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Open corner bifolding doors have been available for a while now but only a few systems companies are able to provide the benefits of open corners to sliding patio doors.  Reynaers are a global and highly respected aluminium systems company supplying their range of high quality high performance glazing systems to residential and commercial buildings all over the world.

the new sliding patio door from reynaers can now create stunning open corners without the need for a corner post
The new sliding patio door from Reynaers can now create stunning open corners without the need for a corner post

Reynaers have now launched a new  open-corner sliding patio door that gives you all the benefits of open corners found on bifolding doors but for those who still prefer the form, function and versatility of sliding patio doors rather than bifolding doors.

The advantages of open corner sliding patio doors

In modern home extensions and renovations the extension comprising doors on more than one elevation is not new but for those that have both types of doors sliding back, typically a fixed corner post is installed that essentially is there for structural reasons and to support the corner of the extension.

Open corners where this corner post is removed allowing a totally clear opening involve a cantilevered construction where the load of the roof is not taken up by a structural corner post.  In this type of construction it is possible to have a completely open corner that slides away when the doors are opened.

The Reynaers CP130 sliding door now offers an open corner arrangement.

Whilst there are many patio door systems available from other systems companies, Reynaers are one of only a handful that are able to incorporate the open corner option.  Designed for each of the sliding door units to meet at the corner when shut and slide back to create a fully opened appearance without the need for a structural corner post.

When the doors are closed the excellent design of the Reynaers doors incorporates gasket technology that seal the doors completely and ensure excellent weather performance. Upon opening both sets of doors the corner itself moves away with one of the panels giving a completely open arrangement.

Much of how open corners work will be down to how the building is constructed but what it does allow is a stunning floating roof appearance with no visible sign of support.  This gives a panoramic opening and is a fantastic design feature.

Other features of the Reynaers sliding patio door.

large glass walls can be created of up to 2.7metres high.
Large glass walls can be created of up to 2.7metres high.

As well as being a sliding door, a lift and slide option is available.  This allows for ventilation when required without having to open all the doors.

The meeting point of patio doors is known as the interlock.  On aluminium sliding doors interlocks benefit from slimline aluminium sections that create minimal sight lines compared to some bifolding door systems.  Doors can be partially opened when quick access to the outside is required without having to slide the doors fully.

For those that wish to create large glazed walls, Reynaers patio doors can be manufactured at 2700mm high and with a weight capability of  up to 300kg, it is possible to create large glazed screens and doors that remain light in operation.

The patio doors also benefit from exception security, the wide colour choices available only with powder coated aluminium and products are supplied and installed through a network of experienced Reynaers manufacturers or installers.

If you are interested in this new open corner patio door from Reynaers, please contact our website.

(Images courtesy of Architect Tania Urvois)