Automatic Doors and Disabled Access

If your business premises are used by disabled people or even people with moderately impaired ability it is likely that even with manual doors they may find it difficult to operate them.

automatic doors can provide an ideal solution to doors that can cause problems for the disabled.
Automatic doors can provide an ideal solution to doors that can cause problems for the disabled.

Our article on the advantages of having automatic doors in your premises explains more about the features of automatic doors themselves and how they could help your business. If you have made the decision to install automatic doors what should you consider?

Automatic swing or sliding doors need not be complicated and with the help of this website we can put you in contact with experienced companies that can either supply complete automatic door solutions or provide you with the correct operator to convert existing manual doors to automatic operation.

What types of automatic doors are available?

There are a number of things to consider when deciding about manual or automatic doors and disabled access.  Whether you are a window company looking for some help on automatic doors or are looking to specify these for your next project here is some information about the types of automatic doors that are available to you.

Automatic Sliding Doors

Automatic sliding doors are designed to slide open and whether single or double doors will either slide behind a wall or behind a glazed sidelight. The doors are typically hung from the door gearing above and have floor guides to keep the bottom of the doors in position.

Automatic sliding doors are typically used in areas of high traffic where a large flow of people is expected to use the doors going both in and out. These include retail parks, busy shops, airports or hospitals.

There are many different types of automatic sliding doors available from framed and frameless glass doors, to doors that have passed Burglar Resistance Testing as well as doors that can meet specific U values were high insulation is required.

Automatic Swing doors

an automatic operator can even be fitted to older doors to convert them to automatic quickly and easily.
An automatic operator can even be fitted to older doors to convert them to automatic quickly and easily.

Automatic swing doors are also ideal in heavy traffic areas as well as the other advantages they provide in keeping energy bills down and creating a more welcoming shop environment for customers.

The advantage of automatic swing door operators is that they can be fitted to older manual doors at a competitive price that will transform a manual door into an automatic one. Often this is done with some modification to the existing door leaf.

The advantage of swing door operators is that low energy models can be specified that under normal use enable the door to be opened manually by the able bodied but as a convenient push button or other device that can swing the door open automatically when needed. You will often find this “low energy” option in many banks
Other types of swing door operators are those that are designed to fit in the doors where you may want clean lines and minimal views of the operator itself.

There are also automatic door solutions where you may be restricted by space. Doors can be opened with a pivoting action that take up less space that typical swing doors and you can also get automatic folding doors where there is even more restriction on space.

Whatever the door option, you can have many different options such as monitoring to building fire or security system, an emergency escape function in the event of fire as well as several ways doors can be activated such as remote control, infra red or sensors.

There are also revolving doors and specialist constructions available for more demanding applications, but either a sliding or swing automatic system will help your doors make access into your building better.

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