Sunparadise Full Glazed System

The Sunparadise Full Glazed system is a collection of single glazed products. It’s extensively used for balconies, summer garden structures, partition walls, room dividers or exterior windbreaks.

sunparadise summer garden structure

Information about Sunparadise Full Glazed System

The Full Glazed System suits areas requiring closing off with contemporary glass panels. Using aluminium profiles, quality components and safety glass, Sunparadise Full Glazed System screens move with a slide and turn or inline sliding method. There’s also the option for panels on multiple tracks.

For balcony and terrace enclosures or room dividers, all panels independently slide. Furthermore, the system design lets every panel slide completely out of the way. They can neatly stack like sliding patio doors or move completely out of the way.

All products come with precision manufacturing designed for long service life and to withstand the rigours of an exterior environment. Quality aluminium profiles protected with a durable powder coated finish provide protection with low maintenance. The quality of the Sunparadise system is ideal for dwellings and the high traffic environment of commercial or retail premises.

Fantasy and Freeslide Systems

A single glazed slide and fold stacking system provides slim aluminium top and bottom rails. There is a minimal frame and track and no visible mullions where the panels meet.

Fantasy and Freeslide offer the ability to close off an exterior space protected by clear or obscure safety glass from 8mm to 10mm thick. Panel sizes come at up to 850mm wide and 2600mm high.

The independent moving panels allow the user control over which panels to open. As a result, this system provides more control over a regular sliding window system.

Ideal for balconies large and small, the slide and turn system creates a protected space during the winter. Summer months allow full normal usage of the balcony area.

With most outside areas having a two or three sided design, the panels slide and fold around corners, neatly stacking to the one side. The turning nature of the panels also lets the user clean the outside surface of the glass.

Designed for long-term reliability and performance, the glass top and bottom edges structurally bond to the glass with additional mechanical fixings. For enclosures at ground or low level, there’s a facility to secure the enclosure with a locking system operated from inside or outside.
Optionally a closing cylinder can be used for the operation of the door from inside and outside.

sunparadise summer garden

Sunparadise VG15 and VG17

VG15 and VG17 use single safety glass with minimal aluminium profiles and designed for larger structures needing closing off with glass walls.

Contemporary, slim and functional, the sliding system comes with two to six tracks allowing multiple panels to operate independently and close of larger apertures.

Door panels come at sizes up to 1.5m wide and 2.6m high, creating expansive glass walls fully opening up in the summer and providing protection during coller weather.

Panels come designed as straight sliding doors or sliding around a facet or corner. The VG15 is the standard system while the VG17 model provides drainage, multi-part floor rails and higher quality metal hardware.

More information about Sunparadise Full Glazed System

Sunparadise Systems offers new business opportunities for professional installers looking to add a unique range of products to their portfolio.

Homeowners benefit from one of the best European brands with Swiss design and engineering designed for contemporary living and built to last.

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