SAPA Dualframe 75 Si Tilt before Turn achieves A++ Window Energy Rating

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Nick Dardalis

SAPA Building Systems have announced that the Dualframe 75 Si Tilt before Turn system is the first aluminium window to be granted the new A++ window energy rating.

The new A++ rating is presently the highest available Window Energy Rating (WER) in the UK.

What is the A++ Window Energy Rating?

the first batch of a++ window energy ratings launched on 1st october 2015
The first batch of A++ Window Energy Ratings launched on 1st October 2015

The British Fenestration Ratings Council (BFRC) part of the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) in May 2015 announced that the application process for the A++ Window Energy Rating live.

This application process gave window companies 4 months to develop their A++ products with the first official product certificates being issued on 1st October 2015. SAPA Building Systems made the announcement on this date.

However in SAPA’s Dualframe 75 Si range the Tilt Before Turn window already complied.

Simplifying A+ and A+20 Window Energy Ratings.

One of the issues with Window Energy Ratings is what is an A+ or A++ Window and what is a window with A+10 or A+20 and similar denominations?

The BFRC is responsible for these classifications working in accordance with section 4.2 of Approved Document L1b of the current Building Regulations.

There is a 10 point band cut-offs that need to be adhered to.

A++ ratings are no different meaning any BFRC a+ rated product having +20 or greater is officially an A++ rated window.

What does the SAPA Dualframe 75 Si Tilt before Turn window mean for fenestration?

Tilt and turn windows are not as popular residentially as they are in the commercial sector.

the sapa dualframe si tilt before turn window features advanced polyamide thermal breaks.
The SAPA Dualframe Si Tilt before turn window features advanced polyamide thermal breaks.

The SAPA Dualframe 75 Si Tilt and Turn window is widely used and specified in the commercial sector and is a hugely popular product.

It provide for large opening vents, effective ventilation and easy cleaning in high and low rise installations. Additionally it features an innovative safety locking handle that is key operated and offers a feature whereby the turn mode (where the full opening sash opens inwards) can only be accessed with the key in the handle.

This we agree is a valuable safety feature in large tilt and turn windows at high level where it gives the building owners control over who can access the full turn facility of the window. Cleverly, as soon as the window is closed it will automatically default to tilt only mode.

SAPA can be credited with doing excellent work in the thermal performance of their aluminium windows and rightly so given how well specified SAPA Systems are in the commercial market.

The sector will be aware that SAPA were the first to achieve an A Rated window with their Dualframe 75 suite of windows. Subsequently the A+ rating followed with the introduction of the dualframe Si suite. This suite allows for excellent window energy ratings without having to specify more expensive glass units than are necessary.

Window Energy Ratings change again in 2019.

Most aluminium systems companies today, aware of the ever changing Building Regulations are already ensuring their systems will exceed or meet future requirements. In 2019 there will be further revisions to the current Building Regulations and SAPA along with other quality and leading systems companies are ensuring their products will comply.

SAPA Building Systems also offer other advanced window ranges such as the SAPA Crown System which is the replacement for the ultra successful Monaframe window and door ranges fitted residentially.

If you would like more information about this and the complete range of SAPA window and door products, please contact us.