Jack Aluminium TD68 Commercial doors

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The latest generation of Jack Aluminium TD68 commercial doors substantially improves the existing design of these high-traffic aluminium doors for shops, schools, offices and commercial buildings.

Easy to make, fast to fit and meeting all manner of specifications for front doors. Jack Aluminium Systems presently offers commercial doors improving substantially the tried-and-tested original design.

jack aluminium td68 commercial doors

Jack Aluminium TD68 commercial doors and shopfronts

Commercial aluminium doors have remained largely unchanged over many years. These reliable front doors provide the ideal solution for shops, offices, factories, schools. Any building used by large numbers of the public needs commercial doors.

Using the reliable design of a hidden frame closer, a low threshold a mechanical construction. Thse door types and designs provide ease of use, substantial handle and lock options. They’re even ideal as automatic swing or sliding doors and fire-exit doors. For access control, Jack Aluminium TD68 commercial doors come with several hardware options. They’re available with the option of buzz entry, automatic locks and swipe card systems. They’re therefore widely used as entrance doors to blocks of apartments and anywhere needing to control who enters the building.

More recently, commercial door innovations include the application of thermal breaks, a broader range of profiles and even better security.

Jack Aluminium Commercial Door Range

There are two products available within the commercial door range from Jack Aluminium. Both products are perfectly suitable for high traffic applications in commercial buildings. And these doors are used in all manner of applications needing a reliable main entrance door for the public. Examples include.

  • Retail premises including many of the major high street brands
  • Garage showrooms.
  • Entrance doors to transport hubs such as train stations
  • Entrance doors to blocks of residential apartments
  • Doors to hospitals, schools, and other very high traffic buildings

Technically, the TD68 offers large size capability with door widths at tested sizes up to 1300mm wide and up to an impressive 3m high.

TD68 Commercial door with high security.

office building with jack aluminium td68 commercial doors

The TD68 Door from Jack Aluminium is the latest in thermally broken high-traffic doors.

It benefits from several features over standard commercial doors such as:

  • U Values as low as 1.7Wm2K
  • Adams Rite high security Sentinel Lock
  • High security glazing bead designed to resist attack
  • Easy fabrication and installation
  • Special design for concealed vertical rod panic bars

What is PAS 24 Security Standard?

This is a security standard PAS24:2012 Enhanced Security Performance Requirements for doorsets and windows in the UK.

This means that external doors (and windows where applicable) offer an enhanced level of security. Examples include those properties and commercial buildings exposed to risk of forced entry.  This standard is also covered by British Standards BS6375 Parts 1, 2 and 3.

PAS 24, is a minimum standard like any other and involves using a combination of jemmy force to try and open the door using two different forces, the maximum being 450kg.  Another part of the test involves using various specialist tools to try to again prise open the door. Other tests include using weights thrown against the door to cause further damage.

How does Jack Aluminium’s commercial door meet PAS24:2012?

High security hardware is a critical component of any door and indeed its ability to pass PAS 24.  Jack aluminium have incorporated some of the best locks available, namely the Assa Abloy Armlock 281 magnetic lock.

Magnetic locks automatically lock doors when they are shut and hold them locked by means of a magnetic force.  The high quality magnetic lock available such as the Armlock 281 has a holding force of over  1000kg. As a result, it’s ample for an aluminium door but demonstrates the high strength of a magnetic lock as a unit.

Banks, secure buildings and other premises needing access control with high security rely on magnetic locks.

Whilst commercial doors have always been available with high quality and secure hardware, Jack’s TD68 commercial door provides even higher security levels.

TD68 Fire-Exit Doors

fire-exit commercial doors

For the provision of safe, yet secure fire-exit doors, Jack addresses a common issue with these types of doors. The facility to provide an emergency exit in the event of a fire, with effective overall building security. This is especially the case with providing fire-exit doors hard to attack from the outside. It’s often not possible or advisable to add additional locking to fire-exit doors as it interferes with the emergency escape need.

Here, the TD68 commercial door comes with some new features.

First of all, is the rebated door threshold as well as a rebated door stile. Added to these is an anti-snap high security cylinder. Using this cylinder also removes the bulky escutcheon frequently used on panic bars with external access

Additionally, the door comes with protection features, designed to prevent reaching the panic bar rods at the top and bottom of the door leaf.

Overall, this design by Jack Aluminium lets the door lock from inside or outside whilst still offering the required emergency escape facility.

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