beads and rebates can accommodate up to 63mm triple glazing for enhanced performance.

Four threshold options are again available with the Glisten 77 system from Räum but with this variant the flat bottom threshold does achieve RC2 Level Burglar resistance but has no performance figures for air, wind or water resistance.

It is important to note where these low thresholds can be used.  The flat thresholds are ideal for non exposed doors or internal room dividers. The Low Threshold is ideal at only having an 18mm height but again needs to be suitable for the intended applications.

Both the Double Weatherseal and High Performance thresholds on offer that have upstands, are ideal for the replacement of older doors or for new build installs.

Räum Aluminium Sliding Doors

the reynaers hi-finity sliding door is designed to provide maximum glass area to create stunning glass walls
An exceptional sliding door range that is designed to provide maximum glass area and create stunning “Glass Walls”.

On offer from Räum is a range of sliding patio doors that are available in either standard inline sliders or lift and slide options.

Traditionally lift and slide doors have been available in PVCu for a number of years but were regarded as unreliable. Schuco and Reynaers have had these products on offer for several years as they have provided highly reliable and functional in aluminium. They are widely used in Europe already and are gaining popularity in the UK.

The lift and slide patio door when engineered correctly and importantly with quality hardware offers a high performance and durable sliding door solution.

Räum Terassi 130

This is a sliding door system that offers a 139mm deep frame section with a sliding door leaf profile of 59mm front to back.

The Räum Terassi 130 offers a choice of design options and even includes an open corner sliding door arrangement with movable corner post.

New build constructions where doors are required to slide into walls will benefit from this product. Few systems can incorporate this feature. Greenways Contemporary are another company that also offer it.

Räum offers up to 8 vents that can be slid into a wall giving no visible aluminium when the doors are fully opened.

Available as a standard slider or a lift and slide, both variants offer top quality running gear and hardware.

The lift and slide system will benefit users from offers a permanent ventilation facility whilst keeping the sliding element of the doors locked.

These doors are ideal for high level applications where sometimes glazing the doors from the inside of the property is not possible. Räum offers the facility for the fixed element of a sliding door to be fitted from outside the building making high level installations much easier than with other patio doors.

When specified with a single track, two pane, three pane and four pane doors are possible as inline sliding doors. The three pane option is also available with two sliding leaves on the left and right sliding to the middle as well as the traditional three pane design where the middle pane often slides.

When specified with the double track option, again two, three or four pane sliding doors are possible but with this variant the leaves can slide left and right.

With the triple track option, three panel doors are possible whereby both middle and end panels can all slide behind the fixed panel or even three sliding leaves are possible.

Räum Terassi 130 Specifications.

  • 94mm visible frame/vent width
  • Glazing thicknesses of up to 43mm
  • Doors can be made up to 2700mm high
  • High Insulation variant available fitted with extra insulation gaskets.
  • Offers great U Values, Wind, Air and Water resistance as well as RC1, 2 or 3 Burglar Resistance.

Räum Terassi 155

This is very similar to the 130 system but offers deeper frames for enhanced thermal performance.

In addition, doors can be made up to 3000mm high with the panel weights are increased as well.

Other specifications include:

  • Low threshold options available or flush floor fitting
  • Automatic opening options are possible
  • Low U Values of 1.07W/m2K achievable

Räum Terassi+

This is available as a sleek and elegant sliding door that is excellent for large spans and the types of contemporary homes with panoramic views being part of their design.

Similar to the SAPA Artline in appearance, the Räum Terassi 155 is a structural glazed system that has no glazing beads and is made around the glass.

Heights of up to 3500mm are possible as well as panel weights of up to 500kg. There are a choice of track options as well as electronic locking systems, automatic operation and quiet opening.

The installation of these types of products will not be within the capabilities of your average double glazing firm and special training will be required as similar systems on the market have already demonstrated.

This is one of the best designed doors on the market in our view and offers huge scope for architects and building designers.

Räum Terassi+ Specifications

  • The ultimate in slim and minimalist sliding doors in aluminium.
  • Impressive U Values and levels of performance
  • Will meet the latest EN standards for air wind and water performance.
  • Can be manually or automatically controlled and locked.
  • Offers flush floor integration or low threshold options.

An opportunity for installers to gain greater market share.

The range of Räum aluminium doors available from Dekko offers installers an opportunity supply their customers a high specification and up market range of premium aluminium door products.

extending your restaurant or other venue to incorporate bifolding doors can add value to your business.
Bifolding doors such as these by AluK are excellent and popular but also available everywhere.

Those in the aluminium sector will know already that with so many installers offering products by AluK, Smarts and other popular systems, consumers can sometimes be faced with the same products on display wherever they go.

With so many installers offering the same product price then becomes an issue.  A consumer will know their two or three quotes obtained all offer the same system.  Therefore does this then force installers to drop their prices to secure the work? We know this can often be the case.

By shifting to an alternative high specification product and available from a trusted and reliable supplier, installers can now offer their customers a high end option, an addition to their standard product offering and a greater opportunity to retain the customer in the showroom.

Of course they too can now branch out to the high end buyer which is who Räum products are being marketed at.

Any PVCu company not yet offering aluminium products also now has the opportunity to work with a good manufacturer and trade supplier that can also help them benefit from the growing aluminium market.

We think Dekko have made an excellent choice in the Reynaers system and wish them every success with Räum.