Schüco AWS 70 SC window review

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The AWS 70 SC window brings makes the more premium Schüco brand name, more affordable and more accessible. With fantastic Schüco design, quality and style, this model is designed to be a more affordable option with no loss of features or specifications and is suitable for replacement and new build window projects. If you are currently researching other aluminium window brands, we recommend also seeing and getting a comparable quotation for the Schüco AWS 70 SC window.

Schüco AWS 70 SC
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The Schüco AWS 70 SC window offers homeowners one of the best aluminium window brands, made even better by some excellent styling and design options, creating slimmer windows with more glass, less visible aluminium, impressive security, energy-efficiency and weather protection.

Editor's Rating:


  • Impressive build quality, fit and finish.
  • The renowned Schüco engineering and design.
  • A choice of styling options.
  • Concealed Window fittings.
  • Large sizes create matching doors.


  • Not as widely available as other brands
  • Only available with Schüco hardware

What is the Schuco AWS 70 SC window?

The  Schüco AWS 70 SC window is intended for the somewhat unique British window market, offering styling options to suit existing houses and window replacements where a more classic style is needed. It also offers a slimline and modern window option and for anyone wanting windows in the steel look, provides a solution from what we regard one of the best aluminium systems and brands on the market.

A Schüco product is never a cheap one to buy. You can quickly see and understand the value proposition of Schüco by seeing their products and a visit to an installer or the impressive Schüco Milton Keynes showroom is recommended. The AWS 70 SC window is by no means a budget window, but it is intended to sit alongside other window brands at similar prices. This particular window therefore, is intended as a window for dwellings or light commercial projects, as a replacement for dated windows or new build openings.

Designed for replacing old windows or when you need new ones for a building project or major renovation, Schüco windows are a premium brand option alongside mainstream brands.

Schüco AWS design and aesthetics

schüco aws 70 sc window in a contemporary white rendered house

With the Schüco AWS 70 SC window range, you get an upper-level window brand, meeting the needs of most standard or larger-sized window projects. The design of the window comprises the quality Schüco extrusions, enhanced with a deep polyamide thermal break, then coated to established industry standards in a choice of RAL colours, anodised finishes or dual colours.

With a focus on sustainability, Schüco AWS 70 SC window is constructed from durable, recyclable materials that reduce the overall environmental impact of your project. Furthermore, their advanced energy-saving technology ensures optimal thermal insulation, helping to reduce heating and cooling costs while maintaining a comfortable indoor climate.

Whether you choose the Residential Line, Steel look or other frame and vent combinations, this window system is designed to look up-to-date with slender aluminium profiles. Externally, the window has a flatline appearance and on the inside, a choice of styling with many glazing bead options, also altering the internal look. Of course, these windows offer exceptional thermal insulation and sound reduction and provide an expansive glass surface area, maximising natural light and creating a sense of spaciousness. With no ovolo or chamfered styling options available, Schüco AWS 70 SC are very much intended for the more modern styling tastes in new aluminium windows.

Whichever of the three different styling options you choose, Schüco AWS 70 SC windows promise to integrate well into both new or existing homes, modern or more traditional in style. Its 70mm frame depth makes these windows suitable for easy window replacement without disrupting the existing internal finishes. The visible frame dimensions range from 63.5mm to 69.5mm with the standard-duty frame, making these windows lovely and slim all around. The styling will appeal to most potential buyers.

Available are fixed and outward opening modules, with internal or external glazing beads options. The entire system is simplified, meaning fewer aluminium profiles and parts, making this window range easy to manufacture and easy to understand the options available.

 Regardless of vent or frame options, all configurations will meet PAS 24:2014 for maximum security as well as offering Class 4 for Air Permeability and Class 9A for Water tightness.

Five differing vent options are available with the new Schuco Aluminium Window.

With a 70mm front to back frame depth, the window is ideal for window replacements as well as new build applications. Outer frames are available in standard and heavy duty types with five complimentary sash/vent sections.  This simplified suite of sections still gives customers a choice between ultra slim aluminium windows and larger framed windows.

The design of the Schuco window once again demonstrates the superiority aluminium has over PVCu windows given the maximum sash sizes that can be achieved of up to 1.8×1.8m in a single top hung opening vent.

51mm slim internally glazed vent
51mm slim internally glazed vent giving an overall frame and vent size to the glass line of 63.5mm

Technical Information

The full technical details of the Schüco AWS 70 SC window are available from Schüco or any of their approved fabricators. Here are the significant technical details.

  • Slimline inside and out with heavy-duty options.
  • Window Energy Rating of A is achievable and low U-Values around 1.5Wm2K or better.
  • Side opening windows up to 1600mm tall using the heavier-duty profiles.
  • Tested to PAS 24 security standard.
  • Compatible with Schüco aluminium doors.

Slim outer frame with 51mm internally glazed vent:
Overall sight line 63.5mm
Maximum Top hung vent size 1200mm x 1000mm
Maximum side hung vent size 650mm x 1200mm

Slim outer frame with 56.5mm externally glazed vent:
Overall sight line 69.5mm
Maximum Top hung vent size 1400mm x 1200mm
Maximum side hung vent size 700mm x 1400mm

Deep outer frame with 70.5mm internally glazed vent:
Overall sight line 83mm
Maximum Top hung vent size 1400mm x 1200mm
Maximum side hung vent size 700mm x 1400mm

Deep outer frame with 70mm internally glazed heavy duty vent:
Overall sight line 89mm
Maximum Top hung vent size 1400mm x 1200mm
Maximum side hung vent size 700mm x 1400mm

Deep outer frame with 74mm internally glazed vent and multipoint locking:
Overall sight line 93mm
Maximum Top hung vent size 1800mm x 1800mm
Maximum side hung vent size 700mm x 1600mm

Other windows to compare with the Schüco AWS 70 SC

When well made and installed, any modern aluminium window will provide a good customer experience. Schüco AWS 70 SC offer a more premium brand from one of the leading aluminium names in the world. If you want to compare this window with other brands, whether on styling or price, the windows below are worth comparing with the Schüco product.

  • Schüco AWS 70.HI – the latest version
  • Reynaers SL38
  • Reynaers SL68
  • Cortizo Aluminium Windows

The Schüco AWS 70 Review – Conclusion

There is no question that when you choose a Schüco product, you benefit from a brand with one of the best brand reputations, impeccable credentials and legendary German engineering. Schüco AWS 70 SC windows, like all products from this brand, promise an incredibly long service life and thousands of buildings all over the UK, originally fitted with windows more than twenty years ago, still, have these performing faultlessly. If your home improvement project internally is based on choosing premium brands for flooring, kitchen appliances, furniture or fittings, choosing a Schüco window falls within your expectations for quality.

You can get in touch for more information about this and any other aluminium window requirements, product advice and finding the right windows and doors from the right suppliers.