Stellar Aluminium Windows

Stellar Aluminium Windows is a new collection also with residential, sliding and folding doors designed by Epwin Window Systems. The Stellar casement range comprises outward opening casement windows as well as fixed light glazing. It fully integrates with the entire suite of windows and doors and intended for the residential market.

stellar aluminium windows

Information about Stellar Aluminium Windows

Stellar casement windows comprise insultated aluminium sections with a polyamide thermal break. All the extrusions meet relevant industry standards for conformity and type. The powder coated finishes also meet required standards such as Qualicoat and, subject to the paint finish chosen come with a 25 year guarantee.

The enquire system is square in appearance.  Available are three different outer frames to meet different site conditions. New build openings benefit from the slimmer frame. Existing window replacements invariably use the medium or deep outer frame giving thicker sightlines.

For the opening sashes, these comprise two options, being a fully flush sash profile or one with the flush detail on the outside only. The open sashes come with the option of traditional crimped and mitred corner or a mechanical joint. There are also six different mullion options to meet different sightlines and performance requirements. Six different glazing beads provide options for double or triple glazing.

Stellar aluminium windows also come with a range of cills, frame extensions, bay poles and other ancillary profiles. These provide flexibility to the system. The integrated nature means windows combine with doors, provide all manner for frame designs and create bay or corner windows.

Types of Stellar Aluminium Windows

All windows come as a flush casement design, with the option of the flush detail to the outside only or on both sides.

The single flush product is flat externally with a square and stepped appearance on the inside. This particular window suits conventional window replacements, typical of other windows on the market with a similar detail inside.

The fully flush window offers the same detail on the inside. This product suits both traditional or modern installations as well as those looking for similar aeshetics to timber windows not having an overlapping sash.

Both window products offer the same specifications, locking systems, colour choices and ancillary profiles.

Product Features

With this system heavily marketed at fabricators, the key benefits of the product centre around ease of manufacturing and installation.

First of all is the fabrication time saved with the system having pre-inserted gaskets in the frames and the glazing beads. As a result, fabricators benefit from less manual gasket application and a quicker-made window.

Another good feature around the design of these windows is the innovative joints. Not only do these achieve consistent sightlines, but they also remove the need for dummy sashes. Again manufacturing time is reduced and the window costs less as it uses fewer profiles where others do need dummy sashes.

Importantly, the clever glazing bead design also makes Stellar aluminium windows very easy to glaze. Using a different bead design where it clips into the frame, glazing the window involves a much-simplified process of great benefit to installers.

stellar black aluminium windows

Stellar Windows Technical Information

In line with other aluminium window systems on the market, Stellar window products meet current standards for security, weather resistance and energy efficiency.

  • A+ Window Energy Rating or 1.2Wm2K U-Value subject to glass specification chosen.
  • Weather tested to the requirements of BS6375 achieving 600 pascals
  • Available double or triple glazed.
  • Windows come tested to the requirements of PAS24 for security

Side hung windows come at a maximum of 721mm wide and 1321mm high with the usual weight-bearing considerations. Top hung opening sashes come at 1221mm wide and 1221mm high allowing for larger opening vents where required.

The products within the Stellar suite also offers security credentials in line with other high quality systems on the market. Stellar comes tested to the latest security standards.

More information about Stellar Products

The Stellar range is available through a network of trade manufacturers or installers. If you’re an installer and looking for a supplier of this product, contact us today for more information. We can also help homeowners interested in this product with where to buy.