Warmcore Folding Sliding Doors

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Nick Dardalis

The Warmcore Folding Sliding Door System from the well known systems company Synseal is a brand new bifolding door with a new generation of “warm aluminium”.  Designed as a completely new product, Warmcore bifolding doors offer excellent thermal performance in the way they are constructed.

The Warmcore Folding Sliding Door System

the warmcore from synsealis a brand new door that  features aluminium  clad profiles for excellent u values.
The Warmcore from Synsealis a brand new door that features aluminium clad profiles for excellent U Values.

The Synseal Warmcore Bifolding Door offers excellent thermal performance thanks to its thermal core.  Older generations of “non thermally broken” aluminium suffered from cold bridging where the transfer of cold would pass from the outside to the inside.

Older technology in thermal breaks such as resin pour and cut methods, improved the thermal efficiency of doors and windows.  In recent years the thermal break technology moved to Polyamide thermal breaks which offered even greater performance plus the ability to provide dual colour products much easier than before.

A multi-chambered core is at the heart of the Warmcore Door.

the substantial non metal core of the  new warmcore door.
The substantial non metal core of the new Warmcore door.

The substantial non metal core of the Synseal is the key focus of the product that gives its excellent thermal performance.  With only small aluminium extrusions on the inside and outside faces of the product it has all the appearance of an aluminium bifolding door.

The inner core of the product features a multi chamber construction that aids structural strength and provides the thermal capabilities of the product.

U Values to meet and exceed current and future Building Regulations

The Synseal Warmcore door offers the following U Values depending upon the glass specification chosen:

  • U-value of 1.4 W/m2K with 28mm double glazing
  • U-value of 1.0 W/m2K with 44mm Triple glazing
  • The option to use standard double glazing is still possible with a U Value of 1.5 W/m2K.

A completely new product

The Warmcore bifolding door has been designed by Synseal as a completely new product and is available as a high quality bifolding door with slim lines, 70mm frame depth for direct fixing and with a choice of frame options.

  • These frame options include:
  • Square design for contemporary aesthetics
  • Pencil Round design or profiled framing
  • Decorative design as an ovolo profile typical or traditional looking windows and doors
  • Chamfered design to mimic putty line windows or doors.

(Images courtesy of Warmcore.co.uk)