What are alternatives to Anodised aluminium?

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Nick Dardalis

Our article on Anodised aluminium gives an overview of the differences between anodised aluminium and powder coated aluminium.

As we stated, finding Anodised aluminium windows and doors can present difficulties with general double glazing firms. Some will simply not offer it. Some will simply not want to for supply and logistical reasons.

As construction projects and home extensions become bolder and more contemporary in their design, so have the requirements for bolder colours outside of the standard RAL colour range.  Therefore if you desire the wonderful metallic and natural looking properties of anodised aluminium but are struggling to source it, what are your alternatives?

What are the alternatives to anodised aluminium?

Powder coating technology and processes have advanced in recent years to now offer much more than standard satin, matt or gloss colours.

This means that Powder Coating can now offer credible alternatives to anodised aluminium.

If you are a double glazing firm, whether an installer or a manufacturer and installer, it is worth exploring the current range colours available from Interpon or Tiger who are manufacturers of polyester powder.

The Interpon Paints D2525 Collection Adonic.

Interpol, part of AkzoNobel Powder Coatings, in 2009 launched the new generation of Interpon Collection Anodic. This is a collection of matt and metallic finishes available to match the most popular colours used in anodising.

Collection Anodic really does offer a great alternative to anodised aluminium. It offers a smooth metal like appearance with colours available in:

  • Black
  • Gold Pearl
  • Anodic Ice
  • Driftwood
  • Anodic Bronze
  • Golden Beach
  • Steel Blue Gray 713
  • Steel Blue Grey 715

Tiger’s Drylac Series 68 Anodised.

Tiger is another well known international manufacturer of polyester powder.

They too have a range of metallic colours under their Drylac Series 68 Anodised. These include Silver, Iron Glimmer, Pearlescent White, Glitter, Holographic, Metallic and even Antique or Vein colours.

How can you obtain these metallic or anodised effect colours?

For the trade, it is worth speaking either to your aluminium supplier, if you buy in your aluminium windows and doors.

If you manufacture, your Qualicoat Approved applicator should be able to inform you whether they presently offer the Interpon or Tiger range of shades.

You may find that as powder coating is more widely used in the domestic supply chain than anodising, that these new types of metallic effect powder coat colours are more readily available. Alternatively, there is no reason why a proper trade supplier of fabricated aluminium windows and doors should not be able to obtain proper anodised aluminium if you or your customer desires it.

With a Qualicoat Approved Applicator, there is no reason why you cannot easily obtain these special colours.  By simply asking for either the Tiger or Interpon colours and the chosen colour references they should be available to you.  Some shades may not be suitable for external applications but we, or your chosen supplier can advise you accordingly.

If you would like more information or assistance about these metallic effect colours or anodised aluminium windows and doors, please contact us.