Schuco introduce New AWS 70 SC Window

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Schueco UK Ltd, has introduced it’s brand new aluminium window for the UK residential market.

the new schuco aws 70sc outward opening window is competitively priced and suitable for replacement or new build applications.
The new Schuco AWS 70SC Outward Opening Window is competitively priced and suitable for replacement or new build applications.

The new Schuco AWS 70 SC is a new window system aimed at the residential and light commercial market, available as an outward opening casement window with several features setting it aside from other Schuco Aluminium Windows.

Schuco is targeting the growing residential aluminium window market.

The residential aluminium market sector is continuing to grow with increased sales of aluminium window compared to the pvcu sector that has not experienced the same level of growth or demand for it’s products in recent years.

For the residential sector, the new Schuco AWS 70 SC window has been designed with a 70mm outer frame depth that will make it ideal for new or replacement window applications and sets it alongside other aluminium systems with either a 70mm or 75mm frame depth. This makes it suitable for simple out and in window replacements.

It is a very contemporary looking window with flat modern profiles, but also one that will blend in well with the older properties.  There are no chamfered or ovolo profiles available with the system but this in no way sets the product at a disadvantage compared to other systems.  The trend in aluminium windows is very much towards the contemporary, flat and modern aesthetic.

What are the key features of the new Schuco AWS 70 SC?

The Schuco aluminium casement window brings slim sight lines and a variety of vent and frame sections as well as internally and externally beaded options.  Other key features include:

  • The reputation synonymous with the Schuco Brand, engineering and superb design.
  • A very attractive and slim aluminium window combining real economy with Schuco quality.
  • Ideal for new and replacement windows in homes and apartments.
  • 70mm frame depth with slim 63.5mm sight lines from outer frame to vent.
  • Five different sash profiles
  • Will suit double or triple glazing.
  • High Security with PAS 24 rating.
  • Ease of fabrication and uses proprietary hardware instead of bespoke Schuco.
  • Can be installed as a stand-alone window or integrated into curtain walling or ribbon windows.
  • Will complement the class leading Schuco Bifolding and Sliding Doors.

The Schuco aluminium window is available in a large range of colours and finishes including dual colour options giving different colours inside and out.  There are also a variety of cill sections available and ancillary profiles to create bay windows and angled constructions.

Five different configurations are available in the window range. These are:

  • Slimline profiles internally glazed
  • Slimline profiles externally glazed
  • Standard profiles internally glazed
  • Heavy duty profiles for internal glazing as well as internal multi point locking options.

There are several reasons to consider the Schuco AWS 70 SC window.

Schuco as a brand have market dominance especially in the architectural sector, with a group turnover of 1.5bn euros in 2013.

With Schuco windows and doors found in the finest high-end homes, apartments and projects the industry recognise Schuco as a high-end brand and this will only serve to make this aluminium window desirable.

The Schuco brand is now gaining increased awareness with homeowners as well. Many consumers are now looking at high end systems and considering what top brands of windows and doors to have in their home.

The window itself is very well designed and using the slim vent section remains an ultra slim window that will give maximum sight lines and minimal aluminium sections.

Where the window is bound to do well is to complement the Schuco Bifolding Door. The high quality and expertly engineered Schuco bifolding door now has a complimentary and reasonably priced Schuco window which will be good news for those consumers looking for the same brand of windows and doors in their entire extension or renovation project.

Schuco have designed the window with excellent thermal properties.

The facility for double or triple glazed units has been designed into the window system.  Typical U Values and Document L compliance are 1.5 W/m2K.  This rating is with double glazed units meeting 1.0 W/m2K.  An A rated window is also available.