New Kawneer pivot window launched.

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Kawneer is one of the leading architectural aluminium systems companies boasting installations of their window, door and curtain walling systems in some of the world’s finest buildings.

commercial buildings designed by architects now feature many glazed elements such as windows, doors and curtain walling
Commercial buildings designed by architects now feature many glazed elements such as windows, doors and curtain walling

With the ever-changing Building Regulations calling on windows and doors to be even more thermally efficient, aluminium systems companies are “future proofing” their systems to make sure their windows will meet these and future changes of the 2016 Part L amendments to Building Regulations.

Kawneer windows future proofed to 2019

Kawneer already offer an expertly designed aluminium window system that is insulated using a combination of advanced thermal break technology and other insulating materials.  This ensures that windows have the right U Values designed to meet current and future changes in building regulations.

The Kawneer AA®720 pivot window is the latest addition to this window suite.  Available as either horizontal or vertical pivoting variants it is suitable for homeowners seeing a contemporary pivoting window or for commercial applications.

Features of the new Kawneer AA®720 pivot window.

The new Kawneer pivot windows benefit from a 72mm deep profiles making them suitable for either direct fixing or new building projects.  Profiles are multi-chamber that utilise the Reflex thermal break technology exclusive to Kawneer.

The insulation properties of the window are further enhanced with multi-chambered EPDM seals and a polyethylene foam that is around the glazing rebate.  All these components mean that U Values of 1.4 W/m2K are achievable using correct specification sealed units with warm edge spacer bars.

Typical of pivot windows, these can be made larger than typical open out casements with weights of 150kg possible for horizontal pivot windows and and 110kg for vertical pivot windows.

Double or triple glazing is possible with sealed units of up to 56mm thick possible.

Pivot windows can be integrated into curtain walling systems

Pivot windows in commercial applications are suitable because of the versatility of the opening action, their convenience for easy cleaning of high level windows and the greater ventilation they provide owing to their opening action.

The Kawneer AA®720 pivot window can be integrated to Kawneer Curtain Walling systems such as the AA®100 and AA®110 whilst still retaining slim sight lines.

Other features of the Kawneer AA®720 pivot window.

Typical of all Kawneer systems, excellent weather performance comes as standard as do impressing test results for air permeability, watertightness and wind resistance. The new pivot window complements the existing AA®720 range that already includes casement windows, tilt and turn windows, inward opening windows and a bottom hung inward opening casement.