Aluminium Window Prices Explained

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Aluminium window prices are affected by the sizes, design, colour, glass type, brand name and even your property type and location. Here are some up-to-date window prices for some of the well-known aluminium window brands. We also explain what affects how professional companies work out your window prices, why you should disregard many online prices quoted and why prices may vary depending on the supplier and the brand.

Typical Aluminium Window Prices from Origin, Smart Systems and Aluk.

aluminium windows in a modern house for article explaining aluminium window prices.

Here are some examples of aluminium window prices we have seen using the most popular brands of Origin, Smart Systems and Aluk. These window prices are based on four typical window designs and sizes for a bedroom or living room, kitchen window, and bathroom window.

Our prices are based on supply and installation replacing old windows, including VAT, and are for white windows with high performance double-glazed units and trickle ventilators as required to meet current Building Regulations. Cills and standard hardware are also included. Of course these window prices are also covered by FENSA or CERTASS certification.

Overall it is very hard to find Recommended Retail Prices for aluminium windows and doors due to the more bespoke nature of this material compared to PVCu.

Aluminium Sitting Room Window Prices

design of typical living room window with indicative aluminium window prices

A typical sitting room window size and design, with main and smaller opening windows.

  • Origin OW-70 £2988.00
  • Smart Systems Alitherm £2628.00
  • Aluk 58BW £2760.00

Aluminium Kitchen Window prices

design of typical kitchen window with indicative aluminium window prices

A popular style for a kitchen window with full height side opener and smaller top opening fanlight.

  • Origin OW-70 £1875.00
  • Smart Systems Alitherm £1630.00
  • Aluk 58BW £1710.00

Aluminium Bedroom Window Prices

popular bedroom window sketch design

A bedroom window design with two main openers, a central fixed pane and fire-escape hinges.

  • Origin OW-70 £2520.00
  • Smart Systems Alitherm £2190.00
  • Aluk 58BW £2290.00

Aluminium Bathroom Window Prices

bathroom window sketch design

A typical bathroom window with a fanlight opener over a fixed pane and obscure glass.

  • Origin OW-70 £1140.00
  • Smart Systems Alitherm £990.00
  • Aluk 58BW £1044.00

Online window websites – how reliable are they?

To explain how these 2023 window prices are worked out, it helps to understand the UK window market a little. There are over 12000 window companies in the UK today, but the vast majority are installers, and a very small number actually make windows and doors.

With aluminium windows, you’ll find window companies that are genuine aluminium experts, and these are the preferred choices when getting aluminium windows prices. Other window businesses are predominantly PVCu or timber windows suppliers, offering aluminium as an optional product rather than a core product. You’ll pay more from the suppliers that aren’t entirely focused on selling aluminium windows.

When looking at online window prices, four types of websites provide information about aluminium window prices online.

  • The reputable window business selling online.
  • The popular home improvement websites with no connection to windows and doors.
  • The lead generation websites designed for clicks.
  • Genuine information websites.

Eight factors affecting aluminium window prices.

1. The window brand you choose affects prices.

Just like other goods, aluminium windows come in various brands and systems. Some of these brands are at the lower end of the price scale, with lower material and manufacturing costs. Other brands serve the premium and architectural glazing market and are more expensive. Therefore you’ll find price differences for the same window design from different brands.

Smart Systems, Aluk, and Sheerline are usually cheaper than upper-tier brands like Origin, Schüco and Reynaers. The manufacturers and installers of the more expensive brands also tend to charge more for the overall service.

2. Aluminium windows prices depend on the supplier.

Like any other commercial environment, business factors also affect your price. Profit margins, material costs, buying power, discounts and routine price increases. These are just some of the factors also affecting the prices charged to you.

Larger businesses with showrooms, more fitting teams and vans have larger overheads than equally good smaller businesses without the overheads. Aluminium window prices will differ depending on the supplier you get prices from. Some window installers prefer to fit only into new build openings and will charge you more for replacement window work.

3. The design of your aluminium windows

The more material in your windows design, the higher the overall price. A window with fewer modules will always cost less than one with several opening elements. Less material in your windows will bring the overall price down.

An excellent example is the latest trend for steel-inspired and Crittall® style windows. These desirable and distinctive windows comprise hand-cut and applied glazing bars giving the look of period metal windows. The work involved in making and fitting these is greater than standard windows.

4. The colour you choose affects aluminium windows prices

With over 150 colours and colouring combinations inside and out, the colour you choose will affect your price. Aluminium window prices for colours other than white have decreased substantially because more suppliers stock the popular colours. So it is entirely likely the price of a white, grey and black window may be the same.

Expect to pay more if you desire a special colour, such as a metallic or unique shade.

5. Personalising your windows alters the price you pay.

The mostly bespoke nature of aluminium windows means you can choose how you customise them. You may prefer higher-specification glass for comfort or triple glazing. A contrasting colour handle may look better than a matching one. You may need integrated blinds or child-safe hardware. First-floor windows will need fire-escape hinges. How you personalise your windows will always affect the price.

6. Your house type affects aluminium window prices.

When pricing the windows for your project, a professional window company will always consider access, location, health and safety.

A terraced property with no access to the garden probably involves passing windows through the house compared to a semi-detached or detached home with one or more ways to access the back. City centre properties with limited on-street parking make deliveries harder and more expensive.

First-floor and attic conversion windows may need specialist lifting equipment or scaffolding, whereas the ground floor needs none. Even the design and consequent weight of your windows may mean more installers on-site to lift them into the opening or specialist equipment to move them safely. Window prices differ for new openings and existing ones. Aluminium window prices always vary depending on where and how they are fitted.

7. The larger your project, the cheaper the windows.

The size of your project and the number of windows will also affect your aluminium window prices. Aluminium window manufacturers are experts at optimising aluminium bars, and the larger the project, the better optimised the materials and the lower the prices.

For example, buying just one or two windows will always be more expensive per window than a complete house full of windows of the same size and design. Be aware that many window companies charge a minimum price for a project with just one small window.

8. Window prices vary by location.

The reality is that aluminium window prices vary by location, with London and the South of England being more expensive than other regions. For this reason, online window prices would be especially inaccurate. The advice is always to obtain several quotations and compare prices on a like-for-like basis.

Why online aluminium windows prices should be ignored

It is natural to want an idea of how much aluminium windows will likely cost for your project. You’ll invariably come across several websites online giving you ‘typical’ aluminium windows prices, and there are several good reasons to regard their online prices with scepticism.

We think many of these websites are deliberately quoting lower prices because:

  • The website and companies receiving leads are set up to earn money.
  • They bet on people having had higher accurate quotations and want cheaper prices.
  • They’re set up to mainly capture internet traffic.

It is the same for per square metre prices quoted. Most websites quote around £500 per square metre price for an aluminium window. Whilst nobody quotes windows on this basis, taking the popular window styles, the more accurate per square metre price is £950. Even reputable websites like Checkatrade are quoting misleading prices.

The online prices quoted are far too vague to be meaningful, making little mention of the required specifications today’s windows need. Trickle vents are essential in meeting current Building Regulations and can add £100 or more to the cost of a small window.

The brand of window is never mentioned on these websites and all aluminium window brands vary in price by quality, brand or specifications. There are few ‘standard’ aluminium windows, as these websites would imply.

There are also hidden costs in aluminium windows, that come about as a result of where the window is being fitted, and other factors specific to your property. Another reason why getting a professional quotation avoids hidden costs.

How to get correct aluminium window prices.

It is very easy to get quick, accurate prices and a better overall experience. The safest way is to get a proper quotation from a reputable local business.

  • You get to see the products you are buying.
  • The product quality and guarantees are better.
  • You avoid the high-pressure selling.
  • There is a visible person and business dealing with you.
  • You avoid your details being passed to other people.

Or you can get in touch with us for details of the right alumininium windows from the proper suppliers.

Consider getting your builder to fit. You trust your builder that your walls and roof won’t fall down. So why not explore buying your windows direct? This is not without its risks and pitfalls, as we explain in this article.