Window and Door Glass

Door and Window Glass as the major component within glazing comes in a substantial variety of types, quality and specifications. The type of glass for new doors or windows also needs careful consideration.

Depending on the location and requirement, there’s a glass solution for virtually any requirement. Clarity, comfort, energy efficiency, security, privacy, sun control, acoustics as well as specialist use. These are just some of the options and solutions available with today’s glass and glazing products.

window and door glass

Types of door and window glass

Available as single, double, triple and even quadruple glazing in some modern residential doors, glass products suit interior and exterior glazing.

Glass performs many functions in today’s modern lifestyles and remains a critical element of all fenestration. Technically, glass has many dimensions and capabilities. It is one of the vital components that enables windows and doors to perform at their best.

Thermally insulated door and window glass

window and door glass in a modern house

Working in conjunction with thermally insulated aluminium frames or multiple chamber PVCu profiles, modern glass improves the energy efficiency of a dwelling or commercial building.

Brands such as Pilkington K Glass come in more than ten different types. Planitherm is another brand with various glass types offering different energy efficiency levels.

When improving a property, ask about the thermal performance of window and door glass. Importantly, ensure the U-Values or Window Energy Ratings provided represent a ‘whole window’ value and not a ‘centre pane’ value. The latter covers the glass only. Most glass units work in retaining heat in a room while at the same time allowing it in.

Advanced coatings, spacer bar materials, sealants and glass types all work together, creating thermally insulated door and window glass. Insulation starts from products meeting the minimum requirements of Building Regulations up to super high-performance glass units for Passivhaus and low energy buildings.

Security and Safety Glass

high security glass in doors and windows

Regulations ensure every exterior or interior window and door glass door and windows at low level meet regulations covering the use of safety glass.

Furthermore, substantial options exist for adding extra protection and particularly in large patio doors.

Most domestic doors and windows needing safety glazing come with toughened glass as standard. For products meeting Secured by Design laminated glass is the type provided in testing. Commercial buildings have different needs within commercial entrance doors or curtain walling. Finally, specialist glass includes bomb and blast resistant, bullet proof glass, single vision glazing or products for secure and specialist buildings.

Acoustic Glass

picture of plane flying over house

City centre houses, on busy main roads or near airports, especially benefit from acoustic glass.

The construction of these glass units, double or triple glazed usually involves acoustic laminated glass to the inner pane. Alternatively, there are options using one thickness to the outside and another on the inside.

Window and door acoustic glass do not affect daylight levels. Neither does it affect thermal performance. This glass type helps block or absorb outside noise providing quieter rooms around the entire property. All the major glass manufacturers offer different products designed for reducing noise as well as improved acoustics.

Integral blinds for doors and windows.

integral blinds for sliding patio doors

Modern integral blinds consist of horizontal blinds housed between the two panes of glass on a double glazed unit.

Integral blinds never need cleaning, are hermetically sealed, don’t gather dust or blow in the wind. Above all, they’re one of the best options for bifolding doors.

Using integral blinds also provide excellent solutions in controllable privacy and shade. They also come in a comprehensive range of colours and products to suit window and door glass of most types and sizes. These blinds come as with manual, automatic, electric or sensor controlled options. They even integrate within home automation apps.

Decorative window and door glass

bathroom window and door glass

For bathrooms, toilets and general privacy, decorative window glass provides privacy with light transmission and energy efficiency.

Most installers provide a range of modern or traditional patterns. These also come with varying levels of privacy and obscurity.

The range of decorative, patterned or obscure dingo and door glass generally comes with other options. Furthermore, this glass type offers energy efficiency as well as integrating with security, acoustic or self-cleaning glass.

Solar Control Glass

slimline patio doors in white

For patio doors such as large sliding doors, solar control glass is effective in reducing heat and glare.

This sun-control glass also comes recommended in glass roofs and windows and doors on South elevations as just some examples.

The sun control features also work with other expected performance in glass. Energy efficiency, security or acoustic glass can combine with solar coatings. The options with this glass include blue, grey or brown tints or specialist coatings. Some loss of light is to be expected, however this type of glass also provides excellent visual clarity.

Self-cleaning glass

self-cleaning glass

For lantern roofs, conservatories and rooflights, self-cleaning glass is a useful addition.

This glass uses specialist coatings and rainfall in breaking down dirt. Additionally, solar control options provide sun protection, therefore helping keep glass rooms comfortable.

Generally speaking, self-cleaning glass won’t provide a fit and forget solution. However, it’s widely regarded as resulting in less routine cleaning of glass. Pilkington Activ™ is just one of the products available.

Glass for Conservatories and Roofs

conservatory roof glass

Whether refurbishing an existing conservatory or constructing a modern luxury garden room. The choice of glass for conservatories or glass roofs plays a huge role in comfort, look and feel.

The right glass solves many of the issues associated with too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter conservatories and glazed extensions.

Choosing the right roof glass ensures better use of the room. First of all is increased energy efficiency and substantial benefits over standard double glazing or polycarbonate sheet. Therefore, older conservatories benefit especially from a simple replacement to a latest generation glass product. Additionally, modern glass provides options for reduced noise, better sun control and even self-cleaning properties. Of course, glass for conservatories and roofs comes in toughened or laminated options for safety and strength.

More information about door and window glass

Always ensure a professional door and window provider discusses the range of glass options available for your windows and doors. The added cost of glass enhancements makes a huge difference to living with new aluminium windows and doors.

It’s especially important for homeowners to understand how different glass affects energy efficiency. Additionally, security and privacy need consideration and the right advice at the research stage of a home improvement project. Overall, glass technology today provides some excellent solutions within modern aluminium frames.

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